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Looking for low ELO ranked partners

Creator: Lazukin June 28, 2011 1:59am
Lazukin's Forum Avatar
Jan 20th, 2011
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I decided I'd try to go for 1500 ELO by the end of season 1. If you can help me at least duo, it would help a ton, as I've gotten a bit sick of solo queue.

Although it's kind of... Insanely unlikely. I'm currently at 1170 after 11 ranked games, 5 wins, 6 losses. But they were all solo queue, and as far as I can remember, almost every single one of them had trolls/leavers. I've even screenshotted a few in the past due to being pissed off lol.

This is the game that made me pretty much give up on Solo Queue. ***eater and ***guzler (lol) intentionally fed while I jungled. By the time I tried to gank, Kassadin was just too strong. They were fed horribly and it was basically gg.

(I did one more solo queue game after that and got three leavers on my team. One leaver on the other team as well. I was Lee Sin and got completely decimated D:)

I make sigs, PM me if you want one :D (Thanks for the Nidalee sig, The_Nameless_Bard!)
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Feb 1st, 2011
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if lol is working i can but i have 1438 in solo que ;3 if you have skype or vent :3333
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Jan 17th, 2011
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Laz is on US.

You should prolly mention that ^^

and I would duo with you, my Elo is like 12k since I never play ranked and when ai did it was when I was a new 30 and got wrecked...and yea solo can end up dirty a lot of times...I wouldn't mind fixing my Elo xD

I'm away from home for a week tho, but when I get back sure, I need a good duo q partner ^^
Bloofyre wrote:
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