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Anivia Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Support Seven Wonders

Support Seven Wonders

Updated on April 8, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 19 2 37,921 Views 10 Comments
19 2 37,921 Views 10 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Anivia Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on April 8, 2024
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Runes: Offensive

1 2 3 4
Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Ingenious Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Seven Wonders

By Tauricus2017

Greetings summoner! Welcome to Seven Wonders. A guide about support Anivia. Under usual circumstances, playing Anivia support is considered a horrible troll pick that can "never work" and we should "play normal supports instead". Well, today I'd like to convince you otherwise <3

This guide features all I know about this pick. All tricks, combos, mechanics, runes, items,... - everything is here. So get yourself some snacks, a tasty drink, and make yourself comfortable because we have a champion to learn!

The color combination used for this guide is blue & red based on one of my favorite Anivia skins, Team Spirit Anivia . In case you are asking who the hell would dare to write a guide in such a difficult & aggressive & just terrible color scheme? Well, the answer is me XD I cleerly not hev brain

Page down the entire guide to prevent glitches <3

My name is FloweyWave (or Tauricus here on Mobafire). I am 21 yo wooden elo trashbag from the Czech Republic. I have been playing League of Legends since the very end of season 6 and I still play to this day. I am an off-meta support main. I am always trying to have fun in LoL and encouraging others around me to do the very same, even If it might cost them their ELO. I dislike toxicity or any kind of offensive behavior. In my free time, I am writing guides on Mobafire, doing random stuff in photoshop, or playing card games with my family.

The first time I ever played support Anivia was at the very beginning of season 11. At that time I was experimenting with different champions on the support role, but only very few champions managed to perform so well as Anivia. I love my frosty birb with all my heart <3


Does your team need some good old-fashioned hyper-aggression? Well good for you because with Anivia, the laning phase is gonna get wild. High damage output via Frostbite, deadly combos, and exceptionally strong early game make Anivia a force to not be reckoned with!

Does your team need crowd control? Someone who can set up kills and prevent your enemies from ever moving? Anivia's got your back. She has a 1.5-second stun on her Flash Frost, an impassable wall on her W, and an R capable of slowing enemies for eternity!

Does your team just need someone to carry and win all teamfights? Well with Anivia you have a source of never-ending AOE damage and Crystallize that can cut the enemy team in half, zone them wherever you want, or totally prevent flankers from ever reaching your carries!

+ High Damage
+ A Lot of CC
+ Queen of Teamfights
+ Versatile
+ Unpredictable

support Anivia is a powerful lane bully who can constantly apply heavy pressure in the early game, snowballing insanely fast into the mid and late game. Her level 2-5 trading can not be matched on bot lane. Her kit features a lot of room for fun and trickery. She can provide her team with a lot of CC and she shines bright during teamfights. Anivia also works well against most classes and can counter-item any of them with ease.
- Sucks against Enchanters
- Very Squishy
- Skillshot Reliant
- No Escape Ability
- Allies Will Flame You

support Anivia is very hard to master. Correct positioning of Glacial Storm is crucial, landing your Flash Frost can make a difference whether you kill your enemy or die, Crystallize can lose you the game if used wrong during a teamfight. Anivia has no dash or shield ability to protect herself. If you misposition - you die. Last but not least the general off-meta status of this pick will often make your teammates very salty and toxic.



INNATE: Periodically, upon taking fatal damage, Anivia enters resurrection for 6 seconds and restores all of her health.

While in resurrection, Anivia is unable to act and gains -40+20 (based on level) bonus armor and bonus magic resistance.

If Anivia remains alive by the end of the duration, she is revived with her current health.

Rebirth is a very oppressive passive ability that makes Anivia a very powerful baiter. By sitting under your turret with low health (and possibly some suprising tool like Flash Frost, Crystallize or Ignite) you can bait your enemies into kill for kill trades that you can then very easily turn around with this ability. This way you can get very (ch)easy kills.

Rebirth also allows Anivia to survive long range poke in teamfights. Usually due to reduced resistences, Rebirth won't really safe you against bruisers, assassins and contact fighters. However against stuff like Final Spark or Ace in the Hole, Rebirth can be absolutely enough to revive you full health and mitigate the poking ability. The reason why this works is that your enemies won't have a chance to pressure you any further. In other words, as long as enemies kill you from afar - they will have very limited ways to stop the Rebirth.

Watch Rebirth cooldown at all times. Keep in mind that without it, Anivia is a very vulnerable champion.



50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 25% AP)
60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 45% AP)
80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 MANA

ACTIVE: Anivia launches a chunk of ice in the target direction that deals magic damage to enemies hit and slows them by 20% − 40% (based on Glacial Storm's Rank) for 3 seconds.

Flash Frost can be recast after while the ice is in flight, and does so automatically at maximum range.

RECAST: The ice shatters, dealing magic damage and stunning nearby enemies for a duration, as well as refreshing the slow.

Flash Frost is Anivia's most important ability. It is essential for strong Electrocute trades as well as stunning enemies that get near. While Flash Frost isn't available Anivia is very very vulnerable to incoming threats and she isn't able to trade effectively. For this reason make sure you don't randomly cast it whenever you can. Save this ability and wait until the time is right.

The ability has long range but the projectile is very slow. For this reason don't really try to cast it on enemies that are further away as they can dodge it very easily.

Hitting Flash Frost can be a difference between life and death and missing will cost you. Try to find a way to secure the hit, either by following on your ally's crowd control or on yours. You can also use Crystallize to knock the enemy into Flash Frost. If the enemy has a way to dodge or mititgate this ability (for example by using Blade Whirl or Hallowed Mist) - bait that ability first!



600 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1000

ACTIVE: Anivia summons a wall of ice at the target location perpendicular to her facing, knocking all units away from it (though not through terrain). The wall lingers as impassable terrain for 5 seconds.

Crystallize is a very underrated ability that is only as useful as is the Anivia player creative.




50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 60% AP)

ACTIVE: Anivia blasts a freezing wind at the target enemy, dealing magic damage.

If the target was hit by Flash Frost or was inside a fully formed Glacial Storm within the last 3 seconds, Frostbite's damage is doubled.

Frostbite is pretty much the main reason why support Anivia is as strong as she is. The damage you do with an empowered Frostbite is absolutely insane and you should abuse it as much as you can through out the game.

In the early game try not to cast this spell very often when it's not empowered. The damage it does is relatively low on it's own and it isn't even worth the mana.


30 / 45 / 60 (+ 12.5% AP)
20 / 30 / 40%
60 MANA + 35 / 45 / 55 PER SECOND

ACTIVE: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail at the target location, dealing magic damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies within and slowing them while inside. Glacial Storm can be recast after 1 second, and does so automatically if Anivia goes too far away from the storm, becomes unable to pay the mana cost, or is affected by any form of interrupting crowd control.

The blizzard increases in size over 1.5 seconds. At maximum size, Glacial Storm's damage is increased by 200% and the effectiveness of its slow is increased by 50%, which also instead lasts 1.5 seconds and refreshes every 0.25 seconds while inside.

RECAST: Anivia deactivates Glacial Storm.

Glacial Storm is an amazing teamfight tool. The damage is pretty damn high, allowing you to absolutely shred enemies in the teamfight.

