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Team eXe LoL division is now recruiting!

Creator: DarkAshy June 27, 2011 4:35pm
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Jun 27th, 2011
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Team eXe is currently recruiting!
Here at eXe, we welcome players of all skills and abilities, from lvl 1s to high ELO players.

We provide many dynamic features to ensure that everyone has the easiest time achieving their goals:

[ Competitive Teams ]
This is the place the most determined and skilled will want to end up. The Competitive Team competes in clan wars and tournaments weekly, both internally and in leagues.

[ Casual & Focused Teams ]
Our casual teams are composed of about equally skilled and likeminded players. The primary goal of these teams is to help you improve your game and have fun with friends, all in an atmosphere free of the stress and obligations of being a perfect player. On the other hand, there are those Teams that cater for individuals that strive for perfection, and we fulfill their needs as well.

[ Secure Forums ]
Visited by hundreds every day, our forums are the cornerstone of our community. Keeping the Teams united, not only amongst varying skills, but across regions as well. Coordinating practices is just one function that the forums fulfill: Tournament planning and discussion as well as character specific builds and playstyles.

[ Teamspeak 3 ]
We maintain a 500 client Teamspeak server. This is to provide reliable, consistent, immediate communication to the entire team. It is most importantly used for scheduled Practices though. It's constantly active with members playing in-house games, as well as normal and ranked games. We have found it to be an invaluable service, and as such we now list active members straight on the home page.

[ Tournaments ]
We will be running weekly in-house tournaments as well. Team vs Team internal battles are some of the most entertaining, as rivalry's form in the spirit of fun and good games.

Essentially what it boils down to is a Community based on improvement through comradeship.



-Be over the age of 16. As we are trying to maintain a mature background, this is our cutoff point. Exceptions can be made however, if deemed acceptable.

-Microphone for communication on TeamSpeak
We communicate with each other in regular premades and practices using voice communication so that we can focus on playing and practicing without interruption. It also helps to develop a more personal relationship with the members in your team, which results in a much closer community and a more rewarding experience. At the minimalistic sum of $5 in most country's for something that will do the job, we think it's an acceptable demand from us, especially given how much it benefits you.

- Ability to attend practices
EU members: Sundays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays 8pm GMT
Everyone is here to make friends and improve their game play, and we believe practices are one of the best ways to do it. They are also used to improve on things that you are having problems with in-game, so being able to attend both sessions every week is a must. We do understand though that life does come first and we can make accommodations to match your needs on an individual basis.

- Willingness to talk, make friends, and contribute to our community!
We want people who we can talk to, have a laugh with, and play games with. We also want people who contribute on our forums and add to our community. We strive to build a strong foundation that gamers of all kinds can be a part of. If you want you can even go above and beyond by joining the tournament organizers or become Team Staff.

[ Becoming a member ]
Registration form:

[ Additional info ]
eXe's home page:

Contact Info:


We look forward to hearing from you!

~~ Team eXe ~~
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Jul 29th, 2010
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Moved to Matchmaking :)

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