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League Of Legends Championship Series Summer...

Creator: thecakemonsterst April 7, 2013 6:25am
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May 18th, 2012
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Hey guys,

We are in the week 8 of LCS, 2 more to go. I am trying to get some solid information on the following European LCS Summer edition tho, especially timeline.

1) Do you guys have any knowledge on that (European LCS Summer), any specific dates for it?
2) What about the start of qualifiers for European LCS Summer, when does it start/ finish (date month)?
3) Which teams are capable of playing (I mean, is it invite only or everyone can try to compete?)
4) Does current European TOP8 also has to take part in qualifications or maybe only a few of them is granted the paricipation?
5) What sources/ webpages are worth following to get all these info as soon as it's a public knowledge?
6) What were the dates and general timeline a year ago? Cannot get info on this, leaguewiki also doesn't help.
7) If there is any additional info worth sharing, I am looking forward reading it!

Thanks a lot! I will now be able to plan a few days off from work for this. Enjoy your weekend!

Best, K.

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