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Best carry and support combinations for bottom...

Creator: Annabelle July 20, 2012 5:42pm
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Mar 4th, 2012
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Which characters do you think synchronize well together, forgetting about the players skill.
Personally, some favorite combinations of mine are.

Ashe and Janna. Lots of cc, slows, a knockup, push back and stun.

Vayne and Alistar. Pulverize, headbut, then Vayne blasts into a wall. Gg.

Tristana and Sona. Tristana has an escape ability, so Sona doesn't have to worry TOO much about lacking CC. However, her healing sustain is amazing for Tristana, and Sona's Q + powerchord compliments Tristana's ability for not having a good harass such as Volley. Not to mention Sona's stun and Tristana's slow is gg for bottom lane.

Ezreal and Soraka. Again, great sustain for Ez, and she doesn't have to worry about her terrible lack of CC too much because of his escaping ability, but supplying Ez with endless amounts of mana allows him to spam his Q which hurts.

Vayne and Lulu. Vayne's Q, and E combo with Lulu's Q and E is just painful! Then including the slow, knockup, shielding, and pew pew from Vayne is just OP.

What are some of yours? Don't hesitate to mention ones I've already touched upon.
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Jan 18th, 2012
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사랑은 장님이다. | ความงามในความแข็งแรง. | 愛は治療です.
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Oct 25th, 2011
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Janna- Draven is good. The early Spinning Axe harass is absolutely crazy. Very good kiting power and decent CC for jungle ganks. Definitely one of my favourite not full-aggressive lanes.

Varus- Lulu is another good one that wasn't mentioned yet. Mostly due to the good poke. Also, Lulu's movespeed bonus is a good complement to Varus's no escapes and his Blighted Quiver scales off AP that the MS bonus also gives. Also, very decent CC for ganks.

Mmm, everyone knows about the infamous Graves- Soraka infinite sustain uber-tanky lane. I hope no need for explanation here.

Taric- Vayne. I have no idea why I don't see it anymore. Still one of the greatest lanes. The armor reduction lets Vayne absolutely rip apart the enemy under focus. Also, double AD steroid.
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Jul 20th, 2012
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Leona and Graves
Amazing combo. Enough said.

Sivir and Taric
One of my favs, idk why.

Blitzcrank and Ashe
Pull + knock up + slow + arrow = pentakillz all, day er day.

Really though, any lane with Leona or Alistar as support is great (imo).
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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The best kill lane i have found is to combine Maokai with either Ezreal or Tristana. Amazing kill lane, assuming the mao is running tanky AP.
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Apr 5th, 2012
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Blitzcrank can go well with many, provided he has good chances to Rocket Grab. I don't think the problem is who is he good with, rather what is he bad against. Nidalee comes to mind.
However, I like having Ashe (safe laner), Graves (tanky+burst) or Vayne (MOAR CC) by my side.

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Nov 7th, 2010
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Leona + Tristana - Possibly the best kill lane, can dunk people at level 2. You can have a similar lane with Ezreal / Corki

Taric + Tristana - Same idea

Janna + Draven - Draven's harass is so good and easy, Janna adds more damage to it and makes it hard to trade with him because of the shield

Soraka + Corki - Corki is very mana hungry, he can harass so easily with Soraka. It also makes it really hard to win against him past level 5/6 because of the armor buff Soraka gives combined with Corki's crazy damage, the other ad will almost certainly die first
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Mar 21st, 2012
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Aside from what's been mentioned, I like Nunu+ Draven: MS bonus makes Draven land easy Q's, nice cc and AoE damage, Nunu's E let's Draven land around 2 Q's, which is a lot of damage.

There's also Karma + Graves/ Corki for a lot of burst (move in, karma shields with mantra for AoE damage, speeds up to reduce damage retorts.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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I like Graves + Taric, really aggressive lane
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Jun 15th, 2011
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Miss Fortune works great with any aggressive lane partner. Blitzcrank, Alistar, Taric come to mind.
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