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Veigar Build Guide by gwadzila

Veigar - A new idea

Veigar - A new idea

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author gwadzila Build Guide By gwadzila 11 3 18,177 Views 26 Comments
11 3 18,177 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author gwadzila Veigar Build Guide By gwadzila Updated on June 29, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Veigar


Most Veigar builds out there will be "OMGEE GINORMOUS N00K BILD SOOPREME!!!!!1!!" And will proceed to build 6 pure nuking items, or maybe 5 nuking items and one defensive item. Now let's compare Veigar to Nasus. Both can get more damage while building 0 damage items. Because of this, Nasus builds tanky (usually) because he doesn't need damage - Just farm. However, people have decided they like 2 shotting Teemos too much to start building Veigar a little smarter. Which is why I bring you...

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Build one and Build two

Just a bit of clarification on the two builds - Build one was MY original idea of an offtank mana stacking Veigar, While build two is one suggested by mobafire4, (FULL CREDIT TO HIM) which uses a similar idea, but has some different item choices. Once again, all credit goes to mobafire4 as I'm literally copy pasting what he said.
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Pros and Cons (for this strategy)

-Can be an AP tank stronger than most AP tanks
-Has a lot of damage and survivability
-Fits a team better(imo)
-Can survive after one combo late game

-Requires a butt load of farm
-Early game you are garbage
-Needs a team around him to be most effective
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Runes and Masteries

My runes are standard caster runes, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.

greater seal of replenishment I take these over because I'm stacking mana, so I really only need the boost early on.

In a normal hardcore nuking build, these would be AP or Mpen, but health quints make you a little safer early on.

My masteries are very unique. I was sort of torn between a lot of things. These are your core masteries with explanations though:

Strength of Spirit: Not necessary. I just like this a lot on mana stackers because it makes your health regen sky rocket late game plus giving you a nice early game boost to deal with harassers like or

Archaic Knowledge: This is necessary. 15% of their MR goes poof and with a void staff, half of their MR goes poof. This means someone with 100 MR only has 45 when you hit them with your spells.
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Summoner Spells and Skills

For my summoner spells, I take and . is in many Veigar builds, as it gives an early game edge that can be pretty handy and can help you beat someone in lane or finish off a combo. As far as goes, is also fine, I just take it because my masteries don't let me get improved flash. However, I only recommend these two because Veigar is pretty dependent on an escape spell.

For skills, I prioritize over over over . I get over because getting more ranks in allows me to stun longer and more often, lending more of a offtank-CC kind of feel.
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Early, Mid, and Late Game!(+ mid enemies)

Early on, you are one of the first picks for middle lane because of your reliance on farm and levels. Here's a list of mid enemies and how to deal with them:
: Try not to feed and farm
: Try not to feed and farm
: Be happy that she's also trying not to feed and farming
...I think you get the point.

Hopefully coming out of the laning phase you have your Archangels. Even now you should still be farming like crazy, however, if a teamfight arises, try to be a stunbot. Kill if you can, roam if you can(but not at the expense of too much farm) and generally try to help your team while also still getting a lot of income.

Peanut Butter pwn time. Now that you have a bunch of items built up (hopefully) you can STILL farm and go into teamfights as an offtank that still does really good damage. Try never to forget that one minion wave isn't much if it means your team loses. Stick together and push, and you will have a good chance of winning.
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Your ultimate and you.

Just a quick section on . Now, of course, everyone is groaning because they've seen this in the 100 other Veigar guides. But I'm going to add a little more on. Now obviously, you want to use it on someone with more AP, but there are other things to be put into consideration. Like, lets say theres a with 100 AP and 100 MR, while their has 50 AP and 50 MR. Normally, you'd think "GO FOAR SWANE HE HAZ MOAR APEENISES". However... Well, let's do some math. To make it easy on my small brain, lets say you have 500+80% of their AP damage on your ult. Now, the with 50 MR will have about 32% magical damage reduction and about 40 bonus damage from her AP. MATH TIME!

