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Another 'what should I pick' post... Or is it?

Creator: Dypheus April 23, 2012 5:08pm

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Dec 29th, 2011
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@Thread title : Nope, its a 'what should I pick' post.

Anyway @topic.

I want to brighten my horizon regarding AP mid champs as I find that I don't have mastererd enough AP mids to counter certain champs in mid-lane.

I gathered 6300 ip and i'm like struggling for 2 days what champ I should buy, offcourse some find this immoral to ask what champ to buy, but i'm not a leader but a follower.

Here is the status so far:

ATM I have some AP mid champs which i'm decent to good at, either way confident enough to use them in ranked games:

Swain (Though I rarely pick him as I don't really see a oppertunity where he could shine)
Malzahar (Sitational pick if i'm against Morde or Morgana).
Vladimir (He is my weakest, but because he is easy to play i'm confident enough with him to play ranked)

So what in your guys opinion do I miss in my AP mid champs pool because I couldn't really figure that out on myself.

I was considering Fizz or Brand but when I got in the store I saw also other champions which gave me interest and it blew my mind ... like a hurricane.

Anyway I agreed to myself that I should pick a AP mid according to my weakness at the moment in my AP mid pool.

So could you guys help me with that? (Also if you happen to be on Mobafire team 3, maybe consider suggesting a champ esspecially).

Also a quick list of champs I have but not enough mastered:

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Feb 16th, 2012
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Xerath and Mord are both good situationals. Another couple of champs you might want to look at are Gallio, Ziggs, Veigar. Gallio is just an all around AP counter because of his passive mres booster, and has good tankyness and CC for late game. Ziggs has insane range if you are good at stillshots and can snowball out of control, plus a nearly global ult, And veigar is simply the AP hunter. ANYONE that uses ANY AP is in serious danger of being nuked from 100%-0% by veigar in about 2 seconds. Plus high burst damage to ANYONE with or without ap, plus large AOE stun, just great team utility and damage wrapped up in one evil little package. SO, to sum it up. When you want the enemy to never have a chance of killing you and your team just needs another tank, go Gallio. If you are great with skillshots and love to giggle like a madman and blow **** up, get Ziggs. If you like doing massive damage and offering alot of utility to a team while being totally evil in the process, go Veigar. Haz Fun!

Hope this Helped!
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Dec 19th, 2010
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Hey Dypheus, as a common reminder, any kind of "what champion should I pick" posts belong in the stickied thread which is why it was stickied:
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