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Player Looking For Group/Guild/Clan Etc.

Creator: DEWO October 11, 2010 3:20am
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Sep 26th, 2011
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Vynertje wrote:


Oh my jimmies... please Vyn.. please.
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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Nick's Jimmy status
[ ] Not Rustled
[x] Rustled

hopefully you are nick doe (afaik you are though)
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Nov 22nd, 2013
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Server: EU Nordic East
Nick: wallkick95
Sum' level: 12
Wins: 31-0
No Ranks
Best on: Only Janna
Champions: 4
No Runes

-02:00 Middle-East GMT/ Mainly by day
I am looking for a team of mid-skilled players, but I can fill in with high-skilled gamers. As you thought I am new in lol, but I don't lack of experience. I have played dota for 2 years, not just in pub, but clan wars. I was the main support in the team. I started as a awful teamfighter, but in no time I improved a lot, that I ever surpassed my teammates in means of supporting overall. I went so deep that I can predict juke techniques, pre-ward before teamfight to grant vision of the enemy's back, where their carry is. To place a ward for invisible heroes, which is bonus when comes on, thinking that he sneaks successfully. I know how to position myself during the teamfight. I know who must be focused and when. I can do timing and combo release properly. I know how to boost my carry's damage output and his survivability. I can perform large amount of gang set-ups as they follow: Backstab, Trap, Teleport and go, Go and teleport and so on. I would never decide to not participate in teamfight. I will sacrifice if the carry has chance to survive. When it comes to early game on lane, I am the lovely babysitter, who helps you to land more lasthits and never breaks your micro, by pushing the incoming wave of minions. If possible I will try to pull the minions towards our tower, to ensure the safe farm of my carry. I will take on two champions, in order to prevent them disturbing our carry, that he will have only to focus on lasthitting. Other activities, such a warding on behalf of map control and gang sets are habits for me. I don't care of that my all gold will be spent on buying wards and aura items, which doesn't improve much my attack damage, ability power and so on. Of course, I can follow the lead of our captain, exactly how he stated it. I prefer to play aggressive in the early game and to make teamfights in the fog, the area of the jungle where the vision is highly limited. I call it backstab, because they can't regroup so fast, which supposes them to make difference in their combo and positioning, which in most times results in teamfights 5 on 4 in our favor. I like inventive strategies, such a Split-push, Trilane-push and etc. I think I went so far in mobas, that I want to take part in team of high-skilled players. All this way I passed by acknowledging my own mistakes and working towards to improve my weak-points. Let me in, I am going to play with fire, as I do always that. I am confident to play competitively as this is the funniest in my view. Hope we have fun as a team.
PvtChambless's Forum Avatar
Nov 5th, 2013
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hey guys were looking to make a ranked team. as of right now were bronze 2. looking to go high ranked silver or gold by the end of the season. Lemme know if interested we have a few spots open.

Server: US
Summoner name: PvtChambless
won: Normal-181 ranked-11
best champs: caitlyn, jayce, varus, katarina, annie
champs owned: 65
usually on around 7:30 on most weekdays except mondays and thursdays and anytime on the weekends
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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Just Cause 2 / Torchlight 2


Thanks to OwenTheAwesomer for the signature =)
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Dec 25th, 2013
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Server: EU
Ingame Nick: Tuingu
Summoner lvl: 30
Number of won games: 5 (Bronze I)
Number of champions owned: 17
Runebook setups you use: Defensiv

Time I usually play: Around 7-9 pm CET
What you look for and what you can give: I'm looking for a Clan or a Team, with whom i can start playing professional. Also a german speaking team/clan would be nice :)
My main role would be Support, Mid or Jungle. :D
Stomples's Forum Avatar
Dec 31st, 2013
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Server: NA
IGN: DrakaFiros
Level: 23
Won: 54 (obviously none ranked lol)
Best Champs: Sona, Sivir, Taric. These are all i perfectly understand right now.
Champs owned: 18
Play Time: 11pm GMT -5 to 7am at latest

What I Want and What I Can Offer: I just want at least 2 people to consistently play with, a full team if possible. i fully understand how to support, Sona being my best, but i'd like to learn all roles so i can stay diverse and let everyone play what they want. Im also very level headed and i dont flip my **** if we start losing, im having fun regardless, so thats a nice plus :P
The Real Grimlai
The Real Grimlai's Forum Avatar
Nov 12th, 2013
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep January 9, 2014 2:48pm | Report
Server: US
Your Ingame Nick: The Real Grimlai
Your Summoner lvl: 20
Number of won games. Normal and ranked: 0 (I've only played the one PvP game
Your Ranked ELO: N/A
Champions you play best (MAX 5) 1: Morgana, 2: Tristana, 3: Kennen 4: Amumu 5: Veigar
Number of champions owned:23
Runebook setups you use: Armor Seals, AD marks, AD quints, M.Resist glyphs. Page 2: M. Pen Marks, Armor seals, AP glyphs, AP quints

Additional: I can only play after 9:00 PM, EST.
I have champions for all roles, but my favorite two roles are Jungle and APC.
HarleyQuinn84's Forum Avatar
Jan 11th, 2014
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Hi guys! My name is Cammie, and I am new to LoL, but very serious about getting into the competition aspect. I believe myself to be an above average player, and am looking for people who are also good at the game, who are team players, and fun to win the matches with. I want to get a team together that will be a force to be reckoned with. A good core group of players. I am ambitious about this and can play almost anytime, so please, serious players only need contact me. Let's become some of the best!

Server: US
Ingame Name: HarleyQuinn84
Summoner lvl.18
Number of won games: Normal-50 None ranked yet.
Champions I play best: Lux, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Annie so far. Getting into more as we speak....
I am best assisting with Lux, and dealing high dmg with Jinx. I can do either as support or hold mid.
Number of champions owned: 8. I know I need 15 before I can do ranked.

I am in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)in the mid-west NA server. I can usually play whenever, given a little notice. I am very flexible because I would really like to pursue the pro aspect further.
I am looking for a team that communicates and where everybody works together. Good sportsmanship is a must. I like funny, friendly, open people. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor and sometimes swear like a trucker for being a lady, but I always get along with everyone. I am serious about an amazing team if you are. Feel free to message me with any questions or just to say hi. :)
Loar's Forum Avatar
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Jan 27th, 2013
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Summoner lvl 30
Main support : Thresh - Nami - Leona - Lulu - Taric
44 champs owned
I use AP damage support, AD tank support mostly, then AP mid, Tank top, damage top.

I usually play from 7pm to 10pm, but in one week, i'll play even more late.

I am actually looking for 3 guys who would like to create a team with me an my APC premade ^^ As i'm support, i'm willing to find an ADC with who i could work on the synergy and gameplay. My english is far from the best, but i think i'm understandable, that's why i'm enthusiastic about meeting foreign people.
I'm a calm person, i love to time dragon, go for objectives and maintain pressure on lanes, i LOOOVE to dive and i'd like to slap all the "omg we are so losing" at 5:00 minutes guys. If you wanna make your gameplay grow up and work on a team with us, please mp me or ad me in EUW !

May the Lag be far from you guys
More souls ! Mooooore souuuuuls !!
Gonna catch 'em all !

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