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Build Guide by Zythus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zythus

Tryndamere's guide by Zythus

Zythus Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! This is my first guide. As I'm playing Tryndamere a lot, and I see a lot of Tryndamere's with Avarice Blades etc. I want to introduce to you my build - which you can see above. I think it's optimal build for Tryndamere. Hope you enjoy!

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Runes are very important for Tryndamere. Why? Because on start of the game you have like 20% crit chance from runes ONLY. 10% from passive, and 8% from Brawler's. That gives you a total of 38% of crit chance on start of the game.
Hope I don't need to tell you, that you are critting for 150 on 1 lvl squishies, like Gangplank (when they have 600 hp, and if you have good lane partner, it's first kill for you for sure).

Some of you may think "crit damage runes are better! Late game u rape!".
U don't need them. Actually, if you are in late game with some kills, you will own. Yes, they help in late game, but you are squishy early and mid game, and u do not do much damage without crits. You want to do much damage WHOLE game, not only late. Late game you still have IE and masteries, which give you strong crits. Really.

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Masteries are simple - we are going for maximizing your damage. 21/0/9. You don't need armor, defense, or mana masteries. The 9 points in utility, are for 15% longer Lizard buff. Damage, damage, damage!

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This is best part. Core build is:
[*] Berserker's Greaves (attack speed)
[*] Phantom Dancer (a lot of attack speed, movement, and CRIT CHANCE)
[*] Infinity Edge (this is what makes Tryndamere so scary - A LOT of damage and crit chance + crit damage).

This is your core. You always want those items in your games. What it gives you - movement speed, which u really need. Attack Speed, which u really need. Above 80% crit chance (with masteries and runes) on full hp. And 250% crit dmg.

I checked Yommu Ghostblade, and it is nothing compared to this. There, from early game, to mid game you dont have enough AS and MS. U are slow, u do some damage, but too slow.

A lot of Trynd's buy avarice blades. That is NOT good. Yes, they give you crit chance, and SOME gold, but instead of them you can get ZEAL, which gives you not only crit chance, but AS and MS. Don't buy avarice blades(unless you get so harassed, that you can't get good Creep Score).

Next items, are like you want, but it's almost always Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver. I usually first take Cleaver, for more attack speed, and damage + armor reduction. Last item depend on situation. If your team is doing good without you - get bloodthirster - more dmg. If you are the only one in team who get kills - and if you die, then your team loses - you need to get Guardian Angel.

I didn't even thought, that I could get GA on Trynd, like week ago. But I had a game, where my teammates were just nothing without me. Opponents Morde got GA, their Mf got GA. Then I thought about buying GA. Bought it, and won the game, cause I did all the damage. 2 lifes on Trynd is cool.

With those items you have alot of AS and crit chance. You are critting squishies for 700 (till they get some armor). Is it much? I think it is.

Remember, if you are playing vs guys, which stack a lot armor - instead of Black Cleaver get Last Whisper. Damage + armor pen.

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Skill Sequence

Your priority is maxing firstly "R" of course, second is "Q" - heal, and next thing which gives you CRIT Damage. Next thing, which says that you dont need crit dmg runes. After that max your "W" for slow and minimazing damage. Last thing which you should max is "E". Its good just for it to be on 1 level, nothing more.
Some of guides say, that first skill shall be "E". IMO, you have heal, and more damage with Q. Spinning Slash is only good for escaping - but you have cleanse and exhaust, and you are not stupid, so you won't need spinning on 1 level.

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Summoner Spells

Here are: Exhaust and Cleanse.
[*] Exhaust - its good with your "W". Nobody can escape you. And good for first kill. Must be.

[*] Cleanse - if you get stun, blind etc, you cant do anything for few seconds. You always need to attack, you are the hard carry, you are the biggest physical damage dealer.

Some of guides have Flash in it. It's not good! Why do you get flash?
To go into the battle? You have your Spinning Slash.
It's for escape? You have your Spinning Slash.
If you are Tryndamere you don't want to escape. You want to go into the battle, take damage from your opponents on you, and do max damage to them this whole time. They go for you, so use your ult, and stand for 6 seconds dealing damage to their carries and squishies, gettin double, triple, quadra kills.

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Team Work

If you are laning with someone, you want somebody with CC. Stun or taunt.. Good laners, are Rammus, Shen, Sion. Even Evelynn is great for laning with you. Just get those runes, masteries, and items, and with good lane partner, you can be 4/0 in 10th minute of game. And if you do - you are very hard to stop mid and late game. Remember, make a lot ganks with guys from your team , which have Crowd Control. With them gank is really easy.

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You have to remember - until 6 level you are very squishy. You've got only spinning slash to fast escape. Be careful of attacks from your opponents, ganks and dont go rough/tower dive until you have your ultimate (and even with it). You want to be fed, you don't want to feed your opponents.

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Yes, I know it's not long guide - but it's all there is to it. As Tryndamere you want Lizard buff very often. That slow is like Frozen Mallet. In late game you can solo every opponent. Because your skills and damage are great for 1v1.

Hope you like that. If you have any questions etc, please post it in comment. Rate it, so more people can see a good guide of items, skill sequence, runes and masteries for Tryndamere (don't want to see Avarice Blades anymore).