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Creator: Mowen September 27, 2012 3:49pm
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Everything in the General Rules and Guidelines also applies to this forum.

There are also some rules / guidelines specific to this forum since it is rather unique.

  • Do not critique someone else's work unless they requested a critique or you ask permission first
  • Do not require +rep in return for making someone a signature


There should be absolutely no insulting, as is the rule everywhere on this site. No one should be saying "that sig sucks" or "you're a bad artist" or anything like that. Honestly, if you have to tear someone down, go to another site. However, keep in mind that "this sig sucks" and "this sig could be improved" are two different things. If you see any insults please use the "report" button so that the mods can review it. Do NOT insult them back / start fights as that makes it so you are breaking the rule as well.

Since this is an art subforum, and people put work into their art, I would suggest not critiquing it unless people ask for a critique, or you know they are open to critique. Some people are more touchy than others when it comes to critique. This is not a strict rule, but just common sense for art discussion. If an artist asks you not to critique their work, yet you continue to critique it, it will be considered harassment.

Keep these things in mind when you are posting on this site. For instance if you want critiques make sure to put "I'm open to critiques" in your thread or something like that so people will know. Alternatively, if you're giving a critique make sure that your wording is respectful of the artist and is not insulting.

There's also a rule against trading services for rep, so please make sure not to REQUIRE a rep in return for making sigs / artstuffs. Also please do not beg for rep / be upset if people don't rep you. A friendly reminder of "If you're happy with it I would appreciate a +rep!" or something along those lines is fine.

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