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Talon Build Guide by Tremblingtenant

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tremblingtenant

Talon - The Master Assassin

Tremblingtenant Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome.
This is my first build ever on any site - so feel free to give pointers on how to improve this.

This is my build for Talon, I came up with this myself and seeing as how it works every single game I personally find it better than the other ones on this site - hope you will too!

Also if anyone could help me out as to how to insert icons and stuff that'd be really helpful :D

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Now I've seen some builds that use a Trinity force - which honestly boggles my mind.
It gives you AP, which you don't use as Talon. The attack speed is fine but that's already incorporated in the zerker greaves - stark's fervor and the ghostblade.
Aside from that a frozen mallet incorporates the slow - but then a guaranteed slow - and also gives you a flat amount of hp which really adds to your survivability.

The combo of the Bloodthirster and Stark's fervor really gives you some nice lifesteal, up to the point where you can go against 3+ champions and come out as the victor assuming you use your abillities right - which I will talk about in a following chapter.

The infinity edge - if you even get that far in the game - speaks for itself, 250% crit damage instead of 200 and a load of extra attack damage. Though in most cases the enemy team will either have lost or surrendered.

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This build gives you alot of mobility, item-wise and skill wise.

You will most likely have the lowest amount of deaths on your team due to your sheer flexibility. Being ganked? Quickly pop ghost, your ghostblade and your ulti to boost your speed extremely much and start running into the direction they least expect it.
By the time Shadow Assault ends and the blades slide to your direction you'll be long gone.

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Skill Sequence

The levelling sequence for your skills is entirely up to you, the one you see above is the one I use.

The sequence in which you use your abillities however is quite different.
As you are an assassin it'll be your main task to take out vital parts of an enemy team.
Just about anything squishy or remotely dangerous is your main priority and shall be subject to the following combo:

Lv 1-5:
Here you will only have Rake and Noxian Diplomacy up 'till lv 4 but that is actually enough to clock you first blood depending on what champion you are laning with.

That aside, once you do have cutthroat it's simply a matter of targetting the squishiest champion, activating noxian diplomacy, hitting them with cutthroat and rake and then back out again unless their hp is so ridiculously low you just can't leave em alone.

Lv 6-11:
This is where the real fun begins!
You now have your ulti, making the squishy targets you've been harassing and killing the easiest target in the game.
Your combo doesn't change at all with the exception of Shadow Assault being added, they WILL try to run but frankly wont stand a chance. You will do too much damage for them to survive and then their laning partner is left all alone with you and your own laning partner.

This is also the moment you can go ganking, hide in brush and wait for your target to get close, activate Noxian Diplomacy and Cutthroat - Shadow Assault them to their graves.
You will be feared soon enough.

Lv 12-18:
Around this time teamfights will begin, I'll give a more detailed explanation on what to do here.
Note that you should -NEVER- initiate teamfights and always lag a little behind whomever initiates combat.

You start from a distance, most likely in brush and activate Noxian Diplomacy.
From there on you jump to your target using cutthroat and immediately apply Noxian Diplomacy for maximum damage, also applying a bleed.
If your target is AD heavy exhaust them - also triggering your passive and thus giving you a 10% damage increase.
Rake them as they are confused, this should bring them below 50%
If they try to hit you - or there are more than 1 person - use Shadow Assault and position yourself next to your target so you're sure to hit them again with your ultimate.
As your Noxian Diplomacy has a low cooldown, spam it as they try to get away.

Your target should be dead after your Shadow Assault - if this is not the case then they are either very low on hp, or you targetted a tank.

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Farming with Talon is as cake as it gets. Your shadow assault - if you have the blue buff - only has a 28 second cooldown, this means you can spam it to your hearts content.
See a big minion wave? Rake! See one too big for your rake alone? Shadow Assault!

It's free and quick gold, but be mindful of your surroundings and the locations of enemies, you might need your shadow assault for a quick getaway.

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That's all I currently have for you - I hope you like the build and atleast give it a try before thumbing it up - or down.

Again if anyone could point out how I link skills and all that it'd be appreciated :)
Good luck & Have fun!