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Jungle shaco new patch (16/11)

Creator: challvard November 16, 2011 11:59am
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Nov 1st, 2011
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Hey, i need tips for a good spec for jungeling with shaco now since the patch, cuz everything is just getting wierd! :p
So please if someone knows any good masteryspecs tell them too me! :D
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Jan 6th, 2011
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Duuude... Make your ooown spec, how much mana do u use, how much armour do u get... i can give u my setup, but it all comes down to how u want to play shaco..

My rune/mastery-spec for shaco is:
9 red arp.
4 AS seals
1 Clarity seal
4 Flat armour seals
3 clarity glyphs
6 Scaling ap glyphs
1 arp quint
2 as quints.
^this gives u enough mana throughout the game, enough armour for early game, Not enough mr for lategame, but u're gonna get some more later i hope.

Summoners Wraith -> 3 ad
4 as
10% Arpen.

6 armour -> 2 minion defence
4 durability ->veteran scars
Bladed armour.

1 good hands
3 expanded mind
4 MS
Longer buff duration.

For summoners u're gonna get smite/exhaust cuz u're shaco u don't give a **** about defence! :D

INB4 Duff comes in and tell u how you should go to hell for playing shaco.
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Jun 6th, 2010
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21/0/9 seems best by far.

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