Use your other abilities to lock enemies inside for as long as possible. Flash Frost can stun them in place for a while and Crystallize can block their path to freedom.

Zhonya's Hourglass works great with Glacial Storm as the stasis form doesn't interrupt Glacial Storm.

Choose the area of Glacial Storm wisely. Keep in mind that it takes time until it fully forms and it has 4 / 3 / 2 second recast cooldown. That might not seem like much but trust me - missing a Glacial Storm can cost you a teamfight.

This ability makes Anivia one of the best Malignance users in the game.

It also procs Solstice Sleigh instantly, without the need to land your Flash Frost.


6 / 11 / 16

2 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

1 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

3 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
> > >

It goes without saying that you want to be maxing your ultimate ability first. At level 1 take Flash Frost and try to hit it to get Manaflow Band stack. Take Frostbite at level 2 so your Q > E > AA combo unlocks. And of course you now want that 1 point in Crystallize. From now on max your Frostbite first as it's your main source of damage in the laning phase. Max Flash Frost second to reduce it's cooldown and increase the stun duration. And max Crystallize last as it doesn't directly contribute to your damage output. Go for this ability order if you plan to play aggressive & offensive. If you want to harass your enemies into their Graves and dominate the lane - this is the ability order for you.


6 / 11 / 16

1 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

3 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

2 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
> > >

Your first 3 levels will progress in the same way as with the previous ability order. However here instead of maxing Frostbite for max damage - we will instead put points into Flash Frost. It's a damaging ability so you should still have a noticeable presence in lane. Second of all max your Crystallize. It's cooldown won't decrease which is a bummer but with each upgrade the wall gets quite a bit wider. At max level, its size matches the size of the river. As for your last ability, you want to max your Frostbite. Damage wise it is a brilliant ability but it lacks any utility. Go for this ability order if you fall behind and don't do any damage anyway. Or perhaps if you just don't want to deal tons of damage and instead bring your team tons of utility? Both ability orders are great - it's up to your preference which one will you pick.


Your go-to summoner spell in every single game. Great when you need to quickly escape your enemies or on the other if you need to get to them. You can use it to make your Flash Frost harder to sidestep or to cast your Crystallize from a greater distance. Flash is just a very important and generally excellent summoner spell that slightly fixes Anivia's main weakness - immobility.


Ignite is also a great summoner spell. It pushes your already high burst damage even further and increases your kill pressure by quite a lot. Helps you get picks on mispositioned enemies and take down squishes. You can also use it to deal with high-healing supports like Soraka or Senna or perhaps high-sustain bruisers. This is great because sustain is pretty much your biggest enemy.

Exhaust isn't as generally good as other summoner spells on this list, but it still has its uses. You see the main problem with Exhaust is that it applies slowness. With stuff like Flash Frost, Glacial Augment, and Glacial Storm your kit is already packed with slows - and as we all know, slows don't stack. Despite that Exhaust is still great if you don't have kill pressure as it can at least offer pretty solid protection. You generally want to cast it on enemy ADC or their most fed champions as they are the ones who deal the most damage. Cool (though kinda known) trick you can do is to Exhaust enemy carry before your Rebirth activates. Chances are that your enemy may not have enough damage to kill you while exhausted.

World Atlas is your starting item as well as your main source of income. Whenever you reach 3 charges, immediately execute a minion to not make them go to waste. Otherwise however, try your best to acquire gold from trades and direct enemy damage for faster upgrade into Runic Compass. Another instance when it's advised to go for minion execute instead is if your ADC is not in a position where they can reach it. That way you prevent them from losing extra gold.

Health Potions are a great way to spend the remaining 100 starting gold. These will help you sustain yourself in lane from enemy attacks as well as freezing the wave. A must-purchese in every single game.

As any champion, vision is your best friend. That is twice as important for a support . You may have seen some support champions take Oracle Lens as their first trinket to apply solid vision advantage at early levels. However, due to the fact that we are running Ghost Poro, applying vision is much more important for us than denying it.

Early purchase of Boots is purely reactive. If the enemy bot lane is skillshot-reliant - buy them as soon as possible. Same when there is a minion wave that you really need to catch in time. However, when there isn't any real reason to rush for them, you will be better off buying Blasting Wand or Catalyst first.

Catalyst of Aeons is not really my favorite starting item. It gives no AP or Ability haste and it's overall just a way more passive and boring alternative to Blasting Wand. However, not all games are going well and not all lanes can be dominated by raw damage. Rush this before Blasting Wand in lanes where you seek to first and foremost survive.

Blasting Wand is a cheaper and more aggressive brother of Catalyst of Aeons. You need both in order to complete Rod of Ages, but only in games where you can control the lane by applying damage and pressure, you want to build Blasting Wand first.

You want to rush this item every single game. It's made of components that can be strategically rushed for either more damage or defense based on the current situation. The completed item is very cheap and affordable, provides good deal of mana which Anivia desperately needs as well as solid combat stats. All these stats grow over time securing us a way stronger midgame presence. It's passive is really strong as it allows you to convert your expensive abilities into self-healing. While at the same time granting us even more mana while taking damage.

Sorcerer's Shoes are the best shoes on the market. Very effective and very strong damage wise. You generally want to buy them in 85% of all your games.

For you to effectively buy Plated Steelcaps, one of two following conditions must be fulfilled: Either there have to be at least 4 AD champions in the enemy team -- OR -- 3 AD champions one of which is a support . When one of those conditions is fulfilled, then you are advised to buy yourself Plated Steelcaps.

Mercury's Treads are great against double CC mage bot lane duos, like Morgana + Lux bot lane. Also works great against 4+ AP team comps. It's a very niche item but it can have its uses.

A very very situational item. It is pretty much only good against very tanky teams (that's because Sorcerer's Shoes provide a flat magic pen - which is inefficient against tanks). You can also buy these boots if you are just barely away from affording Sorcerer's Shoes but you still want to use all your gold.

Solstice Sleigh is your go-to Bounty of Worlds upgrade. You can cast Crystallize or Glacial Storm to instantly proc this effect without the need to land any difficult skill shots. The healing is always cool but more important is the movement speed boost. You can use it to escape ganks or to engage with your Flash Frost. It also empowers your Q-based trading combos by allowing you to back off before enemies strike back. Solstice Sleigh's an ultimate trading item and we love it for that! <3

Celestial Opposition is a defensive anti-burst alternative to Solstice Sleigh. It's not as strong and provides far less utility, so you only want to take it when it's absolutely necessary. However, against enemy teams with lots of assassins and burst-oriented champions, this item can be a lifesaver. It also works quite well with Rebirth considering that enemies will have to spend more resources and abilities to take you down, possibly not having enough damage to interrupt your revival.

Imperial Mandate might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. It after all provides way lower stats when compared to other items. However keep in mind that this is the cheapest item in our entire build, providing solid effects while remaining affordable to our limited support budget. AP, mana regen, and AH are all very welcome and Mandate's passive is easily applied due to our vast arsenal of slowing abilities. The effect itself deals more damage then it might seem scaling with enemies' current health - making this item extra good against more resilient threats.

