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Jun 2nd, 2011
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Sep 3rd, 2011


Just your ordinary college graduate... or maybe not. Pretty active social life, with a lot of extracurriculars.
I guess you wouldn't expect me to be as much of an avid gamer as I am.

For those Curious I'm a Business: Management Major, with a Minor in Communications.
Looking to hopefully break into the gaming/technology business one way or another, this was the best path for me, and one that I enjoy.

I've started a Fraternity chapter. I ran a college video gaming club, was on the school's Budget and Finance committee (distributes $1.4 million throughout the college once per year, as well as any budget requests from clubs/organizations over $1000) and quite a few other things that would make a very long list here.

Little background of me+MOBA:
To be honest, I hated DotA. Community was terrible, there was no way to learn the game unless you played against others who have much, much, more experience than you, and there were too many anti-fun qualities for new players it just turned me away. LoL gave me a proper introduction to the genre. It didn't try to make a direct copy of DotA like HoN did, it was made distinctive enough from it to make it it's own game. LoL gave me a setting that I was able to play against others of similar skill level and game knowledge, and allowed me to use my own personal learning style (the ability to pick up on things quickly if "shown" how to do something) to climb in skill level rather quickly. Now that I understand the basics of, and how MOBA works, I'd probably be able to play just about any MOBA and get the gist of it pretty quick.