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League of Legends Build Guide Author tokenik

Shen Style (Tank)

tokenik Last updated on April 24, 2011
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A basic build/guide for me. It's a tank build for Shen I find it very helpful to me and that's all I need it for. Feel free to use it if you want though!

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This build/guide helps me keep track of my Shen build hope it does the same for you. Below are some basic tips as to how I built my guide for Shen. It is very simple, anyone can go do it try it yourself, but if you don't want to go ahead and check out mine. Keep in mind its made for me specifically.

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Pros / Cons

-Hes a good Tank or even Jungleing
-Pretty basic to use
-Easy to understand
-Simple but effective
-Hes a flippin NINJA! XD

-Kinda squishy in early game
-Not always best alone

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I based all my runes off of my items i chose to use. Mostly health and armor pretty basic.

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As i said for runes I also based my masteries off of my items and runes. Need that extra armor and health regeneration, take what I can get. All are in offense and defense, none of them are in utility since he is a tank and has no need for mana or any support type masteries.

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Summoner Spells

My choice in summoner spells are mostly based off of masteries. Each one fitted to Shen. The reason i chose ignite is because when on cool down it gives more abilities power and adds that extra damage for that kill when in use.

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The items I chose for Shen all have to do with health and armor as I stated before. Only strange selection of items I have are Thornmil and Guardian Angel. My reasons behind this are that Thornmil gives you that armor but it also adds that extra damage return which goes great with ignite in the end you'll be itching for that last pinch of health from that enemy. I also chose Guardian Angel for the added armor and magic resistance, and that revival passive! Good for those heated battles. If you do go down just get back up and finish them off or help your teammates!

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Creeping / Jungling

Shen is much more than just a tank or an AP. He can also jungle like many other champions. I really didn't make this guide/build for jungleing or APing for Shen but he is made for more than just being a tank.

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Team Work

He is a very supportive teammate. He has many things to create a safer place for you and your teammates. Is ultimate is made to support. Many times you can work with your team to push or lane.
Using Q on an enemy and allowing your teammate to attack that marked enemy gives back some health for every attack they land on that enemy. It may not be much but in a team battle it can make all the difference. Also because of its low energy requirement it can be used on several enemies or the same one for a great amount of time.

Back to his ultimate which can be used to teleport to a specific teammate and gives them a shield that absorbs so much damage. Using R at the right time can save your teammates life from certain death.

Many times after using R I go straight for E which taunts the enemy you dash towards and automatically bringing that enemies attention from your teammates to you, allowing your teammates time to run and save there selves or even returning and help do some damage while not taking any. Note* this taunt only last for a short time.

Supporting yourself is also very important. Doing so by using W will keep you in the battle for that much more time. When using W you are given a small shield. By doing so you can stay in the battle and even allow your teammates to get away with some time while you remain in the battle. Also when you use this at the beginning of a battle it gives you that extra cushion for when your enemy hesitates and wastes an ability on you and can give that enemy one less ability to use on you.

Shen is a great teammate to have. Master him and you and your team shouldn't have any problems getting kills and helping each other in those sticky situations.

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Unique Skills

Chaining your skills together can prove very useful and effective in team battles and with your partner in your lane.

A main chain I use when I lane with another teammate is W E Q.

Many things go into this, the first is W or your Feint ability which creates a small shield on Shen which can shield you form those first abilities which normally lead to a chain as well, So blocking that first spell can throw your enemy off right away.

The second ability is E or your Shadow Dash. After using your first ability W charging in can be very affective taunting them and casing continuous damage along side your teammates damage can drain enemy health quickly. Also this ability restores 50 energy upon contact with a champion or enemy great for preparing for your next ability Q.

Note* that using this first 2 skills in this sequence can sometimes cause no effect on the enemy of little damage. Be careful on how you approach this chain use when enemy has been worn down by your partner or you to get a greater effect.

Lastly your Q ability which can be used immediately after your E ability. Using your Q ability or Vorpal Blade right after E can give those enemies attacking you a good chunk of missing health. By using your E ability before also gives you that extra 50 energy to use with Vorpal Blade. Once that enemy is marked with Q attacking them will give you the health back you gain from attacking that enemy keeping you in the battle for a longer period. Some of the techniques I suggested in this chapter I also talked about them in the "Team Work" chapter too.