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-Emikadon's Graphic Café-

Creator: Emi May 4, 2014 5:50pm
<Guide Critic>
Electro522's Forum Avatar
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Jun 3rd, 2014
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Hello again Emi!

Ugh.....I hate it that I've been away for so long. However, in order to start making myself known once again, I need to get myself involved in the community once again. Step 1 was reopening my review shop! Step 2 is going around to all of the wonderful artists on here to see how their styles have changed over the year that I've been gone.

Thus, I have a request for you:

Type: Signature
Text: "I will make you beautiful; I will make you...perfect.

I know it is a very dark picture, and it doesn't give you alot to work with, and thus, just like before, I give you full artistic control over it (that should make it somewhat easier....right?). Even if it comes out simple, and without much detail to it, it would be fine. I've been getting more and more excited for Jhin with every passing day, and thus, I think that deserves a signature.

Thank you in advance!
Thank you to Emikadon for this sig!
Emi's Forum Avatar
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Aug 21st, 2013
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Sorry for the late response, but I will work on this when I get the chance! School's been awful so my visits to Mobafire have been very sporadic xD
Made this sig myself :)
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Jul 6th, 2015
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Graphic Style:Wallpaper(If possible)
Text:They are privileged to die at my feet!
I want that crest of Mount Targon with several of champions(Don't put them inside the crest :D)
Champions:Pantheon(Original or DragonSlayer), Master Yi(PROJECT or Chossen), Gangplank(Special Forces)
Thank's ahead and i am rly hyped for wallpaper :D
Thanks to @ Jovy for signature :)
Cikhir's Forum Avatar
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Dec 18th, 2014
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Heya, saw your awesome work and wanted one myself! So here's the "request":

Graphic Type: Wallpaper
Size: 1920x1080p
Text: davieim (Pretty big fontsize, some type of lighter blue color that matches with the rest of the colors in the pic. Placed somewhere on the left side, not on the blade nor Shen)
Additional: Would love it if you could make the colors "stronger" like intensify them or something.

Thanks in advance and please PM me it! :)
Also, keep up the good work!
BlueMoon01's Forum Avatar
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Nov 29th, 2012
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Waddup is the request still on?

Graphic Type : Signature

Pic : Creator Viktor

Text : "In one's hand, techmaturgy is a tool. As one's hand, it is liberation."

Additional : I would love pop-out sign stuff of that kind :333
MAS/SGMYID server player

Ask anything related to my guide away, will be glad to help!

+Rep me if it helped, would help me a lot too :)
QuinnMains's Forum Avatar
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Jan 31st, 2016
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Hey there. Could you make me some headers for my Quinn Guide? (

Type: Header

Text: Pros/Cons, Spells, Runes, Masteries, Abilities, Items, Laning/Jungling, Roaming and Common Mistakes.

Additional: I do not mind what the headers themselves actually are, anything Quinn and Valor related would be nice.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Big fan of your Katarina guide!

Made some myself, don't worry about it!

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