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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reinbach

Twitch Team Trouncer

Reinbach Last updated on July 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is based off of Diesels build but I think I could improve it a little with some changes here and there.

As a twitch, you are basically always constantly waging a psychological war with the enemy team, as they are thinking to themselves,"Am I next?"

The magic of twitch is his stealth his ulti and his passive . Setting up the shot, hitting the entire team, and being able to slow them all down and use expunge for the last hit on a champ.

The Summoner spells:

Ignite is a great move for killing a healer or a warwick and extra damage for that first blood.

Teleport is insane for a stealth, port, gank technique. If you stealth before you teleport, no one knows you are there unless they saw the minion get teleported to. You can change lanes this way and destroy an unaware champ, further increasing the team's unwillingness to try to gank because they are so afraid of the twitch.

The item build is all about the attack speed damage and making the whole team feel some unhappiness, and if you reach the end end game, you might want to sell malady and pick up a bloodthirster.

Jungler Killer
Twitch can harass junglers particularly well. Some good advice is read some jungling guides for warwick and see where the different routes the guide takes.
You can catch a warwick at low health in the jungle early game for a first blood and they will rarely suspect a thing is amiss. And if you blow ignite on him his passive can't save him either making him free gold and he won't feel safe jungling anymore.

The Lane Switch
Not only is twitch great against the junglers he's also a great "SUPRISE LANE SWITCH" champ. For example:
You are laning against two champs with you and another champ. you notice top lane is getting a little low, and are looking like easy targets, but mia calls are working against you. To make sure top lane feels secure, come out of stealth if you are in it, in your lane. And make a little show that you are there, then after they see you stealth and head towards the two champs you are laning against and promptly teleport to a minion in the lane you want to gank, make sure they can't see this minion and make sure you are stealthed before you teleport. This makes your transition seamless. You have now made a lane 3v2 and they have no idea you are there. Now set yourself up take the shot, slow, and finish them off with the champs laning against your gank targets. This makes the whole team quite uneasy and will set the pace for the rest of the game, your reign of terror has begun.

Team Fights

In a team fight, a twitch in the right place can spell doom for any team. The more they group up, the more they set themselves up. This actually discourages them from sticking together too closely and helps your team even more by producing stragglers.

Dangers to you
The greatest danger to twitch is that everyone, utterly despises you. This makes oracles and the "EVERYONE GET THAT TWITCH", usually with colorful language attached quite common.

To deal with an oracle fiend, you must either, lure him out, or kill him straight out. Make sure you ask for the team's help, with the oracle down the rest are ripe for killing. Never charge into bushes if an oracle is on the field, always be checking champions for oracle buffs or in their inventory. Play defensive until it is gone. or he is far from where you will be.

You must also be on the lookout for vision wards. A good way to deal with those is to test if the area indeed has them. Here is a minion method of it. If you are top or bot lane, and on the first tower still. They will probably place the vision wards by the bush area. Now if they are not very close to where you suspect, try stealthing to the spot you think it is, and get yourself into a situation where if you were not stealthed a enemy minion would attack you. If one does in stealth, you have found the ward.
The champ method is even simpler, slowly approach the spot the vision ward is suspected of being, most likely they will be hugging it. Try coming in on the very edge of their attack. If they move toward you or attack you, you can quickly deduce its there. Of course this method is dangerous but you must find out if they can or cannot see you.
The best method of all is just plainly seeing the ward in their inventory or them place it so try to keep an eye out for those types of tomfoolery as well.

Dealing with vision wards: Mostly just ignore them and stay away from the affected area. But if you must get there, get an oracle or corki, or better still another vision ward to rid the area of it. Just make sure they are not around to spoil your fun.

Don't be too polite
As a twitch, you must not be too afraid of being a KSer, after all you want to win the game. Too often people will worry that they will be seen as such, and you will lose out on kills of enemy teamates, because the person you were letting have the kill, couldn't do it. However try not to murder something that is for sure dead by another.

Follow the guide as you see fit, but don't lock yourself into anything. Just whatever you can take away from this small guide take, and if you think something else works better, go with that. No such thing as the perfect guide.

One last word. Twitch is a coward, make sure you act like one, the last job of twitch is to cause ragequits and team instability so make sure you never let them catch you easily.