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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealDragonixer

Super Tank Garen

TheRealDragonixer Last updated on November 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright this is my first build. I know a lot of people say that tank Garen. Well your partly right, mostly wrong. The only thing bad about it is that you don't rack up kills as much, but you have the ability to stay in team fights longer. You will get kills so don't worry, most of the time i get 10+ kills with very low deaths. So please give this build a chance.

Alright so now I will get onto the build and about Garen. Garen is a pro tank as well as DPS, his spin is the main source of damage that you will use in game. I level up Judgement and Courage as fast as possible, also putting 1 point in Decisive Strike and leveling it at the end and getting Demacian Justice whenever it comes up. He has the capability of staying in team fights for long periods of time and your passive heals you whenever you are out of battle for a few seconds, very handy for early games. So the pros and cons.


Great early game killer
Great farmer with Judgement
Passive heals you when out of battle for a few seconds
Stays in lane long
Has silence and speed boost
Can earn gold easily for items
Does not use mana so you can't go OOM all the time
Scares the **** out of people whenever you come near them XD

Vulnerable to CC
Usually gets harassed a lot
Long cooldowns for abilities

Alright so thats it and lets get started!

The item build is quite simple but I'll explain anyways. The Mercury's Treads are for reduced slows, stuns, and all the other things that annoy you while you are chasing someone down. The Sunfire Capes are for armour and the extra magic damage. Since it deals 40 magic damage to all enemy units it helps weaken the other team for your team to attack, getting 2 will help a lot. The Force of Nature is for the MR that you will really need against casters. Just getting armour is a bad idea since most teams have atleast 1 or 2 caster and without magic resist, they can tear you apart. It also has a passive that heals you and gives 40 health regen. Guardian Angel help so much in fights. It gives you armour and magic resist and revives you when you die, but it has a 5 min cooldown. It's just a great item to have. Thornmail is to help you against those fast DPS champions like Yi, Xin Zhao, and any other high damage champions. Since it deals 30% magic damage to whoever is attacking you it works with the sunfire capes to do extra damage.

Early Game

Start off with Boots of Speed and 3x health potions. If you want you could run into the bushes with your partner and just wait for the enemy champions or stay by tower. If all goes well you should have atleast 1 kill before lvl 6. Your basic combo is just
Decisive Strike>Judgement>Exhaust>Attack them>Ignite to finish them off. If you have squishy enemies it should be sooooo easy. Once you hit lvl 6 you can start ganking. Start off by checking the lanes for anybody with low health. If none of them have low health. If you see an opportunity to gank take it. Recall and go buy your Mercury's Treads and a Chain Vest.

Mid Game

Now you should have some kills from ganking and your Mercury's Treads. This is usually when fights break out. In team fights always wait until the fight starts until later game. When they start Judgement into the group and silence, whenever judgement comes back up use it again. If you are winning the fight then feel free to chase people down. If you are losing book it out of there. If you are in desperate need of money go jungling or farm whenever you can. Go buy the Sunfire Capes.

Late Game

Now is the time that you are pretty much unkillable, you can still die but only from mistakes that you make. You should have both your Sunfire Capes and Force of Nature or atleast the Capes and Negatron Cloak. At this point you should always be on the watch for enemy champions because anything can happen to you or your team in the blink of an eye. Never go out alone because if they all gank you and your at top lane and your team is at bottom lane, your dead. you can't 1v5 but you can 2v5 depending on whoever your with. Whenever you can backdoor some towers with someone unless there's going to be a team fight. If there is charge in there and tank it for everyone. Get your Guardian Angel and it's pretty much over with your tanking abilities.

So this is my FIRST build so please don't hate. If you choose to rate it down please tell me why. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Now go tank those noobs!