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Fairy Paradise Bard

Creator: February March 9, 2023 1:50am
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Mar 9th, 2023
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Just letting Riot know that there is a market for an ultimate Fairy Order Bard skin. See concept below:

The idea is that everything about this skin has subtle details which depend on the location of the map. Bard itself is supposed to be like a flying fairy paradise and there are always fairies (local to the map location) flying around him, so for example in the river it would be blue fairies and in a bush it would be green, could also depend on elemental drake.

And then there are similar things for all the abilities.

Passive - Chimes could be magical seeds or maybe crystals with designs corresponding tho the locations and the meeps would be bigger fairies which also depend on the location you got them in, so you can have multiple colors!

Q - The Stun could probably be just a fancy animation maybe a subtle color difference depending on location.

W - The heal would be local magical plants that are raised by local fairies and once the heal is completed the fairies fly away.

E - The Portal is a portal to the fairy realm where the local fairies invite you to go in and then carry you to the other side.

R - And the ult is obviously a glimpse of the fairy realm where the local fairies keep everybody in trance.

There is also great potential for secrets, like maybe there is a rare fairy that only appears in the alcove sometimes, stuff like that.

Let me know what you think! I was just hyped when I saw the Karma skin and Bard I think is such and obvious member of that line and he deserves a great skin like that. Also I think Bard is the champion with the most potential for this type of location dependent effects.

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