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Trundle jungle masteries

Creator: PsiGuard October 23, 2011 3:51pm
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Sep 25th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 13, 2011 5:53am | Report
I just go the ol'beauty, 21/0/9. Yeah, you don't have the sustain as if you would go more defensive. But, when I play Trundle I counter-jungle like a king.
Therefore I want to be able to clear enemy camps quick to lower the risk of getting jumped.
Of course, if I would get jumped, maybe I would survive if I had defensive masteries but Trundle is one hell of a survivor.
Pop the speed and block their way with pillar and off you go.

Bottomline is, Trundle is very sustainable as a champion. Therefore you don't really need the defense.

Alternative mastery would be, 16/0/14.
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