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U.GG vs OP.GG Tierlists

Creator: oguzkaan78 July 6, 2023 1:48pm
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May 3rd, 2022
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If there is a friend who knows the meta right now, can he tell which of these two applications has a more consistent tierlist?
(One is and the other is
I used to use Blitz, porofessor, etc. but these two attracted me more, to be honest, I use porofessor only for spell tracking now.
It is very good that gives detailed wrs to runes, skills and items separately.

Photos have top and mid tier lists
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Apr 26th, 2017
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Honestly, I am very convinced they are pretty much the same. I mean sure, there are some very slight differences in the metrics, but the results are almost identical. And when they are not, it's usually so close that it doesn't even matter anymore. Sometimes will be closer to the truth, and sometimes it's going to be I personally prefer to use because it is a bit more colorful, comprehensible, and features it in an easier-to-read way. It also features winrate for every single rune in the game, which I really really really like, it tells you what the pros are building, and it features winrate for every item at every item slot.

This is extremely important, and does this totally wrong as tells you the general winrate of every item overall. But Kraken Slayer on Quinn most definitely won't have the same winrate if you buy it as your first item and if you buy it as your last item. The logic says that the last few items will naturally have very high winrates. Why? Because teams that got far enough in-game to buy their 6th item are very likely winning, which is how they got that far. Stat-based websites that don't put item slots in their statistics-systems are naturally inclined to totally item off-winrates.

Look at this image for example. Notice that Bloodthirster is apparently the highest winrate item for Quinn - 61%, must be insane right? Well, Bloodthirster is the most expensive item in the game, and it's naturally considered a finisher item for most champions that build it - meaning people mostly buy it as their final item, indicating that if you get far enough in the game to get that item, you are probably already winning - hence the absurdly high winrate. The low buy-rate of this item confirms this theory.

So yeah that's why I personally prefer However, my point still stands - it doesn't matter. These websites are only a matter of preference and I recommend you to use the one you are more comfortable with. It's not like these stats matter all that much anyway, you can pick up a 52% winrate champion and lose several games in a row with it while picking a 48% winrate champion and getting a winning streak. Because these websites provide objective data in a game that is everything, BUT objective :D You are your own person, with your own set of skills, and that's how it should be :D

Geeeez this was one hell of an essay XD
I'm sorry you had to read all this - I must definitely am not fixing grammar mistakes here - I'm too lazy - sorry :D
Have a ravishing day and good luck on the rift <3

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