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Creator: bculps September 14, 2012 12:02pm
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Sep 11th, 2012
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I love when you start a game out with lots of kills completely shutting down their mid and end game have 16+ kills and still lose because you are with a team of morons. NO matter how good you are playing you still lose elo and go lower and lower and lower because of the people you are paired with, and you cant do anything about it.
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Oct 25th, 2011
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I agree that sometimes the community can be lacking any common sense, brains, or hands but that doesn't inherently mean that "elo hell" exists. The probability that you get a game with neutral - successful players is much higher than the probability that you get players less than neutral - horrible.

Personally i find that ignoring peoples quirks and misconceptions about the game and just playing a strength pick in a strength lane helps a ton. Although often times you have to access the mental faculties of your teammates and from that determine if you can pick something to help them.

For example you will often find something like a top teemo and a mid kassadin on the same team. That creates quite a great issue early/mid/late game was to how to fight. Unless your team is handedly winning you NEED an initiate. Picking cho/malph/galio/amumu in jungle or support fashion may be essential picks. This kind of thinking may be more useful to you. However like I said you have to weight their capacity to understand their champs and picks.

I've had games with trolls who sat at nexus from lvl 1 on, games with all 4 players intentionally dc'ed, games where players have forcibly locked in 5 mids, all junglers or all adc's because they can't play anything else, and I've even had perfect games where everything seems great, picks and the whole shabang. Then you go into initiate as Galio. Flash + Ult combo, trap the entire team chunking half their health and nobody moves a muscle. They all claim you suicided even though you ping, type, and re ping your actions.

Bottom line is you have to take games with a grain of sand. The average percent to win / lose ratio is like 58 - 42% so you will climb out slowly if you don't duo. But remember you will equalize to your skill eventually.
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Jun 24th, 2011
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Sorry but there is no such thing as elo hell, though it is true that some games are unwinnable at times because of teammate's mistakes.
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Mar 28th, 2011
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As a 1050 player, just play better, you'll win.
Tri lane for life.
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Apr 7th, 2012
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Sorry about my language here, but talks about wether there is ELO hell or not are ********.
I also not a while ago spoke and wrote of ELO hell and imo people who think they are in one, belong in there.

Nobody can say that there is no ELO hell, ELO hell is in ones mind. It generally just represents the stuff Vavena mentioned. It represents a stage where you have possibility to have teammate(s) who don't care about how they are doing = Feed or AFK for example.

ELO hell is like a opinion and you can't change others opinions by denying their opinion. In this case saying that ELO hell doesn't exist.

I'm not the most convincing one to say anything about this, because I also thought that I was in ELO hell, but in fact, I wasn't playing smart and I know I still don't do stuff that are best for team-wise like in my champion picks.

"A person giving you advice isn't perfect and has their own shortcomings but they may give you the piece that you're missing."

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