Malignance is an item that fits Anivia perfectly. Extra mana on top of Rod of Ages is certainly not wasted considering how expensive Glacial Storm is. The item's effect creates a damaging zone when you hit enemies with your R. Since Glacial Storm has literally 3-second cooldown, can hit multiple enemies at once AND slows enemies, forcing them to stand inside the zone for longer - it's no wonder why this item is so good. The zone also reduces target's magic resistance, meaning that if you use R before your other abilities, they will do extra damage. You can even utilize your stuns and walls to lock enemies inside the zone.

Shadowflame is a glass canon burst damage item that works best against very squishy team compositions. It's fairly expensive and provides 0 utility so don't buy it while behind. It's passive if great for executing low-health targets, combined with empowered Frostbite should result in instant kills. This item is also pretty bad against tanks and high-magic-resistance threats.

This item is essential in most support Anivia builds as the last or second last item. It provides a huge burst of raw power allowing you to become a destructive force during teamfights. It's a very powerful item that you want to build in almost every game.

Very situational item. Buy this if you don't feel threatened by anyone in the enemy team, you and your ADC both won lane and you already have at least 8 stacks on your Dark Seal. Keep in mind that in order to get the most out of this item, you have to buy it relatively early (post-mythic is the best time). Sell this item in the late game and buy something more reliable instead (like Rabadon's Deathcap). Keep in mind that Mejai's Soulstealer is a feast or famine item. If you die you lose A LOT of stats and you might as well fall behind. PLAY SAFE!!

Against heavy AD teams, that are packed with aggressive assassins which you keep dying to - always buy Zhonya's Hourglass. The stats on their own are great and the stasis effect can make you invulnerable for 2.5 seconds, giving your allies enough time to possibly save you from danger. The stasis also doesn't cancel your Glacial Storm!

Basically a magic resist alternative to Zhonya's Hourglass. Works great against heavy AP teamcomps with aggressive burst mages and AP assassins. Also works great against long-range teamfight initiating abilities like Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Sleepy Trouble Bubble, or Rocket Grab.

Okay, okay before you burn me at the stake, hear me out. If the enemy team is really just one brutally fed player and the rest are harmless sheep, Anathema's Chains can actually be pretty decent. The reduced tenacity is great as it works great with our heavy CC kit and the reduced damage will often do much more in-game than bonus resistances from Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil would. Of course, this item provides no AP, which is not the end of the world as Anivia's AP scalings are not that high anyway. Meanwhile, ability haste can still be helpful as well as the huge HP bonus from this item. Also, note that Anathema's Chains is extremely cheap. Give this item a chance, guys :D

Void Staff is a great but very situational item. You generally want to buy this as your 5th or 6th item (in the very late game that is). But keep in mind that in order for Void Staff to be effective, the enemy team has to have at least 2 very magic resistance-heavy champions. The more magic resistance there is in the enemy team, the more useful Void Staff will be.

Cryptbloom is an alternative to Void Staff. It provides less AP and magic penetration but on the other hand featured ability haste and cute little passive while remaining cheaper than its voidy sister. Please don't ask me which is better. They are the same picture. It's all a matter of personal preference.

Morellonomicon is your go-to item of choice when up against heavy sustain teams. Many items, runes, and champions get demolished with this item. You generally want to buy Oblivion Orb early and sit on it until the late game. Then you can finally upgrade it into Morellonomicon. Needless to say this item has a great synergy with Liandry's Torment as the grievous wounds effect gets prolonged by the burn damage.

Liandry's Torment is a situational item that you can buy to counter health stacking champions. It's also pretty good against tanks if Void Staff/ Cryptbloom aren't enough. The synergy with Morellonomicon is quite good for extra seconds of anti-healing. Liandry is still a pretty situational item though - don't buy it if you don't have to.

Buy Elixir of Sorcery after you reach the absolute fullbuild. Keep in mind that elixirs instantly consume themselves if you buy them with full inventory, meaning you basically have it as your 7th item slot. Make sure you buy them whenever you get to base from then on.

30 − 180 (BASED ON LEVEL) (+ 25% AP)

PASSIVE: Damaging basic attacks, abilities, item effects, and summoner spells, as well as the application of crowd control and damage over time effects, generate stacks against enemy champions, up to one per attack or cast per champion. Applying 3 stacks to a target within a 3 second period causes them to be struck by lightning after a 0.25-second delay, dealing magic damage.

Electrocute is the central rune of our entire build. The bonus damage it provides is essential for winning trades and applying pressure. Play around this rune to get the most out of support Anivia.

Anivia has only 2 damaging abilities pre-6. That means that in order to proc Electrocute you will need to start thinking about auto attacks a bit differently. Many support s have a tendency to abandon basic attacks entirely, which you as a support Anivia player must never do. Auto attacks are your main way of easily procing Electrocute in the early game so please please use them. Later on, you should have enough mana to use Glacial Storm/ Crystallize as Electrocute procs, but early on you are better of by using auto attacks.

Remember that Anivia can also proc Electrocute with Ignite and Crystallize.

Watch out for Electrocute cooldown. Avoid trading when it isn't ready!

40 − 120 (BASED ON LEVEL) (+ 10% AP)

PASSIVE: Boots gain the active effect PREDATOR.

ACTIVE - PREDATOR: After a 0.25-second cast time, gain bonus movement speed for 10 seconds, ramping up to 60% over 1 second, while moving toward enemy champions within 3000 units. After ramping up, your next damaging basic attack or ability against an enemy champion deals bonus magic damage and ends the effect.

Predator is a roaming-oriented keystone rune that allows you to swiftly move around the map, get to lane faster and/or escape a threat.

Predator should be your keystone rune of choice in situations where the enemy midlaner will have more priority than your midlaner AND the enemy bot lane has a lot of sustain. That's because Electrocute is pointless against high sustain supports and Predator is pointless if you can't reliably roam to midlane. Only when both of those points are checked, Predator becomes a worth keystone rune.

Since Predator synergizes best with item haste and movement speed, either pair it with Relentless Hunter + Celerity to maximize the value of your roaming potential or chain it with Ingenious Hunter + Solstice Sleigh + Zhonya's Hourglass/ Banshee's Veil for some active item wombo combo build.

Make sure the enemy really is in range of Predator before you activate the rune. Remember that it's useless if there isn't an enemy nearby.

The movement speed is still applied if the enemy is in range and out of sight. Use it to scout for hidden enemies and detect their position in a fog of war.

30% (+ 3% per 100 AP)

PASSIVE: Immobilizing an enemy champion will cause 3 glacial rays to emanate from them towards you and other nearby enemy champions, creating icy zones that slow enemies within and reducing their damage against your allies, excluding yourself, for 3 seconds.

Glacial Augment is a utility centered rune that increases your potency during teamfights and provides extra safety to your team.

Glacial Augment should be your keystone rune of choice in situations where you don't have a kill pressure and you won't be able to roam to mid reliably. Then Glacial Augment becomes a keystone rune worth picking.

Since slows don't stack in League of Legends, attempting to proc this rune with Flash Frost is highly inefficient - especially when combined with your ultimate ability. Both of those abilities apply slow on their own already so Glacial Augment effect ends up mostly wasted.

Glacial Augment is guaranteed to create icy lasers behind your enemy - so the efficiency of this rune isn't totally randomized.

