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Singed Build Guide by BOBoMATIC

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BOBoMATIC

Singed, for the sub 30

BOBoMATIC Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, so this is my first build. It isn't very in depth, it doesn't teach you how to play Singed, it just shows you how I like to build him. Obviously, I haven't tested it at high elo, but the build has been working for me at lvl 13. It gives you a good bit of tankiness, with some damage to go along with it. Please make suggestions/recommendations. Again, like I said, this isn't a perfect build, just what works for me.

This is basically a mana based build that takes advantage of Singed's passive which gives him health per mana, and Archangel's Staff's passive that gives him AP per mana.

Upon completion, with your counter build items you should be a semi-tank or full tank with decent damage and great intimidation.

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Why I Chose the Mana Build

Like I said, Singed kills 2 birds with one proverbial stone when you have mana and Archangel’s Staff. Between the AP and HP provided you get a pretty reliable tank or tanky dot type character that can be an absolute menace in a team fight. Not to mention, once you get a few items you can virtually use your abilities constantly without coming close to running out of mana (at least not before you need to recall anyway). Either way, it is just how I felt singed should be built, so here it is. Obviously some armor/magic resistance should be added in as needed, otherwise the enemy will be doing pretty much true damage… not fun no matter how much health you built in.

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Note*: This is my normal build for what I anticipate to be a long game. Obviously if we are doing either really well or really poorly I build items that don't take so long to reach max potential.

Pretty simple Mana+Archangles + Empowered Bulwark = Happy Singed
I sometimes like to add an early heart of gold or other gold/sec item to increase my income, especially if my laning partner is doing well or is last hitting way too well. You can sell it off later to make room for another item if it's a long game.

Be flexible though, against a fed Yi and Trynd, throw a thornmail in the mix. Use your head.

In order to take full advantage of Archangel's Staff early, I pop an ability for no reason if I have plenty of mana and I'm not in any sort of danger e.g. just recalled after pushing over a tower.

I almost always grab the maximum mana increasing items first for the build, especially early, it gives Singed mana (duh) but also better lane sustain as it also gives him health.

Also, items I sometime like:
Ryalia's Crystal Scepter: (for the slow especially, it make trolling that much more fun)
Banshee's Veil: For a heavy AP based opposing team, it has mana too so it sticks to my general strategy.
Any general tank items, especially ones like Soul Shroud or Aegis of the Legion that have area buffs.

Possibly Ionian Boots of Lucidity if I am just running over all of my enemies, or they were too disorganized to get any decent crowd control.

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Team Work

Most of the time during the queue I can only hope that my teammates know what "Push" means. That being said, I play super conservatively until I get a feel for who I can trust (and 8/0 Kat) and who I can't (a 1/7 Twitch). If I feel that I have a strong team, I usually level up mega adhesive faster so that it has a better CC for my team. If I am acting carry (sad, but it happens), I level up fling for that little bit of extra damage.

That being said, Fling is your greatest asset. You charge in, grab that Ashe, and chuck her into the open arms of your Trydamere. Simple concept. I normally use insanity potion at the start of the fight, *make sure poison trail is on*, slow, then fling. After about level 10 I almost always have my poison trail running when there are enemies anywhere nearby. Make sure you are on the same side of the enemy as the direction you want to fling them. Use it to throw squishies to their doom and Ulting Warwicks off of your carry.

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Singed's farming is average until level 13-14 with items, then you can just run a few poison rings around a group of minions and watch the yellow numbers appear.

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I more or less just put them on there because the site wanted them, I don't have enough IP to really use them, plus buying runes before 20 seems like a waste.

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Masteries are pretty much the same as runes, I essentially created two different sets that I use sometimes, in the defensive and Utility tree, the masteries in the offensive tree can be ignored.

The defensive tree: The big thing here is strength of spirit, works great on mana Singed.

The Utility Tree: I like greed, that extra gold is huge for Singed. Also, the increased mana is like an AP/HP boost too, and awareness is definitely a must have.

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So, I legitimately am not any sort of LoL expert by any means, but I didn't see a build like the one I use, so I decided to throw it up here to kind of get a glance over. I welcome any suggestions, especially from people who know what they are talking about, but please keep your trolling and advertising to yourself. If you don't like my guide, tell me what you think is wrong with it, don't just say "Bro, you stupid." and down vote. Show some common courtesy. Also, if anyone else has a similar, but better guide like this up already, I apologize for not looking thoroughly enough and will take mine down.

If you don't like my guide, take a look at Keels, his build helped me get interested in Singed in the first place, plus he knows what he is talking about way more than I do, so here is the url to that