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Creator: Dizeazed August 2, 2012 3:34pm
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Jul 31st, 2012
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I'm about a week old to LoL and there is a lot to learn... I like to take an active interest though so here I am.

I'd just like to thank all the users at MobaFire for making my LoL life easier :D

Edit: I used to make graphics seriously some years ago, I'm a little rusty but still like to make stuff now and then. I made my signature today just for the forums! Feel free to PM me if you want a new sig or some GFX.

IGN: Stíng (EUW)
The LZ
The LZ's Forum Avatar
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Welcome to Mobafire ^^.

A week eh? Well if you need help, you're
welcome to add me, I'm on EUW too ^^.

And on behalf of the Mobafire community;
you're welcome :D.

We have a dedicated forum for sig makers and
the like. You might want to check that out, if you're
wanting to seriously offer up your skills to the
community :).
"(Btw LZ, I read all of your posts like a poem because your paragraphs look like stanzas. It's rather amusing. :P)" - PsiGuard
"^ya same
why you write like that" - wRAthoFVuLK
"Why DO you write like that?" - Amazing Monkey
"Why do you write like that LZ?" - iownedya
"no-one knows, but it is unique.
An artist originalising his work,
per say. Yet what have I done,
I have copied his work.
It's probably wrong too, but lolz. Keep at it LZ, since it makes reading your posts interesting." - ShiftyCake
<Retired Admin>
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Welcome to mobafire! I would recommend reading my New Player FAQ (go to my profile / builds to look) and checking out the New Player Help section of the forums. Just a suggestion. :)

You should also check out our in-game chat to talk to other mobafire members and hopefully get tips.
Thanks to Minho for my sig!
NickkaJ's Forum Avatar
Jul 30th, 2012
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Add me NickkaJ i would love to play with some dedicated people who want to win.
AyushGarg's Forum Avatar
Jul 8th, 2012
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I have a feeling you guys cant play together as he is in EUW and your in NA :P.

OT : Good luck on your journey to level 30 and have fun :)
Anastasios's Forum Avatar
Dec 19th, 2011
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Welcome to LoL and MOBAFire, i'm sure you will enjoy your stay :D

Many thanks to MissMaw, LaCorpse, Xiron, Arcana3 and Joxuu for making me sigs!

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