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The ERLOL Thread

Creator: Mintleaves
August 16, 2012 11:57am
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Hello I know this doesn't belong in this forum I have no idea where music would go so I put it in the "Art" section.

This is basically a thread for talking about my Rap Battles and who would you like to see next.

We also do Hiring in which I just posted a blog for it, and maybe if your interested you could get hired (there is no real money involved) just giving people something entertaining is enough for me.

If you want you yourself could post a few lines, right here and maybe they will get used, who knows?

Talking with people here is my favorite thing to do I rarely spend time on LoL anymore thanks to this place, so if you have any questions or any advice come here to talk.
Check out my guide and +Rep if I helped please.

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