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Researching more information - Nidalee Guide

Creator: Lycoriz November 6, 2011 7:44am
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Oct 2nd, 2011
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So yea... I have published my Nidalee guide but its missing a few sections
What I would like you people to help out with is discussing stuff I could write for these few topics:

Tips when using Javelin
Tips when using Traps
Tips when Chasing escaping

Since I know people usually just write **** if they aren't given anything I promise to review guides and up vote (if your guide doesn't suck at all) if I find your comments useful - Also if your comment is extraordinary awesome I will make commercial for your guide in my own guides)

...anyway thx for your time and theories :)
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Jan 15th, 2011
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When throwing a spear, you want to throw it so that it will hit the enemy's initial path(The way they are running), but only just barely, so that if they chose to move to dodge, you'll still have an effective hit. Let me visualize:

Kinda hard to show without a screenshot, but yeah. I hope you understand the general idea.


Use the traps to control entrances to your jungle. This will also help defend you against a possible jungler planning to tower-dive. The reveal will usually make them go back. Note that they should be at the entrance. If you are in the bot lane in the top right part of the map, you should place the trap, visible to the enemy at the entrance that goes straight to the blue buff. This defends your jungler's jungle, and protects you from fiddlesticks and of the alike to gank from behind.


With Chasing and Escaping simply make sure to use Cougar Form when you want to catch up, and use any of the possible shortcuts(jumps over walls) that are possible with Bouce.
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