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Looking for partners in crime!

Creator: ApcolypticMufin January 30, 2012 5:45pm
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Oct 10th, 2011
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I'm somewhat new to ranked, (I've only just played enough games to earn a rank) and am looking for a premade to queue with. I mainly play the support role, but can fill most roles well. (AD's being the exception)

Favorite champs: Soraka (Support duo lane), Sona (Support duo lane), Rammus (Jungle/Tank), Shyvana (Jungle/Top Lane/Off-tank), Galio (Top lane/Tank), Ahri (AP mid lane), Swain (AP mid lane)

Champions I can play decently: Kog'Maw (AD duo lane), Tristana (AD duo lane), Ashe (AD duo lane), Morgana (AP mid lane), Janna (Support duo lane), Riven (Top lane/Off-tank)

My IGN: ApcolypticMufin

I'm still in highschool, so I may not have the most free time in the world to spend in games, but I should still be able to log in and pull off a few games most days.
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