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Teemo Build Guide by Phany Tickler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phany Tickler

Shroom Shenanigans

Phany Tickler Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First let me start by saying I am not the best in the world with this furry little guy. That being said however, I do enjoy him a lot; I find his mischievous game play to be rather different and refreshing from time to time. I have also seen a large number of Teemos fail on their faces and this has inspired me to write a guide. There are several different ways to build him and I'd like to share one that worked for me with you!

This guide is aimed towards a duo lane, I believe that the current play style of Teemo is not to carry a team through fire power but map control and awareness, let the carries solo.

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Honestly this being a hybrid build, your rune pages can vary quite a bit. I recommend attack speed yellows, magic pen reds/quints, and I really stress the cd reduction per level blues for this build but flat ap blues with nashtors should still leave you at a solid 20 sec shroom at lvl 16.

*Added* I used to play him with the armor pen runes but lately I've tried him with my ap set and he works just as well. I almost want to say I prefer it because of the extra early game harass with poison.

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The attack tree might look a bit foreign to you. This build does not work around crit so it optimizes your quick attacks with the added magic pen. I've seen some successful builds in the 9/21/0 tree (but that's another ap build for another time :D)

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Oh where to begin....there are so many options for so many different lanes. If you're looking at the item build I posted and asking yourself where I buy my weed from, I understand where you're coming from. The boots, 3 hp pots, and the move quick at level 1 will give you an annoyingly fast speed in your lane. You will be able to dash in and grab those last hits and poke whenever the enemy champions present themselves. The pots should keep you alive fairly decently if you PLAY DEFENSIVELY!!! Teemo shines at level six and beyond, he is not a strong aggressor before that.

Once you've used up all your pots and go back to buy, it's really up to you to decide whats best for the lane. If the lane is placid and no one is harassing, you might choose to get tier 2 boots later and pick up a pick axe early, maybe it is chaos in the lane and you'll want the extra speed and a vamp scepter to keep your furry butt alive!

The last bit that may not be as self explanatory is the Nashors Tooth. You'll notice that without cd reduction, and at level six especially, you'll have unbearably long wait times on your shrooms. I recommend stinger first as you are still primarily physical damage this early into the game, but once you have Nashors, your cd reduction will be at 25% and rising each level thanks to your blue cd per level runes I told you about! (Should cap around 33%)

Frozen mallet makes you not so squishy and you can kite and catch people much easier. Veil will get you that much wanted MR at this point and then you can feel free to finish off your revolver!

Remember the build order is ALWAYS subject to change in order to match the enemy team. You may need a veil sooner, and you may find they are mostly squishy and throw out the bloodrazor for a new item all together. Use your head, look at what they have and what is hurting you the most, and what items you can get to help it.

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Skill Sequence

As noted in the Items Section, level one movement speed is amazing on Teemo. You'll be able to run circles around your opponents and they will hate you from the start! But don't get too cocky, your opponents know you are still a squishy forest rat and will jump on you the first chance they get! After that you'll get your poison for poking enemy champions and continue the sequence as follows.

Don't waste precious early mana using your level one blind, it's strictly for your safety! You'll need that mana for level 6 to start your shroom farm. Once you are 6 you should do your absolute best to plant as many shrooms as you can in key locations to keep map awareness up and for you to fall back on if you find yourself in trouble.

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Summoner Spells

Flash/Teleport! I would never fathom picking differently for Teemo. BREAK IT DOWN!

Flash: Teemo is squishy! He needs the escape or possibly the flash for the final blow to an enemy. Also helps get into a safe position for a team fight (Behind the team). The way you play from a distance and kite your opponents makes or breaks a Teemo player.

Teleport: I'd argue that not only you but also your team should grab it as well if their summoner spells are not vital to their build. Being able to teleport to any shroom or ward on the map in any lane is mind boggling. It's a must!

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Most basic is the blind. You have an amazing counter to their physical carries, you want to make sure you save it for them.

If you get grabbed, snared, stunned, feared, or CC'd in any way, you are done for if there's more than one. Use your speed to your advantage and stay at a distance and don't make yourself an easy target.

Defensive defensive defensive. You are not a stand and fight champion, the only time you should be still is when you are cloaked, or when you are not the focus and are left alone to shoot blow darts at the enemy! When you see the red in their eyes, you know that moment when you realize that they realize that "Hey! Why the heck are we not killing that forest rat over there!?" and they all charge towards you. Yea that time, that's the time to run and kite.

One of the biggest mistakes I see Teemo players make is their choice to either stand and fight and accept certain death, or to come back into the fight in order to snipe another kill. Don't be afraid to get assists, again you are not trying to carry the team, only ensure that they win (that's your goal anyways right?!)

The key to success is shenanigans! That's what Teemo is all about. Nothing makes a player madder then running into a line of shrooms trying to catch a kiting Teemo!

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Early Game

Just farm. You can harass your opponents if they open up for it but don't go out of your way to get them until later in the game. Once you've gone back two or three times you'll have your cutlass and your stinger. You'll notice then that you'll be much stronger and able to do much more in lane. Continue to farm and try to remain in lane until you drop the tower. *Staying in your lane is best because of the blanket of shrooms you have protecting it, you should stay and milk the lane as long as you can unless it's time for dragon or your team is really wanting to team fight.

*Add* As for laning partners, make sure they understand you are not aggressive. I've found that heimers are your best friend when it comes to the laning phase, you can sit back in complete saftey and farm.

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Don't forget to shroom like crazy. Once out of lane, it's important to treat your shrooms almost like wards. Throw them all around the enemy jungle anytime you happen to be scurrying through. Some key places are of course the dragon and baron caves. River bushes and along the sides of lanes as to not be wasted on minions are also perfect. Never let your stack sit at 3 shrooms! Always plant even if it's randomly in your own jungle, you might get a kill from it later.

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I know it's always said but I'm going to say it anyways. Have Fun! Teemo, in my opinion, is not championship material at the moment (perhaps with a buff or two in the future). You play him with your buddies to spice it up and get a break from the same old try hard champs. Teemo is perfect for letting loose some shenanigans and a few good laughs. Feel free to post your thoughts and say how much you liked the guide...or flame me to no end :D

Don't forget to get the bunny rabbit Teemo skin...cause he's so darn cute!

Stay classy San Diego.