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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trymonia

Tanky Teemo!

Trymonia Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok well to everyone reading this, you are all thinking this is one really big JOKE!!!!!! But to me tanking as a Teemo is really BADASS!!!!! This was really just a joke from my friend Dingo43X on the US server. But i played 2 games with this build just to mess around and i ended up only dieing once both games with averaging about 15 kills and 15 assists both rounds also. Playing him as a tank is really quite unique you may not bring out the DPS but it is really fun and it brings a psycological effect to the game read on to see what i mean! BTW this is also my first guide so please give out any critism its not going to offend me and this is just for goofing off so don't knock it till you try it

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I pretty much play standard Malphite Tank Runes.

Greater Marks of Insight - Helps bring up Teemo's ability damage late game and allows him to do a little more damage for a tank.

Greater Seals of Resillience - It gives armor what else is it suppose to do

Greater Glyphs of Warding - Same think as the seals just for Magic Resistance

Greater Quints of Fortitude - A little health never hurts anyone

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I pretty much go standard tank masteries for the health and extra armor and magic resistance and damage reduction in defense. For offense i get the extra ability power and cooldown reduction and get the little bonus magic pen just to help out and be able to deal a little more damage.

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Now to get to the fun part about this guide.....

Leviathan - An extra 640 health is really great!!!!!!! And when you get 20 stacks 15% damage reduction from all source really put you over the tank with any tank or squishy this is what really allows the Teemo Tank to excel. Item isn't necessary but really helps i would say get Warmog's Armor for a subsitute

Mercury Tread's - Almost standard boots for tank. Great boots that give 35% reduction on almost all Crowd Control skills. 25 Magic Resistance is really great too big item can be substituted for Ninja Tabi if team is more Attack Damage then Magic Resistance

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Gives great amounts of health and the extra 80 ability power helps him but out just a little more damage. Gives 35 % slow on any ability used and 15% slow on any Area of effect ability or Damage over Time spell. Allows you to chase down and runners in a team fight. Really great for Teemo when he uses his Move Quick

Frozen Heart - What is not to like about this item!!!!! 99 armor!!!! 500 Mana!!!! 20% Cooldown Reduction!!!! 20% Attack Speed decrease on all enemies in range of it!!! Definitly a mus for and tank i would say!

Force of Nature - Probably the best Magic Resistance item in the game! 76 Magic Resist is really great and the passive that allows 0.35% health regan every second and 8% increased Move Speed allows Teemo to get around even more!

Guardian Angle - The last and final item to get. A big boost in your Armor and Magic Resist pool. Great passive with a decently small cooldown only 5 minutes and brings you back with 750 health and 375 isn't bad at all!

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Skill Sequence

I get blinding dart first just because it is his main damage output and allows you to get out of ganks really early in the game. I get Toxic Shot second, it help with a little more damage output on all basic attacks and it helps and runners early game to drop dead with its Damage over Time. Move quick is a good spell for poor slow Teemo i would never recommend getting this first just because it doesn't over much movement speed at level one. Get your Ult any time it becomes available and place them like a mad man i will update the guide later on with places to place your traps. After each level up after level 3 keep grabbing Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot by swapping off (Level 4 get Blinding Dart and Lever 5 get Toxic Shot).

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Summoner Spells

I mostly use Exhaust and Ignite. Ignite works really well with your Toxic Shot Damage over Time and Exhaust helps for escaping ganks and allows to get more hits in before your target runs away like a little girl!!!!

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Pros / Cons

- Hard to kill late game especially in team fights
- Blinding Dart is great to help team mates in ganks
- really fun to play and can easily piss anyone off
- brings psychological warfare to the game if you can play him well
- pretty much idiot proof if you can play him well

- easy to kill early game (unless played well)
- doesn't bring the AP damage output that all Teemos do

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Team Work

All i would suggest to do is use Blinding Dart the most powerful Attack Damage champion first such as a Pantheon or Urgot even a Master Yi and just keep placing Mushroom Traps in the middle of the team

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Well thats all i have for you right now i will get a map of trap locations that best suit you and your team. Please feel free to comment and i hope you enjoy my guide to tank Teemo have fun out there with him and let me know what you all think. Also i appologize for any spelling mistakes