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WildTurtle Replacing Chaox as Starter on TSM

Creator: TheBlueReaper March 26, 2013 4:48am
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Oct 18th, 2012
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After many hours of debate and much consideration, the management of SoloMid has decided to replace Chaox with WildTurtle on a permanent basis. We are extremely grateful to Chaox for all he has contributed over the last two years and it is with a heavy heart that we bid him goodbye. The accomplishments TSM achieved with Chaox on the team will be remembered for as long as people play League of Legends. WildTurtle will be the AD carry for TSM from this week onwards. We are confident this change will be a positive one in the long run; TSM have their eyes firmly on the top of the podium.

For interviews and behind the scenes footage showing the road to this outcome watch this week’s episode of GameCrib.

Thanks to jhoijhoi , TinyStar , Minho, Hogopogo , TheNamelessBard and GMD for the sigs!
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Aug 14th, 2012
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Mod locked my thread cause this one was already made. Excuse my laziness which in this case caused me not to see that there was already a similar thread. I'll just re-post what I said in mine.

In my opinion (as a fan of TSM) he did deserve what happened to him..but..I still like him as a player and it's sad to see him go. Good guy Dyrus really treasures him as a friend! :(

Farewell Chaox! Thanks for being a part of TSM! Here's a song in honor of Chaox's time in TSM and him leaving the team. Enjoy!

P.S - After watching his goodbye with Dyrus in the new Gamecrib Episode I have to ask. Do you guys have a friend like that that you met through Laugue? If you were on the same team with him and he gets kicked off the team and has to go away would you be sad to see him go and would you cry? (If Dyrus did then I'm betting everyone would do it too if they felt like doing it)

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