What you want to do instead is to proc this rune using Crystallize. Yes, it works - the little knockback from this ability is actually enough to proc Glacial Augment. Use this technique to set up enemies and then follow up with easy Flash Frost into Frostbite for some cheesy kills.

30 - 100 (+ 30% AP)

PASSIVE: Dealing ability damage to an enemy champion hurls an Arcane Comet at their current location that lands after one second, dealing magic damage to enemies in a small area upon impact.

Dealing forms of ability damage reduces the remaining cooldown

Arcane Comet is (similarly to Electrocute) an offensive keystone rune you take in lanes where you have a kill pressure.

Arcane Comet deals +/- twice less damage than Electrocute but it has a twice lower cooldown, meaning that in order to get this rune on level of almighty Electrocute you need to be able to proc it at least twice as more during a team fight.

Arcane Comet is great in lanes where you would get punished for Q > E > AA combo. That's because unlike Electrocute, Arcane Comet doesn't require to attack 3 times to proc it. Just one ability is enough to fire the comet, making this rune much safer to use, especially if you have a hard time making good Electrocute trades.

By casting your abilities into bushes, Arcane Comet can tell you whether there are enemies hiding in there or not. That's a really useful technique, especially because Anivia doesn't have any bush-checking ability on her own.

Arcane Comet can be proced very easily & frequently with Glacial Storm as that ability has no cast time, slows the enemy down, and keeps refreshing Arcane Comet cooldown. Just remember to be safe about it - Glacial Storm's range is quite short.

Very easy to proc as your Flash Frost does 2 instances of damage procing Cheap Shot entirely on its own. The same goes for Glacial Storm that immediately procs cheap shot because of the constant damage application. Cheap Shot is a great rune that synergies with your kit very well and helps you deal as much damage in lane as possible.

Warding is an essential discipline of every good support . Ghost Poro not only does it help you do your job right with prolonged Stealth Ward duration, it also synergizes well with Runic Compass as you basically have the access to unlimited Stealth Ward storage. On top of all of that, this rune provides you with a really cool boost in AP. Allowing you to hit your enemies even harder!

Relentless Hunter is an amazing rune for support Anivia. Since warding often requires you to venture a bit deeper into the jungle , bonus movement speed is always appreciated. It also helps you get to your lane more easily and roam around the map. Just make sure you participate in all the fights to stack this rune as soon as possible.

Ingenious Hunter is a great build-around rune. On its own, it reduces the cooldown of your support-quest item, Solstice Sleigh/ Celestial Opposition. But for the maximum value pair it with items like Imperial Mandate, Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil, Cryptbloom, and maybe even Predator. The more of those items you have, the more value you get. Ingenious Hunter also reduces the cooldown of your trinket which is great for more vision control in the mid to late game.

Anivia is a very very mana-hungry champion and she desperately needs a way to sustain herself throughout the game. Luckily that's why we are running Manaflow Band. A great rune that emphasizes the importance of early trading. Stack it as soon as possible to maximize the effectiveness of this rune. Watch out for its cooldown and trade when it's up.

Celerity is a situational rune that is pretty bad on its own, however, when paired up with other movement-increasing tools like Relentless Hunter, Solstice Sleigh, and Predator, it can quickly become a relevant rune that boosts your movement by quite a high amount.

Very very situational rune but viable against certain high AP team compositions. Works great against ability power-oriented assassins like LeBlanc/ Fizz but also against double support ( Sona + Seraphine) and double AP mage ( Lux + Xerath) bot lanes. As I said, it is very situational, but it shines bright when the time of Nullifying Orb finally arrives.

A simple rune that provides more AP as time goes on. It allows you to remain relevant throughout your suboptimal late-game and it works fairly well with your AP scaling effects and items (including Rabadon's Deathcap).

An alternative option to Manaflow Band. Presence of Mind is a little bit worse against ranged supports, because it is harder to trade with them and keep the mana regen running. With that said, Presence of Mind has a better late game scaling due to its effectiveness during teamfights. It's also great when paired up with Liandry's Torment due to its DOT-synergy. A cool trick with this rune is that if you survive a 2v2 at a bot lane but your ADC didn't, you can instantly utilize the mana you received from this rune to easily shove the minion wave and recall!

A pretty solid damage oriented rune that helps you finish of low health enemies more easily. Works great in more agressive builds, where you can properly utilize its high damage elements like Electrocute. Works best against squishier opponents, not very good against the beefier ones.

Some people consider Biscuit Delivery to be only good in bad matchups where you can restore some lost health back and survive for longer - I disagree. I believe Biscuit Delivery to be good in ALL matchups. In bad ones, it helps you stay alive and in medium/good ones it helps you to dominate lane even harder! Both the health and mana regen allow you to throw in more spells and come out at the top after every trade. It's also very useful in attrition matchups as it allows you to more often win "the waiting game" and force your enemies to recall before you do. Great rune in every situation.

A simple yet useful rune that works best in item-cooldown-oriented builds. The more you have them, the more value Cosmic Insight provides. Zhonya's Hourglass and Imperial Mandate are very much recommended, but Banshee's Veil, Cryptbloom and Predator boots can work too!

Due to te fact that Anivia's kit is packed up with slows and CC, Font of Life is just perfect for a low damage, utility heavy rune build. You can easily proc it on the entire enemy team with just a single Glacial Storm providing minor heals to your entire team. Font of Life is especially great if your team consists of auto-attack oriented champions like Vayne, Bel'Veth, Yasuo or Tryndamere and works even better if you have Glacial Augment. A solid yet very underrated rune that provides a lot of value in specific team compositions.

Great defensive rune that helps you survive your worst matchups. Make sure you only pick it against burst-damage-oriented bot lane duos, as Bone Plating requires you to take many damage instances in a very short time. Champions like Brand, Soraka, Xerath, etc. can easily make this rune effect go to waste by constantly poking you down with just a single ability, effectively making Bone Plating useless.

For rune shards, you want to definitely and always go for 2x Adaptive Force. The bonus AP is really nice as it helps us apply heavier pressure in lane. There is a consideration to go for Attack Speed instead of one Adaptive Force however as a support champion, you won't get to last hit very often, causing you to get reduced value from Attack Speed. Tenacity and Slow Resist and Movement Speed are very suboptimal. For the third rune shard, you want to take Health Scaling into most matchups for your early game is already strong and if anything, you need more HP for the mid-late game.


-AA- Does the combo proc Electrocute?

-AA- Does the combo proc Glacial Augment?

-AA- What's the minimum champion level required to cast this combo?

-AA- How difficult this combo is? (E - Easy | M - Medium | H - Hard)--AAAAAA-
"A red and blue bird made of ice"
~ Created by AI in 2021












❄️ What you need to know about invade
At level 1 the very first thing you need to do is to join your jungler if they decide to invade your side of the map. Invade basically represents a level 1 strategy performed by jungler s and nearby allies, where they as a team attempt to invade enemy blue buff/red buff and steal it for themselves. This can cause a major early game swing for your jungler as they mess up enemy jungler 's pathing, gaining a pretty solid advantage. However, more often than not, enemies will either have some level 1 vision of their camp or they are going to protect it themselves. That's why invades very often end in a massive level 1 battle. And that's why to win that battle and the invade itself, you need a strong level 1 ability to contribute to the fight if it were to happen.

