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Looking for Ranked duo or 5v5 team

Creator: HazmatxKilla December 1, 2013 12:37pm
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Nov 29th, 2013
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I actually had at least 1 smurf every single game that I played. I'm not exaggerating, this REALLY happened to me.
The experience might have been different for you, and yes there is no proof that the people claiming to be smurfs were actually smurfing but I am telling you 100% truthful that every single game I had someone claiming they were a smurf.

I will admit I don't watch a lot of streams and if I do it's mainly my higher ranked friends playing and from what I have seen there people had a way different attitude than the people I usually tend to play with.

I'm not going to continue on the whole 1v5 thing because it's going to be an endless conversation if you don't have footage of the actual game.

I agree that all games are winnable even if people are intentionally feeding but 9 out of 10 times from MY games, the entire team would give up.
They would stand afk in base, sometimes 2 or 3 of them at once just because the other people didn't want to surrender.
I have pulled games out of the depth of loss and turned them into a win, I ALWAYS encourage my team to keep trying, try to help them do things better, line up kills for people with fewer kills if I have a lot of kills, stuff like that.

I've got out of bronze by "carrying" my team and helping them out where I can, but some teams are just too much.
I won't believe that you never had a game where it was just impossible to "carry" your team because of multiple possible factors.

Yes, with the current system you will eventually get higher if you win more than you lose, that's how things work.
You win more, you go up, you lose more you go down.
I wasn't saying that if person A wins 5 games and loses 7 he should be ranking up.
That's like giving the world cup of soccer to the team that loses the most.

I'm not sure how exactly you think I contradict myself there so I can't really go in on that.

And we all have an opinion, never claimed my text was a fact but it looks like you're acting like whatever you said so far is a fact.

Keep an eye out for my soon to be published guides ;)
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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LalaSama wrote:

The problem with "Elo hell" is not that you need to "carry" your team, it's the fact that they never listen to you.

In bronze/silver people tend to make a lot of mistakes, but the problem is that when you nicely tell them it wasn't smart and they shouldn't do it again, they do the exact same thing again within 5 minutes of the first time.

With a little bit of determination you should be able to get out of bronze eventually, yes, but it's harder than people make it out to be.
No one man can carry a team if they are in bronze and they should be in silver or something.

If elo was a skill level and someone belongs in silver/gold they can't always get out of bronze because of the fact that simply PEOPLE FEED.
They make the worst mistakes and they make them 10 times each game.

i bolded both of the times you said fact, youre saying that its a fact no one listens to you, therefore elo hell exists, you dont need people to listen to you to win a game, you just need to play well

you also said its a fact that you cant go to where you belong because people feed and make the same mistakes, i have carried people that have fed, i win games where people feed and then afk going 0/6 ten minutes into the game

if youre going to say what youre saying is opinion and not fact dont use the word fact it makes people believe what youre saying is a fact, at least say its an opinion when you post it

the only games that were impossible for me to carry were mainly because of me and my own mistakes, yes there are games when maybe one person doesnt connect and another leaves and one is raging at the other for dying so much but its not like those type of games happen constantly, those type of games are extremely rare

P.S. near the end of Season 3 i said i was a smurf so i would get the role i wanted even though i wasnt a smurf, and im pretty sure others have done this before
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Oct 11th, 2011
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