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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saguiro

Warwick, The Immortal DPS

Saguiro Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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U can jungle or lane, warwick is awasome on both, but if u are going to lane, go for solo lanes, u can easily hold your lane with your passive life regen and hungering strike, buying 2 mana potions and 1 life potion in early game with the boots, and no one will run of a gank since u have a awasome mov speed with your passive and boots against no boots champs, and if u will jungle, start with vampiric scepter, it will make your jungle much easyier and u will dont need return to base.
When someone use exhusted on you u can use hungering + infinite, this way u will regain your life and do damage while blind ;D

Itens :

Since Warwick have a good life regen, stack this with life steal will make he hard to die agasint 1 or 2 melle dps, and if this starting to happen, all you have to do is use your hungering strike.
With black cleaver and last whisper tankers isnt a problem since they dont do so much damage and u can easily regain your life against then, and, if your tanker is a life tanker, like cho, madreds + Last Whysper Atk Speed will resolve your problem.
How he will use life steal to survive, u will need damage to life steal more , because of this, black cleaver and the 40% armor pen will make you hit really hard and life steal a lot more.
The last iten, "Infinity Edge",just is good on late game because you really dont need critical, all you need is life steal and the infinity will just do your life steal better when you do a critical, that isnt frequently, but end game 80+ damage and some criticals is really funny :D


How i already said, you need to life steal and hit hard, so, Armor Pierce, atk rate, +5% in all your hits(means 5% + life steal in all your hits) and magic penetration to you heal more on your hungering strike is a good combination. Dodge + Mov. Speed will stack with your mov. speed passive, so nobody can run away from you, even with ghost, all you need to do is jungle as lizard as you can (in 3x3 u can also have the mov. speed buff).
Cd reduction and magic penetration, so u can heal a little more on your ult and hungering strike.


Armor penetratio + Pierce armor masterie + black claver + last whiper = nobody is able to tank you, magic penetration runes to you heal more on your hungering strike and hit more, and life runes because you dont have a burst (huge instant damage, as anne, xin, ryze, anivia, cho and others) you are a dps, need time to do your damage, so life runes will help you a little at jungle and 1x1 fights.


The week point of warwick is magical burst ( anne, ryze,...) and stuns/silences, so all you need to do is wait theyr dps and bursts waste theyr cooldowns and kill them, never show yourself in a team fights, someone of theyr team will have -50% of life so u can fast go to theyr dps's and kill then, also, you can run away if they focus on you, but remember, u cant kill this one or u will be slow again, so be sure that you will start killing the right dps, or he can kills you first.
Dont use your ult to start, it give u a second life, combine your infinite duress with hungering strike to dont die on 1x1, this way u can easyli kill a late game dps.
On 1x1 agasint melee champs u dont have just your normal life + your hungering and infite combo, but u also have your exhausted, that is like invunerable for 3.5 sec, so in this time u can heal yourself with the life steal and get your hungering cooldown up again.
U also are a great tower dive, imagine that, someone teleporting undertower and u quickly move to him hungering and ignating.

Summoner Spells:

Exhusted, gives you a full life against melee(damage or atk speed) champions and ignate breaks life steals and life regens as mundo, xin, Morgana, master yi, so you can easily beat then on 1x1, and exhusted can be used to protect somebody too agasint tryndameres, xins and flashs dps's.


Mercury + Guardian + Banshee will make your life regen useless since it will make no difrence on teamfights, and will make your damage goes dip on the ocean. It is for people that dont know how to play as carrier so do a lot of itens to survive cause they dont know play as dps, and madreds + hunter calls help them to make a little damage and help their team, if u want to play as a suport dps, go as janna, morgana or somethink like this, no as warwick.
All the Warwicks i had seen in my life had, smite/Ghost or Ghost/Exhusted.
First of all, Ghost in the best mov. speed of the game? just ridiculous nothing else to say, so you will say "but this way i can ult and hungering so he will have less than 50% of life", **** man, your ult gives you 33% life stal without any item and stun, and u will waste this full life?
About Smites, it can be use if you are going to jungle and dont like ignate, this is your choice, but with smite u can loose a lot of kills early game and be raped by others life stealers and regens end game, and if u buy a boots with vampiric u will jungle faster than a madreds + smite without a boots not just because u move faster but u will not need to recall, and u can clean the oponents jungle too, cause u will dont need to back to your base, you will up so fast as u had a madreds, cause u will kill just ancients and no normal creeps, and the best think about this, is that the other team will have no golem or lizards, is really boring when you are the solo ( anivia, morgana, anne....)and u cant have the mana rune, or when u are a mordekaiser, warwick, tryndamere,.... and cant have your lizard.