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OTG's Ranked Evolution 3: Revenge of the Brobot.

Creator: OTGBionicArm January 18, 2014 11:47pm
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Jan 8th, 2012
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Game 92:

"Nobody understands me... they called my work a hack job!

Game Summary:

Gragas didn't read that Morgana called mid, and so Morg was forced bot. Wukong, being the white knight that was, decided to flame Gragas and deny him help the entire game. He also threatened to leave because Game of Thrones was on. He was mad salty.

Anyway, hilarity aside. Riven tried and failed to bully me, ended up with her being 1/4th health while I was at a comfortable 75%. Outplayed her by Flashing behind her as she E'd forward into W. having missed her combo, she ate a QE and toggle W proc to death for first blood. After this she tried a different tactic.

She called Elise for help, only for me to get a double kill. After that it was pretty steamrolly. Though, Wukong didnt feel like helping at times we did lose a few fights. Game ended with a massive zerg at their mid turret where we only lost my passive and won the game.


1. I didn't lose my passive for the entirety of laning phase. My first death was a straight face tank in a teamfight in the jungle by their mid turret. I was balls deep with no hopes of escape, so I just accepted it. I was the only casualty. AATROX IS DEAD.

2. Second death was entirely my bad, I didn't realize that Wukong wasn't with us when Morgana caught Ashe with a snare under turret. Obviously they ditched me and let me pay for my mistake. :3

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