Luckily for you Flash Frost is a brilliant level 1 invade tool as it can apply AOE damage, slow, and stun if it lands. So ping it to notify your allies that you have a pretty solid spell to contribute to the invade with. However, if the fight begins it is important that you use your Flash Frost to the max potential.
At level 1 it has a cooldown of 11 seconds, so you probably won't be able to cast more than 2 Flash Frosts there. And this is where base knowledge of League comes in play. It is important that you know what ability did your enemies and your allies (most likely) take at level 1. For assassins, ADCs and jungler s it usually is pretty clear. Assassins probably took some super weak level 1 poking ability like Razor Shuriken, ADCs probably leveled up some okay long-range tool ( Volley for example) and jungler s took some minor ability to help him deal with the camp. However, support s are really complicated and different types of support s level up different abilities at level 1. Here is a small graph that should give you at least basic overview on what type of ability your opponents & allies probably took and how cautious you gotta be against them during the invade.


❄️ What should I do during an inavde?
Now that you know what abilities your opponents and allies probably have, we can move on to what should you do. The number 1 thing is to keep low profile and stay close to your jungler . If you get too behind the rest of the team, you won't be able to follow up in time. If the battle begins, wait for your allies to use their tools that can help you maximize value of your Flash Frost. If your jungler is Vi for example, it's better to wait for her to stun the enemy with Vault Breaker as it can make your Flash Frost easier to land. On the other hand, if no one on your side of the invade has a good engage tool, then it means that you are the one who has to start it. Be patient and careful, try to utilize the power of surprise and hit this ability from fog of war. Maybe if you are brave enough, you can even Flash forward to make the ability easier to land. Hide in bushes near the camp if possible and strike from there! Focus on either the most vulnerable or the most crowded nearby enemies. If you hit 2 enemies with just a single Flash Frost then that is just as good as if you hit 1 super vulnerable enemy with no escape tools.
❄️ Your invade scared enemies away or they weren't there in the first place
This means all you gotta do is to help your jungler take down the blue/red buff and then head back to lane. Simply leave the camp once it is at 400-500 health. Maybe your jungler may even gank you now that he is in an aggressive ganking position and 1 level ahead of bot lane. Or your jungler will just move on to other monsters - both is good as you gained a small early game advantage either way!

❄️ Your invade was unsuccessful :c
Not the best outcome in the world, let's be real, but sometimes your invades simply won't work out. Try to think about what went wrong there - and by "what went wrong" I mean "What you did wrong". Perhaps you haven't landed your Flash Frost, mispositioned, or underestimated the power of Rocket Grab at level 1. Whatever it was it is important to accept it and learn from that mistake. Invading isn't exactly easy and it takes some trial and error before you properly maximize your level 1 efficiency. Either way, recall if you are still alive but low on resources, sure you arrive late in lane, but it's better to be 1/3 of a level behind than having no mana.

❄️ Leashing
If your jungler wants to clear the buff camp on the bot side, chances are you will have to leash for them. Leashing is an action in which support and the ADC help their jungler take down the first monster on their journey through the game. At level 1 the jungler doesn't have very many ways to clear the jungle safely and quickly so they need your help. It is important that you actually help them instead of ignoring them. I know leashing can be annoying but your jungler needs you. By refusing to help them now, your jungler may refuse to help you later. No need to create new enemies so early in the game. I recommend not wasting your mana on the buff camp though. Flash Frost costs a lot of mana that you will need to gain your first Manaflow Band stack. So just auto attack the camp and let your jungler soak up the damage. Once the camp is below 400-500, get back to lane. You should arrive just in time.

❄️ Not Leashing :D
Sometimes your jungler will want to start their monster path on top side of the jungle. Sometimes they will want to start with raptors or another small camp. Or maybe your jungler is Shaco that doesn't need help with his first camp. Either way one this is for sure. In this game you won't have to leash. So the question now is how can you properly utilize the extra time you were given? Here are 3 main ways. Level 1 cheese, Wave shove and Wave pull.

❄️ Level 1 bush cheese
Level 1 cheese strategy is really good if the state of the game fulfills 3 main requirements. 1) You have a stronger level 1 than the enemy bot lane 2) The enemy bot lane has to leash for their jungler 3) You don't. The strategy in itself is pretty simple. You utilize the time advantage you have over your opponents by hiding in the bush. You wait there until enemy ADC and support return from the leash and you engage on them when they attempt to get to the lane through the bush you are waiting in. Hitting your Flash Frost should be pretty easy as enemies will perhaps not see it coming. This method when used correctly can give you a great early game starting boost. It will cost your enemies a lot of health because since your level 1 is stronger than theirs AND you had a surprise-advantage - you are basically destined to win this. However keep in mind that the bush you should perform this strategy in differs based on what side of the map you are playing on.


❄️ Wave shove
You can use the time advantage you have over the enemy bot lane to shove the lane under their turret. This technique is most useful against ADCs that have a terrible time last hitting under turret like Ezreal. However, make sure that your ADC agrees with it. Many ADC players don't like shoving the lane so early or have a hard time shoving them at just level 1.

❄️ Wave pull
Waayyy more generally efficient method of gaining level 1 advantage than Wave shove. Wave pull is a strategy used for one and only reason, to make the enemy bot lane 1 CS worth of experience behind. The way it works is that you wait in the bot lane bush near the enemy turret. When enemy minions arrive, you taunt their aggro by moving out of the bush and then resetting their old aggro by hiding back in. The more minions you successfully taunt, the more efficient this strategy becomes. Anyway, this will cause enemy minions to lock on a single melee minion, meaning that the minion dies much earlier than the rest. If you did this method right, enemy bot lane will lose that minion before they get back to lane, making them 1 minion worth of gold & experience behind. This means that you reach level 2 powerspike sooner than your enemies, allowing you to execute a great level 2 trade or perhaps even an all in.


❄️ What if enemies "wave-pull" me?
Okay so if you see your enemies wave-pulling at level 1, you have to immediately exit the leash, otherwise you won't make it in time. It's also recommended that while leashing you are positioned as close to your lane as possible. If you are auto attacking the blue/red buff positioned towards your fountain, you won't be able to stop wave-pull at all - not even if you exit the leash immediately.

❄️ Level 1
At level 1 Anivia is pretty useless. You can try to land 1x Flash Frost > AA combo while the opponent last hits the very first wave. Then you do the best if you just poke your enemies down with your auto attacks and your 600 attack range. Do the same thing your ADC does. If they try to shove the wave, help them shove the wave. If they are only last-hitting - don't touch the minions. If possible try to reach level 2 before your enemies.

❄️ Level 2
Level 2 is different based on whether or not you get it before or after your enemies do. If you get it before your enemies, go for a Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA combo - try to utilize the fact that you have more abilities than the enemy duo. On the other hand if you are the one who reaches level 2 second, immediately back off. Why? Remember that your enemies can do the same thing to you. They can abuse their 4 abilities while you have only 2 to fight back.

❄️ Level 3
Very similar case to level 2. If you reach it before your enemies do, go and immediately trade with Flash Frost > Crystallize > Frostbite. If you get it after your enemies, back off and play it safe until you reach level 3 too.

