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Hecarim Build Guide by ghyslain33

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ghyslain33

The final slaughter

ghyslain33 Last updated on October 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys! Here is a brief guide about how to jungle Hecarim, orientated toward late-game domination. You'll notice the massive gold generation this build is all about, which will sustain earlier core item purchase, making you a huge playmaker in the mid to late game. I personally run this build and it works quite well. Anyway, I hope you'll appreciate this guide. There sure is a way to run Hecarim for the early game, but I consider him more suitable for late game domination with his ultimate that can break the other team appart in team fight. If you have any comments or suggestion, please write it down below and I'll try to take them into account.

The sections not completed yet are gonna be posted in the near future, thanks for your comprehension.

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The greater quintessence of avarice will help you get all the gold you need to make your build faster than your opponents, giving you the edge in the teamfight. You might think 3 gold per 10 seconds is not a lot. But think of it for the long run. For instance, at 30 minutes in the game, its 540 gold generated by them which will surely help you complete your first lengedary item: the warmog's armor.


The greater seals of resilience are absolutely necessery for your overall tankiness and survivability in the jungle. Enough said.


The greater marks of desolation will be your only source of boosted damage for those pre-sheen gank. Also, they'll help when fighting the blue golem or the lizard elder which have decent amount of armor.


The greater glyphs of shielding will help you tank the ap carry in the mid to late game team fight. Those are the best magic resist runes; they must be used.

Overall, the choice of these runes give you some increased early gank power, increased survivability and most importantly more gold earned.

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This part is to be done in the future.

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Game start: Buy the boots for increased damage, increased mobility and thus increased gank power and jungle clearance speed. Also, buy 4 potions (thanks to the point invested in wealth) to give you the ability to heal more and thus delay your first recall, gankwise speaking.

First back to nexus: Depending on whether you chose to go back before red or to extend your presence in the jungle with possibly a gank, you'll be able to buy for sure a regrowth pendant for health regen. If luckily a gank turned out well and you were able to entirely clear your jungle, you have enough to buy right away a philosopher stone. This item will be of plenty use for the gold per 10 and for the mana regen, which will come handy when the blue buff comes down. Also if you have some extra gold, try to stack 5 health pots or consider buying a ward if you got counter jungle (at the wraiths for exemple).

Second back to nexus: Everything is going pretty well, gold is getting generated at an increased rate and soon you'll be able to buy yourself those so needed ninja tabi. They give you increased movement speed and some well needed armor. If your game is going perfectly, you might be able at this point to buy yourself a heart of gold for increased tankiness and some gold per 10. Otherwise, no worry you'll buy it on your next time back.

Third back to nexus: Now that your gold is ensured for the rest of the game and that you're tanky enough to iniate the skirmish of early game, it's time to look for some aditional burst potential. The perfect item that suits that role for Hecarim at cheap cost is Sheen. Simply said, it doubles your basic attack damage after every ability used. So you guessed it, for all the rampage spam you'll be going on, you double the damage output of the next basic attack, which is simply fantastic!

Fourth back to nexus: You see it coming, early game is coming to an end. A tower has been destroyed and the people on that lane are starting to roam around. And roaming means larger engagement. So you look out at this and you ask yourself: will I be able to maintain my role of off-tank during the upcoming engagement? You got plenty of armor at this point and a decent amount of health. But you clearly lack of magic resist with the choice you made of ninja tabi over mercury treads. A good item that will suit you well for the whole game is Hexdringer. At only 1400 gold, it provides you with increased damage, increased magic resist and a shield that activates in the event of an ap burst bringing you low health. This way, you ensure yourself to be capable of enduring the initial burst during those mid scale engagment. It also synergizes well with sheen since the added damage is doubled after rampage use.

Fifth back to nexus: Major teamfight might have started and on your way to initiate, you found yourself slaughtered in no time. Clearly you lack of health to endure such thing. Buy yourself a giant's belt. It'll help you survive until you get your next item, but your not yet ready to initiate full team fight without most certainly dying.

Sixth back to nexus: If u kept farming as much as you could between the teamfights, you are now able to buy yourself a Warmog's armor. It'll give you plenty of health and as a bonus, your health will be boosted in the even of champion kills or assists, which is just what we're looking for.

Seventh back to nexus: Now the other team fear your wraths, knowing even though they try to punish you as you jump on them, your team will follow and blow them away before they could kill you. It's time to add some more might. Buy yourself a Maw of Malmortius. This spectacular item suits perfectly your role. It gives you an increased magic shield, increased damage and most importantly increased damage for every % of health missing. This way, the ennemy will serve you well by focusing you, increasing your damage output.

Eight back to nexus: You remember that sheen you bought a long while ago? It's time to upgrade it into a trinity force. This item gives you a lot of burst potential, a substantial movement speed bonus and also a little health bonus, which is always welcomed.

Ninth back to nexus: Now the ennemies are so scared they no longer want to venture out of their tower sight. Take your time to farm as much as you can because initiating under their tower is suicide, given the fact that you got no added armor since the game began. Randuin's Omen is the perfect item for you for a lot of reason. First of all, it gives you alot of armor much needed at this point in the game. Secondly, its active slows the surrounding ennemy: a perfect combo to disable any retreat after you ult'ed in the middle of them. Finally, it provides a small increased in health.

Tenth back to nexus: Now that your build is about to be completed, your philosopher stone use is coming to an end. Sell it and buy yourself a frozen malet instead. It gives you plenty of health and disable the ennemy from running away.