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[LFG: EUW] Looking for a decent, versatile...

Creator: Scrax March 3, 2012 12:48pm
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Jul 29th, 2010
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Looking for a versatile and decent player for some duo queue on EU West. You need to be around 1.4k, and know a little bit about all the roles. You also need a microphone and to not be afraid of speaking English (unless you're Norwegian, of course). And if you never purchase wards, please don't.. Yeah :)

I usually play AP mid, solo top or support bottom. I excel mostly at support and AP mid.

A TeamSpeak 3 server is up and running, come on in if you want a chat:

Games will go about casual, so if you're gunning for 2.2k and hardcore gaming day and night please don't bother contacting me. I will play when I feel like it, and if my friends are not dragging me into a premade (which anyone can join, though IRLs are prioritized). Hopefully that's understandable.

Uh.. That should just about cover it! :)

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