❄️ Stack your stuff
It is important that you keep attacking constantly. World Atlas is a great item, but if you ever tone down the pressure, your support item quest delays. This on its own isn't all that bad, but keep in mind that Runic Compass provides an infinite supply of free Stealth Wards. The sooner you get it the better. You also should watch out for your Manaflow Band cooldown on your champion HUD. Make sure you time your trades so the rune is up.

❄️ Trade whenever you can
Anivia has a very strong trading potential. I don't want to go too much into detail about trading (The very next guide chapter is dedicated to it :D). But I just want you to know that as for the early game you should trade as much as you can. Fish for your enemies with Flash Frost and if you manage to hit it, make sure you also combine it at least with Frostbite. Slowly tear your enemies' health bars down and go for an all in once you believe you can kill them.

❄️ Post Level 6
After you reach level 6 a whole arsenal of new combos becomes available. So make sure you use Glacial Storm during every trade/all in/2v2 from now on. Use Glacial Storm to help your ADC shove the waves. Just pay attention not to steal any of their CS - they probably wouldn't thank you for that :D Try to use Glacial Storm before casting Flash Frost. The 20% slow isn't much but it can certainly help you land that Flash Frost and chain your other abilities from that moment. Your gameplay after level 6 remains the same - however, it definitely gets a bit easier.

❄️ All-ins
Anivia is great at all ins and 2v2 fights. She has strong damage and CC and should be able to execute any low-health enemy that gets close.

Try to focus on enemy ADC as they are usually the main protagonists of enemy bot lane's anime. But keep in mind that hitting Flash Frost during 2v2 fights is absolutely crucial. You can not afford to miss. Also, make sure you find a proper use for Crystallize. I know that on the very surface it's "just a wall after all", but this ability can totally turn the 2v2 around. It pains me to see support Anivia players not even using it. I listed a good number of potential uses in the Ability section so feel free to read it if you need inspiration.

❄️ Is that all?
Not at all. But keep in mind that Anivia is in her core an extremely easy champion. The whole early game you just fish for Q's, trade with your combos, and all in if possible. The thing you need to learn the most as support Anivia newbie are first and foremost support mechanics. Roaming, trading, vision, zoning, recalling, positioning... These things are foundation of support Anivia gameplay. I can teach you combos and Anivia-specific ability tricks all day long but such things are absolutely meaningless if you struggle with basic mechanics. Luckily for you, that's what the rest of this guide section is gonna be all about ;)


❄️ What is trading?
Trading is a strategy whose entire point is to quickly damage the enemy champion using a short and efficient series of abilities and auto attacks. Anivia's main trading combo is Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA. However, the plot twist appears when the enemy champion starts hitting you too. You are basically "trading damage" with your opponent and whoever manages to deal more, wins the trade. The keystone rune that rules all trades is Electrocute.

❄️ But How is that different from all-in?
All in-s are all about killing your opponents, taking them down, finishing them off. Trades on the other hand only look for "wounding" your enemy, reducing their health so you can all-in them once they get low enough.

❄️ When should I trade?
To put it simply when you feel like you can win. Perhaps the enemy used their most powerful ability, they have no summoner spells, they are behind on levels, they have no mana, their Electrocute is down or they simply overextended.

❄️ When should I NOT trade?
When your Flash Frost is down, when you are in a vulnerable position, when both enemies are nearby but your ADC is far away, When you are very low on health or don't have enough mana to execute a full ability rotation... Don't trade when you know you can't win.

❄️ Trading with a melee support
Trading with a melee support is usually pretty damn easy. You can afford to use a lot mana-cheaper trading patterns (for example AA > Frostbite > AA) because melee supports don't really have a way to trade damage back. Usually, however they have a huge arsenal of big scary CC tools. Respect those abilities during trades, unless you want to die. Most of the time those abilities have long cooldowns so you can trade aggressively right after they use them. Melee support s will often look for canon minions to execute with their World Atlas.

This gives you a great opportunity to go for a trade as they will be too busy getting that minion. In case they have Bone Plating ready, auto attack them first, then wait for the Bone Plating to wear off, and then go for a trade. Make sure you auto attack them a lot to stack your World Atlas and get through their bulky health bars. Try not to use big and mana-expensive trade patterns, especially if they have a defensive ability to soak your damage with like Titan's Wrath. Once they get too tanky, stop trading with them and instead straight up ignore them.

❄️ Trading with a mage support
Mage support s usually have a lot bigger range and trading power when compared to melee support s. However, they tend to be a lot more skillshot reliant. For this reason, the key to winning trades against mage supports is sidestepping. The more abilities you successfully dodge while landing yours, the better the state of the lane will be for you. Early Boots can help you with that if you struggle. Try not to auto attack them too much as mages can utilize the delay of your auto attack animation to hit their skillshots easier. You on the other hand should do the very same against them as you are a mage too.

Mages tend to have strong AOE tools. For this very reason, you might want to keep some distance between you and your ADC. If you get too close, the enemy mage can hit both of you with just a single ability making that trade pretty bad for you.

❄️ Trading with an enchanter support
So this is where things get a little tough. You can totally play the trading game against those aggressive damage-oriented max Q Sona players. But you will find trading with every defensive-oriented enchanter very hard. Their shielding abilities can make a lot of your mana and damage go to waste. Your Flash Frost is very slow and it gives them a lot of time to react with a well-timed Help, Pix! or Inspire. And healing support s may not be able to negate your damage but they can definitely outheal it. For this reason trading with them is just very hard.

Unless your ADC follows up trading usually doesn't work in this matchup. You can however get some easy World Atlas/ Manaflow Band stacks on them as their damage is relatively low. To put it simply you are not a threat to them but they are also not a threat to you.

❄️ Trading with a hypercarry
Trading with a hyper-carry is the easiest thing in the world. Hypercarries are ADCs with terrible early game power who usually just silently last hit minions and wait for the late game to come. So if you want to win the game, you should trade with them a lot. Especially if they come near the minion wave to last hit. Make sure you punish as many creeps those guys take as you humanly can. They tend to have no CC and low damage so trading with them should be pretty harmless.
They also tend to have pretty low attack range, meaning that you should use your auto attacks a lot. Things get a lot more tricky if they have an enchanter to protect them. In that case you will have to either pierce through their line of defense by coordinating your trades with your ADC. Or you can on the other hand just not trade at all and instead look at other strategies like all in-ing, roaming or baiting.
❄️ Trading with an offensive ADC
This is in a way similar to trading with hypercarries, however against early game carries you really gotta play it safe. Champions like Jhin, Lucian, Miss Fortune can do a lot damage from a close distance so you really shouldn't auto attack them much (unlike the case of hypercarries). Look for quick and safe trades and back off right after. Sometimes it might be for the best to stay away from trading altogether. After all if your team has a good late game, then you can definitely outscale this guy. Sometimes playing the waiting game instead of taking dangerous trades is the safest path to victory.

❄️ Minions
While trading minions are playing a very important role. That's because when you damage the enemy champion, their aggro turns towards you and you start taking extra damage. The damage may not seem like a lot, but if the minion wave is big enough, they can absolutely turn the trade around. This can be a pretty big problem that can mess up a lot of trading opportunities. However, you can (and you should) use this strategy to your advantage too. By surrounding yourself in minions you are basically protected from trading damage. This comes in handy when the enemy is slightly ahead and you keep losing trade after trade. Minions can change this if you use their power to your benefit.

