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Question about rules.

Creator: moorer February 3, 2018 6:10pm
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Jul 16th, 2013
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Hey guys, I don't want to get in trouble or anything for spamming. So I am going to ask here before I even put anything up link wise. I've been working on a simple project for LoL players, there are no ads or anything that I will benefit off of, it's simply a website for players who would like to find out who carried them. Would this be against all rules or is there some way to go about it without being labeled and spammer and all that? I created a program called LoLSkinView, which I won't post the link, years ago... Took forever to get up off the ground, but eventually grew to be very popular.
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Jun 8th, 2018
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Hello) you're right. I myself often come across links of spammers. I went to your resource, but why did they miss a site I'm not opposed to sites for students. Maybe you, too.
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Nov 18th, 2011
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@ brendakshi It's easy to miss out a blog, guide or forum post or two because so many ads pop up. If you see a spam post, reporting it is a lot of help to the mods/admins. PaperOwl was simply missed, it's not allowed to be here.

@ moorer As far as your question goes, moorer, as long as you only post one thread and it's not an illegal site or irrelevant to league or both (elo boosting, essay writing, account selling/purchase etc), then you may post a thread in the appropriate subforum :)
Ninja Trigger
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Jul 12th, 2012
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You can also embed a link to your social media or other sites as well in your signature as long as it matches Mobafire terms of service, so every time you post in the forums you are effectively advertising but not spamming

An example guide advertising goes something like Be sure to check out my favorite guide for Ashe in each of your signatures is generally okay, I don't have my own guide so I'm not sure that advertising other peoples guides is 100% kosher but eh it's an just example.

But just saying something like "want to know how well your doing compared to your team mates make sure to check out insert site here

You can also get fancy by having a banner made and making it so when someone clicks on it, it takes them to your site, You can read more about signatures in the Artists Corner section of the site, as well as rules and tutorials or just be lazy and request one from someone to make one for you, and just copy and paste the code into your signature section in your user profile, and boom done.

Hope this helps you out (^_^")

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