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League of Legends Build Guide Author lior1995

Soraka One For All

lior1995 Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Hello, this is my soraka guide, i will try to explain here the basics of how to play soraka.
First of all, you will NOT get kills in this build, and if you will it will mostly be luck, however if played right you will stack your soulstealer to full or almost full only from assists, your goal as soraka is for your team to win, not to get kills or even
assists- however using wish to get assists IS legitimate because you need all the gold you can get to help your team.

summoner spells
I usually go with heal and clarity, to maximize your's and your partner's ability to stay in lane, however if you go with someone that doesnt have any mp or that dont consume it fast, I would have go with fortify- because again you are playing for your team here.

early game
You should try to lane with a good harassing champion that uses alot of mana (ex. shaco who harass very well with his shiv and with endless mana makes the opponents have to go back using this skill only). You should both always have mana and if you are your partner are both very low on mana just stand near your guy and use clarity which will at early game fill both of your mana bars. You should always stay as far as you can while still getting exp and STAY AWAY FROM BUSHES unless you see all the enemy champions on the map.
Until lvl 6 u should only have enough mana to one use of astral blessing and after that you should have enough mana for astral blessing and wish, always look at the map and if you see your temmates engaging echeck their hp and use wish if they need it to survive OR to get assists if you are sure they will succed killing.
Try not to go back unless both of your lane opponents arent in your lane or unlesss you feel like your going to get some kills/assists and want to buy soulstealer to start stacking it, also when you got enough money go for the rod of ages as fast as you can for its passive.

mid game
when you get to the point where people are just walking from lane to lane and pushing/ganking you should simply find yourself a nice killer and stick with him, making sure he won't die. if you are getting ganked and you see the one you are with has no chance to kill anyone or to run away just RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, your death will not help your team and if your team dont get it it's not your problem.

late game (team fights)
In team fights just heal whoever needs a heal- priority on dps chars and always stay as far as you can from your opponents, always have in mind priorities for your silence- the highest priorities are healers, aoers, mages...

items explanations-

Mejai's Soulstealer- As soraka if played right you gain lots of assists and almost never die, so you will stack the soulstealer fast and gain more ap for your heals and hopefully some early cdr..

Boots of Swiftness- You are very slow and you need to stay away from your opponents at all time which is hard if you are much slower than them, since almost anyone buys 2spd shoes this will preety much balance your speed with other champions.

Rod of Ages- Lots of hp, mana and ap which are all important for you, we get that preety soon to max its passive.

Innervating Locket- CD reduction, nice aura, heal urself more when using spells, anything else? you get health and mana too.

Frozen Heart- This item is overall amazing for soraka- armor which increase survivabilty, LOTS of cd reduction (which will get ur CDR to (almost) 40% (not counting soulstealer)) and slows the attack speed of nearby enemys which will help you survive if your being attacked and gives another edge to your team when you're around them.

Zonya's Ring- IF you get to this item (which will barely ever happen, I admit that I never did even that i had some games with over 30 assists) your heals will be amazing and your team will be almost invincible, which will make the opponents trying to focus you even more- which isn't such a big problem with this item active.

my build don't vary because there arent so many suprises with soraka, if you see that people who focus you got ALMOST ONLY magic damge or ALMOST ONLY phyical damage you can buy some armor/magic resistance but i would not recommend it, simply try not to get hit and that mostly works fine. (ex. warwicks uses their ult on me ALOT so i am trying to be in bushes when i can and heal my temmates from there and if a warwick tries to get in the bush and attack me i silence him and my team should get him).

Again i remind you, your goal as soraka is ONLY to make your team win, everything else doesnt matter- if you ending with 0-15-2 for your team to win is for some reason necessary you SHOULD do it no matter what your team says, so now you should go out there and and annoy some people by healing your team.

Edit- You can get 1 point in startcall at the laning stage since this can boost your gold income, I usually do that if I am laning with someone that fails at last hitting so not to leave all this gold to a waste.

Change Log
Innervating Locket was remade, and now it is even a better item for soraka bcause it heals srrounding allies even without the need to cast spells, now it is also no longet neccessery to spam ur starcall when near allies, but remember that still spamming that will heal yourself.
Notice that now after you get frozen heart you will pass the CDR cap, but you won't get to this item most of the times so it doesnt really matter, thats also why I now changed my glyphs to be AP plvl because you will also already pass the CDR cap and more ap can never harm ;P

well, thats it for my first guide here, pls +1 or -1(with explanations why-especaially if it was -1).