500+40=540*.68= about 367 damage.

While the with 100 mr will have 50% magical damage reduction but 80 bonus damage from his AP. MOAR MATH TIME!

500+80=580*.5= about 240 damage.

NOTE: I did not calculate Archaic knowledge, but results would be similar.

So that means the Irelia would be a better target for your ultimate. Now obviously you can't whip out the calculator during a teamight to see who you can ult, so I'll give sort of a rule of thumb. the target needs more than twice their MR in AP for it to do the most damage.


Well, let's figure that out.

So we take the same with 100 AP and now 60 MR from your means now has only 35% magic damage reduction - very similar to Irelia. MATH TIME AGAIN!

580*.65= about 377 damage. But, if you fought the same with a void staff, she would take 415 damage. So she still takes more. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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Items (build one) and Theorycraft

First off, is great on Veigar, no matter how you build him (even DPS, though I recommend you steer clear of that build in general) because it boosts the AP from not only your items, but also your . is also core because of your mana stacking. I also grab and catalyst the protector along the way to make me a bit more tanky. After you've built these first few items, you start building smart, with a and . This gives you tankyness, plus mana to give you AP. Now I know you're thinking "WASTED SLOTS FOR MOAR ARCHANGELS AND MOAR RABADONS", but consider it for a second. You aren't very item reliant in late game because of your AP farming throughout early and mid game, and you're still getting AP off of the mana these two items give you. Finally, I just grab for the late game damage vs. tanks. Otherwise, you can round out CDR (10% more is needed) or you can just grab another or and indulge in your desire to kill Teemo instantly.
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Items (build two) and Comparison

Veigar I :_________________________________Veigar II :_____________Description :
HP__:______________2284__________________2161______________health points
MP__:______________3190__________________2640______________mana points
HP5_:______________46.3___________________92.0______________health regen / 5 sec
FLR(mins)_:_________4.11___________________1.96______________time for full life regen
MP5_:______________40.2___________________51.6______________mana regen / 5 sec
AD__:______________94____________________94________________attack damage
AP__:______________475+1.3*x_______________512+1.3*x_________ability power
AR__:______________178.5__________________123.5 _____________armor
MR__:______________111___________________105_______________magic resist
MS__:______________385___________________428_______________movement speed
CDR_:______________31.1__________________32.1_______________cooldown reduction
MGP_:______________53%__________________26%_______________magic penetration

HP : 100 HP doesn't make a real difference, I think.
MP : over 2500 Mana, you don't even care any more. It's a 15 AP loss, compensated by the .
AR : with the 50 more armor you took 16% less damage from physical attacks. Yet a Veigar should never fight a tank, who are dealing AD most of the time, or he should focus the carries of the opponent team (that includes the AD carry, that he can easily blast). So if you are taking damage you should run away.
MR : 2.5% more magical damage taken, does it really make difference?
MGP : Magic penetration is an overrated capacity. With the 27% more magic penetration you had, you'd make only 6% more damage on most of the heroes (30 MR, goes up to 9% more damage with 60MR). On the other hand, with this build you gain 7,3% more AP.

HP5 : greatly improved, grants you more survivability while being chased.
FLR : Less than 2 minutes to be back from dead to full life.
MP5 : 25% increase of mana regen. Allow you to stay longer in lane, to fight longer, etc.
AP : Small bonus, but still cool as you start with 25 AP (after ignite being cast) at level 1 to farm creeps. Makes last hitting easier.
MS : probably the fastest Veigar in the world ! This veigar is as fast as the other veigar with ghost on it ! Plus the grants a +40% increase in MS for all nearby allies during 4 seconds. (after caps reduction it only gets you to 440 MS, but it helps all your team). A fast veigar is a pain in the ***, especially since he has great HP regeneration. If he is low life, he only have to run away, heal (while jungling to be efficient in gold) and come back.
CDR : 1 more %. Same thing basically.

Here is a very nice comparison of build one and two, once again provided by mobafire4. (if you want the full thing, read his comment)
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Check out my other guide here
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