❄️ Auto-Attacking
I have mentioned auto attacks a few times in this guide section already, but due to the importance of this topic, I will repeat myself one last time - auto attacking is OP. A lot of support s and mages think that all their power comes from their abilities and ultimates. Many support s don't even auto attack at all!? This mindset is extremely false. Auto attacks are super important for trading. They can poke down Bone Plating, they can give you World Atlas gold, they do damage, proc Cheap Shot & Electrocute and they cost 0 mana. support Anivia that doesn't auto attack as much as she possibly can, is a bad support Anivia. For the love of god your range is 600 units! That is more than 95% champions in the game. Use it!!!

❄️ Cooldowns
Cooldowns play a big role in trading. The fewer abilities your enemy can use, the better the trade will be for you. Especially when it comes to their ultimate abilities and their Key abilities. AKA abilities that are crucial for the rest of their kit to work effectively.
❄️ Sustain
Believe it or not, SUStain plays a critical role in trading. If the enemy ADC has Vampiric Scepter, Immortal Shieldbow, or Bloodthirster - do you think it is worth trading 1/4 of your health for 1/4 of theirs? The answer is pretty simple - No. Since they have lifesteal in their kit, they can heal back most of the damage you just did. This is also important if the enemy ADC has healing support like Soraka or Senna. How strong is their healing? Can I get a trade that's so good that it is worth taking despite their lifesteal? Can antiheal help me? Should I be trading at all or is it an absolute waste of time? Those are the questions you should ask yourself in situations like this.

❄️ Is it safe to trade?
Keep in mind that trading is pretty dangerous. After the trade, you probably will have most of your abilities on cooldown and you become very vulnerable to ganks, dives, and all-ins. Map awareness is key.

If you have a real suspicion that enemy jungler might be sitting in a nearby bush, waiting for you to get close, then don't trade. But jungler isn't the only thing that you should be afraid off while trading. Enemy aggression-rate is important too. If the enemy bot is Lucian + Thresh, keep in mind that by Flash > Flay > Death Sentence, Thresh can turn a basic trade into a nightmare-ish all-in. And Lucian can easily follow up with Relentless Pursuit. Always ask yourself if there is a way how enemies can kill you while trading. If there is, make sure it doesn't happen and be very cautious - perhaps don't even trade at all, just to be safe.

❄️ Level Advantages
There are 3 big moments that you should under usual circumstances trade in. First is if you reach level 2 before your enemies do. This is a huge breaking point. You & your ADC have 4 abilities, while your enemies only have 2. And you can finally do the almighty Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA combo. Next on the list is level 3 advantage. This one isn't as major but it still is a pretty big moment. You have your Crystallize now and if you use it right you can perhaps even burn some of their summoners. And the last one is level 6 advantage. You and your ADC both have their strongest ability ready to use while your enemies don't. Use this moment to crush them down!

Recalling is a pretty important yet a little complex skill every player should get good at. You can't just recall whenever you feel like it, otherwise, you may lose resources, objectives, experience, and fall far behind your enemies. You have to time it right so that every recall is worth itself.

❄️ After the enemy laners died
If the enemy support and ADC died in a 2v2/dive/all-in, now it's the best time to recall. But hold up, you can't "just recall". First, you need to set the minion wave in a position where as few resources as possible end up getting lost.

That's why you should help your ADC hard shove the lane, by spending all your mana to push the minion wave under the enemy turret. Enemy turret will consume all your minions, putting enemy ADC and support behind in both gold and xp.

❄️ Attrition
Mana and health are both crucial resources for safe laning. If either of them drops too low, the champion will eventually be forced to recall. The strategy of "outlasting" and "outsurviving" your enemies is called attrition and is especially powerful against champions with high mana costs. After the enemy recalls, you shove the wave and then recall yourself.

❄️ Turret platings
Turret platings play a very important role in recalling. Should you attack the turret and get an extra plate or should you recall immediately instead? This question is very hard to answer and varies from game to game. Generally speaking you can afford to pressure the turret for longer if the enemy bot lane has a terrible wave clear. Ezreal + Thresh duo will find shoving the wave under your turret before you come back very hard. But Sivir + Vel'Koz? Now that's a totally different story. However, If you aren't certain whether you should stay or leave, the safest move is always to leave. Don't get me wrong 160 gold is great, but if it will cost you an entire minion wave worth of gold and xp - then it really isn't worth.

❄️ Dragons
Keep in mind that gold is only actually useful when it's spent. It doesn't matter if you have 300 gold or 3000 gold in your pocket. As long as you don't spend it - it's meaningless. And when it comes to dragon fights you want to have an upper hand to take them down. For this reason, you should always recall +/- 1 minute before every dragon contest and buy yourself items that can help you win it. Just make sure you time it right. If you recall too late, then you might miss the dragon contest and put your team in a big disadvantage.

❄️ Buying items
While recalling, make sure you actually have enough gold to be able to spend it well. Recalling and being just 80 gold off from Catalyst of Aeons sucks. You really don't want to wait in the fountain for that long. So I recommend you to carefully calculate how much gold you need for buying a strong item and recalling after you reach that point. This should prevent you from reckless and gold-innefficient recalls.

Also while you are recalling, already think about all the items you're gonna buy. League is a quick game and by the time you spawn in the fountain you should have already made up your mind on what to buy.

❄️ Recall from safety
When you hit the B key, make sure you are in a safe enough spot. Otherwise, your enemies might take you down. The safest places you can recall from are fog of war and unwarded bushes. Note that I said unwarded bushes. If you recall in a bush that enemies have vision on, you give your enemies extra information about where you are and what are you doing. Also, it makes it easier for them to interrupt your recall, and thus messing up your timings.

❄️ Cheater's recall
Quite renowned recalling strategy used by ADCs and Supports alike. For the very first few minutes of the game, your main job is to slowpush and slowly accumulate your minions until the Canon wave comes. Then you shove the mega wave right under the enemy turret and you can basically recall for free. Before enemies get through the wave, you will be back with an extra Amplifying Tome or Sapphire Crystal. But keep in mind 4 things:
  1. Your ADC is the one in control of the lane. You can only help & support their decision, but if ADC will mindlessly keep shoving the waves, you can't stop them.
  2. This strategy only works if you have control over the lane and if the enemy bot duo has terrible wave clearing tools.
  3. This strategy only really works at the start of the game.
  4. You don't have to recall. You can use this opportunity to roam too.

Until Mobafire updates it's ward map system for season 14 map changes, this chapter will remain slightly outdated. I fixed what I could - but currently there are no accesssib


+ + + LEGEND + + +
- Ally/Blue Side
- Enemy/Red Side

❄️ Blue/Red buff ward
Sometimes if your jungler doesn't start their jungle route on your side of the map, you might want to consider warding it. Especially if you have a feeling that the enemy jungler might invade your camp.
Instead of stupidly defending the camp and risking your life you can just ward it. This will give your jungler the information about where the enemy jungler is. Yours can then react to the situation accordingly.

