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League of Legends Build Guide Author sexyrob

Rob's Potion to Immortality(Offtank AP singed)

sexyrob Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Singed is an amazing tank, and with his devastating ultimate, he can easily become attack damage, ability power, and health regen all at the same time. Because he can clear minion waves swiftly, his ultimate also makes him a great backdoor. Think shaco, but a lot tankier. On top of this, instead of using a stupid gimmick like decieve, he can run when chased, and even fight back.

Summoner Spells

The main problem I see with new Singed players is they are too arrogant to accept Singed's core summoner spell. "I already get a speed boost with his ultimate" is what I hear most, but the way I see it, Singed needs ghost just as much as Fiddlesticks needs Flash. It stacks on his ultimate and his boots of swift, making it imparative for tower diving and running away while your ult and cleanse are on cd.
This is optional, and I'm sure there are many other great spells you can choose from(such as clairvoyance). I choose this because the reason behind most of Singed's deaths is because he is stopped, and then dealt major burst damage. The way I see it, an immobile Singed is useless. However, due to Cleanse' recent nerfs, it becomes replacable in favor of banshees veil.


I start off by building a catalyst, which is nice to keep while building my. The boots I chose ensure that you always get away, and synchronize nicely with his chasing abilities. Next, I finish off my, and get a, because Singed is also the best farming tank in the game. I always get the most minion kills, saying I don't have Sivir or Heimer on my team. However, if the enemy is stacking AP, you should consider. Next, I get a, as your poison will infinately slow enemies even if only at 15%. Finally, your last two should depend on whether you gotor. Getfirst if you have, orif you have.


As Singed you should never consider mid as you level up pretty fast anyways. You are one of the best candidates for laning alone if someone jungles however. More likely, when you do lane, try lane with a melee champ who you can fling the enemy too. Nothing is more enjoyable then flinging a squishy or glass cannon to your melee partner with a disable.
Early Game
At the start, you're a tower diving *****. You can both fling people towards your tower, and fling them away and into your melee partner. If low enough, you could problably finish them off by throwing them into your gass, then running away with ghost.
Mid Game
Now, things get interesting. With your team, you can fling in the opposing teams squishies. Melee squishies are the easier to fling in, since they are up front anyways. If a glass cannon decides to initiate, make him regret it and have him eat poison. Their initiator is last priority, he doesn't go down fast but at least he's something.
When you're sure your towers are covered, you become wave clearing tower raping singed. Use your ult to clear the minion wave on the turret then backdoor. And the best part is getting away, as usually even the squishiest caster would follow you when you bail at half health. If its just one man chasing you, run into a bush with your poison on, turn around and fling them. I guarantee you will still get away.
By this point, you should feel invincible, backdooring with a banshees veil and an extra life. You will fill all of your slots with gold you got from farming, and usually be the first to hit 18. You will always win when chased, especially when you can bait the enemy team into your team. In the end, once their towers are down, you should finally be able to tank for your team and end the game, as the master baiter.