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The State of this Site

Creator: FatelBlade February 15, 2019 8:23pm
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Jan 5th, 2012
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This website is mainly a guide site, with a forum attached. The forums are dead, and the guide sections is ****. Many guides are ****, gaining an "In-Depth" tag for what I would consider a trash guide that has no depth at all. They do this so that they can embed their stream at the top and feel like they actually have viewers when in fact their streams are as bad as their guides. This website used to have an image of "****ty bronze guides" but at least those guides had depth. You weren't reading a guide by a wanna-be, you were reading a guide by some guy with hundreds of games on the champion, someone who knew the intricacies of their champion and was able to teach anyone something new. This site sucks now, needs major fixes.

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Jan 9th, 2015
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Definitely does seem kind of cricketty on the boards. Guide wise it is kind of a **** shoot. I've kind of always treated them as a baseline for understanding a champion. Sometimes I find nuggets like hey did you know you can cancel the hop that that Tristana does after Explosive Charge by immediately inputting an attack command. Psi's guides have some decent information on theory of jungling at a basic level, but you probably aren't going to find "hey did you know a double ranged lane pushes faster than a ranged + melee range lane, so level 3 might be a good time to gank the double ranged lane." in one of the guides, and effective use of your time and being in the right place at the the right time are massive for jungling.

I definitely feel that there is something to be gained from well written champion guides, but taking that and putting it together with other aspects of the game such as was done in the UNSWLoLSoc Video series has been overall the most helpful to me. That and some really good breakdowns of ideas and situations, of which xFSN Saber probably is the best at that I am currently aware of at least for the ADC role.

Do you think the active discussions have all moved to Discord?

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