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Looking for some in-game Tutors!

Creator: Tore7778 August 16, 2012 11:56pm
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Aug 12th, 2012
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Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Tore. (Yes, a guy named Tore.. It's Italian..)
I've had my LoL account for about a year now, but right after I tried out the game I got quite bored and left it for about 10 months until one of my friends told me that they played it. I have been playing LoL and trying to get the hang of it (I think I have most of it down) and was curious if anyone of you more experienced players could hop in-game and teach me some more stuff.

Just some stuff I would like to learn:
    How to counter specific champions - And
    How to choose a champion that would fit into my team comp
    Where to place wards
    How to decide what "Situational" items to buy according to who I am against

If anyone is interested in helping a lowly ~Noob like me, please contact me.
I have Skype / Ventrilo if that would help!

Thanks to The_Nameless_Bard, Dynasty, Nyokie, HogoPogo, and Arcana3 for the AMAZING sigs!
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Sep 26th, 2011
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You can always ask me stuff. Im on EUW if you wanna add me, thats fine.
For skype, PM me your skype details and Ill add you :p

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