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US casual player looking for team/clan/guild

Creator: Tripper6656 April 6, 2012 6:08pm
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Mar 16th, 2012
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I think of myself as skilled. I can take multiple roles on a team. These are the champs I am good at. I can tank Udyr or Volibear. I am a great ranged Teemo, and getting better at Annie and Veigar. I am pretty good as Lulu and Heimerdinger. I can also play Master Yi if requested. I also am working on other champs but the champs I mentioned are the ones that I am exceptionally good at.

My Wins to Loses ratio do not compliment my actual skill because I have been stuck with many trolls and noobs of those sorts.
I am a team player, very sociable and can be trusted.
I generally am available on weekend and sometimes on at around 7 on weekdays. This is Central Time.
I am looking to do competitive in the future but right now I just need a team to help me get better and some people to actually play with.
I play on the US server.
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