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Skid explores all tiers and all divisions, come...

Creator: SkidmarkD January 27, 2014 2:00pm
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Mar 27th, 2013
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Playing very little ranked.
Due to constant chat bans. (hehehe)
And sum personal stuff.
But do try to keep it active so I don't decay.

Go into lane with enemy laners already pushing.
We pushed em all the way to their tower and that's where they stayed until laning phase was over.

Mistakes made by me during laning phase:
- Got too eager for the kill. I've recognized this as an issue in all lanes, usually getting me killed. Had to blow my Flash to get out alive. On the upside, forced a Flash from Twitch. But still feel it was a mistake.
- Wasted 3 HP pots. Not that big deal you'd think, but it did result in 2 forced backs because I was too low.
- Died and let a teammate die because I didn't use my speed increase active. I guess I'm still in the progress of learning to use all my actives.

Mistakes midgame:
- Facechecked a bush, while my lantern was up. Resulted in a death.

I used to dislike Thresh. Can't play him for some reason. For some reason, this game went better.
Learned a few nice tricks though. Things that'll help me come to like this champ.
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