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CEG Scrax (Unverified)
Riven, Leona, Ahri
, Support


If you have any questions, or just wanna chat, feel free to:

Send me a message here on MOBAFire/DOTAFire, or contact me on:

Skype: Cryoscrx
Steam: Zypen
LoL EUW: CEG Scrax

I've been into gaming and computers for a long while, starting in the early age of 9. I'm what you'd call a young Veteran Counter-Strike player (yeah, I know..), seeing it was the very first game I got serious in. I participated in a couple of LAN events, some competitions, and won some hard cash. I've also been the leader of a multi-gaming clan, whom focused on Counter-Strike, Guild Wars, League of Legends (thats to more present date), and other RPG/RTS/FPS games. Sadly it disbanded because I alone couldn't run it, and my staff and good friends just didn't have the time to help because of personal problems - Which I respect.

At the time being I'm currently investing loads of time into MOBAFire and it's community, as well as having a great time with both real life friends and in-game friends. Where some of them will even come to Norway this summer, when I'm hosting my LAN party!

When it comes to me on MOBAFire I try to keep a personal-professional attitude. I try to keep friendly as well as strictly staying on-topic, as well as enforcing the rules in a friendly manner.

Those who know me in real life usually know me as a joker; a person who loves sarcasm, that'll gladly take on any discussion and that's not easily embarrassed. Me and my friends are almost always laughing, whether it's at the store carrying each other through the cashier as if we just got married (with wigs!), or being home raging on some Tryndamere that just went penta-kill on our ***es, we're always having fun together. Cruel personal attacks are not actually 'attacks', but more something everyone takes as a joke (mom puns included).

I'm also in love with extreme winter sports, and both me and Thomas (my best friend - snowboard) are what you'd call a 'Yes-I'll-Try-That Skier/Snowboarder'. No challenge to big - No challenge to stupid! Ever tried twin-tips? How about twin-tips with only one ski? Now try and grind with it :D (ballz) Of course, over the years there's been a couple of bruises, almost broken limbs, headaches and a tonne of laughs. Call us stupid, but we're truly living our lives to it's full extent! Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

I'm not sure what else to post here.. If there's anything you guys wanna know about me you just have to ask! :) See you all on MOBAFire, Ventrilo, or in-game!

PS: If you'd like to join in on some MOBAFire In-house games or premades; Drop by the Ventrilo when you got the time to play! There's usually people on (mostly at night-time/when the US guys are awake), so just ask them if anything is going on.

PPS: If you see me in the channel 'Admin', don't be afraid to pop a private chat :)

Take care!

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