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Crossfire's journey to get gold in a month.

Creator: crossfire September 16, 2012 7:02pm
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Apr 6th, 2012
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Once the new elo rankings were announced I finally got the motivation to actually get gold, or at least silver.
I wish: 1550

Good game all-around, I was duoing with my friend. Was first pick so I banned Shen, Karthus, and Naut. The enemy team didn't ban morg so I got her :D TBH I was kind of concerned at the beggining of the game. Bot wasn't doing well and noc refused to gank. Mid was just a farm fest. Both me and vlad didn't have the damage to kill each other. We absolutely raped in mid game. Noc got Jax fed it was all over for the enemy team. My CC on top of Jax and Nocturne's damage was ridiculous.

Another game where we tore **** up. I had first pick, again. No one on my team wanted to support, so, being the great guy I am, I chose to support. They enemy team comp baffled me. They had Ashe, temmo bot, splitting cs. Ashe seemed to have connection issues and ended up afk at her turret half the time. My CC just stomped all over bot getting varus incredibly fed. However... Malzahar and Garen weren't doing to best. Our jungler wasn't a complete idiot and actually went and ganked those lanes fixing the problem. We got the nexus at a little more than 20 minutes. Who said supports can't carry games?
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