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1500 ~ Elo DuoQ

Creator: CuteTurtle
August 28, 2012 3:52pm
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So lately I've been total trash in games, no idea why, I just can't find the right character to play, and whatever I play I turn out to do really bad, I don't know why, I'm at the edge of 1500 ELO and I keep dropping, I used to do decent but not sure what's happened.

So I'm asking if anyone would like to que with me or something, to improve my gameplay experience or to even tell me my mistakes If that's possible, surely some games had their reasons as to why I did bad, but most of them I think I'll blame my self due to, well, I don't know.

It would be nice if you had a microphone, and are prepared to use TS3, please add me in game, I'll be online as of now.

P.S: No, I'm not saying 'lulz plis carry me' I'm saying I would like to talk to someone who would put input on my gameplay, and would spot my mistakes on teamspeak, someone who could possibly 'mentor' me I suppose, any kind of input would be better than the generic LoL response "ok fak u give fb I afk npnp"
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Look up Wintermond, Koksei, or Khazem on EUW, you can usually find them on the EUW Mobafire chat a lot, they'd probably help you.


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