❄️ Cheese protection ward
If you are playing against hyper-aggressive enemy bot lane (for example Caitlyn + Pyke) while your ADC is just a vulnerable hypercarry, you might want to ward the cheese bush to protect yourself from the possibility that they are preparing a level 1 cheese attack against you. Alternatively, you can just walk around it, or cast Flash Frost into the bush if you don't want to waste your ward. With that said at the first few levels, wards aren't really that important anyway.

❄️ Lane warding
Lane warding is the most common type of vision control. It is very important because it protects you from ganks and gives you vision over enemies cowardly hiding in nearby bush. The most important rule of Lane warding is that you should take your position in lane into account. For example: if you are playing with Kog'Maw, chances are you will be the one who spends most of their time under their very own turret. This means that your opponents will have much better control over nearby vision. This also means that your Control Wards are in way bigger danger. On the other hand, if your ADC is Caitlyn you will probably be the one in control of the lane and you can afford to place your Control Wards way more aggressively.


❄️ Deep warding
Unlike Lane-warding, Deep-warding focuses on gaining vision over areas far away. Deep warding is in a way a lot more efficient than lane warding. It offers vision over monster camps, gives you information about the enemy jungler 's position a long time in advance, and it can also provide vision over areas your midlaner can appreciate too. It's especially good against very fast moving jungler s like Hecarim or Rammus, because those guys are moving so fast that by the time standard lane ward would reveal them, the gank is long over - against those guys you need the info early.

On the other hand deep warding requires you to venture deep into the jungle , takes a lot of time and is way more dangerous than regular warding. If the enemy bot lane duo spots you entering their side of the jungle , they will be able to collapse on you and take you down. So if you want to deep-ward you have to take maximum caution, stay out of vision, and only do so if it's safe. Also, deep-warding can be pretty expensive in terms of experience lost from minions. For the best result, try to deep-ward after shoving the wave.


❄️ Objective warding
So let's move on to the objectives and where to place your wards around them. Things are pretty simple, you definitely want a Control Ward in the middle of the said objective. Sure you can put a Stealth Ward there too, but that really isn't ideal. Your enemies will try to gain vision over it and Control Ward is the only ward that can prevent them from doing so effectively. Then just place your regular Stealth Wards behind & around the objective on the side your enemies play on. Depending on whether or not the explosive flower is on the side of their enemies or yours, you might want to destroy it. Usually, you would have to walk your way all around, which oftentimes isn't even possible as there are enemies on the other side, However Anivia has 600 range on her auto attacks, meaning that she can possibly destroy them from the dragon/baron pit!


❄️ Don't put Stealth wards to waste
Once your World Atlas upgrades into Runic Compass, you immediately get 1 free Stealth Ward so use it before you recall. From now on every time you recall up to 3 extra Stealth Wards will be stored in your support . This means that you will no longer need your regular Stealth Wards and you can convert them into Oracle Lens next time you recall. First, however, you need to make sure that you don't hoard 2 charges of Stealth Ward. That's because Oracle Lens has just a single charge and if you convert your 2x Stealth Wards into 1x Oracle Lens, you end up wasting 1 Stealth Ward. So make sure you use that on Stealth Ward before you convert to a different vision trinket.

❄️ Oracle Lens
Okay you have your Runic Compass with 3 Stealth Wards inside and you have Oracle Lens as your main trinket. But what even are these Oracle Lens? To put it simply, Oracle Lens creates a red circle around you for few second that reveals nearby traps, invisible champions but mainly enemy Stealth Wards - allowing you to destroy them. So the way you use Oracle Lens is that you cast it where you think/know enemy wards are, so you can destroy them. If you don't have any clue where you should start, take a look at this heatmap I made. It gives you a basic overview of where enemy Stealth Wards probably are, the warmer the colors are, the higher is the likelihood that your Oracle Lens spots something there. But of course, a lot better way of using Oracle Lens is when you actually know that there is a Stealth Ward instead of just guessing.


❄️ Okay but how can I know?
I know what you are thinking "But Flowey, those Stealth Wards are invisible, how can I know where they are? :d" I totally understand your struggles. After all most players are placing their Stealth Wards in bushes, so they are camouflaged even for the first 2 seconds of their lifespan. But that doesn't mean it is impossible. The best way to tell if the bush is warded is to watch the movements of your enemies. If they randomly come close to the river bush, pause for a few milliseconds and then come back to lane, it's with 98% certainty that they just placed a ward there. You might not have seen the ward itself, but you saw their suspicious movements, you saw that small pause of aiming their ward and you saw them come back right after. You can also track enemy Control Wards. If the enemy comes back to lane, you can check their inventory and see how many Control Wards have they bought. Then if they randomly disappear from the lane and return with 1 less Control Ward in their inventory then you know for a fact that they just placed it somewhere. "But where Flowey?" Good question. The answer to this question lies in the time they spent out of vision.
  • Did they disappear for 1 second? That means they just warded the nearest bush.
  • Did they disappear for 7-10 seconds? They probably warded the dragon
  • Did they disappear for quite a while? They placed the Control Ward somewhere deep in the jungle
This way you can know where and how far they placed their Control Ward. Even if it were to be out of your reach, you can still at least send your teammates a signal that the area is warded.

❄️ Oracle lens in mid-late game?
Later on, the game becomes a lot less predictable. Both teams scatter themselves all around the map and it will be a lot harder to track where your opponents & their Stealth Wards are. Try to think about what objective might be contested soon. Maybe enemies already placed some wards there. Or perhaps some important jungle corridor or river path? Try to think in real-time. Imagine yourself in the body of your enemy. Where would you place that Stealth Ward if you were in their place? With that said, if you really aren't sure, keep in mind that you don't have to cast Oracle Lens at all. Sometimes it is better to save it for later - when it will be actually needed. And even if you don't reveal anything with it, it's not necessarily a bad thing. You know that enemies have no vision there. This means you can exploit this information in any way you and your teammates see fit.

❄️ Protecting your wards from Oracle lens
Oracle Lens can be your biggest friend but also your biggest enemy. Keep in mind that the enemy team can use them just as easily as you. The best way to protect your wards from Oracle Lens is simple. Try to place your wards in unexpected or hard-to-reach positions. So instead of putting your Stealth Ward in the river bush, you put it in front of the dragon pit. Instead of putting your Stealth Ward in the tribush, you put it next to a red buff. This will also give you information about enemy jungler a bit sooner - giving you more time to react and escape back to safety. With that said this technique has it's cost.

By putting wards in different places you might be increasing their safety but the price for that is their reduced efficiency. Few ganking routes enemy jungler can use become unwarded and thus your safety is reduced. Whether or not this is a worth trade I'll leave up to you. Sometimes this technique can be really useful, other times it can cost you your life.

❄️ Fake-warding
Fake warding is a really funny strategy. Simply walk to the nearby bush (most preferably tribush or river bush) and pause for like 3 milliseconds. Then return to the lane and act like nothing happened. Make sure that enemies can see you while fake-warding but also they must not have any vision in that bush themselves. This will make them think that you placed ward there. After all why else would you do that? Warding is the only logical explanation. This may bait enemy support into using their Oracle Lens only to realize that the bush is actually unawarded. It can also make enemy bot duo warn their jungler , convincing them not to gank you. After all the bush is warded. That Anivia walked up to it and stopped for a second. It has to be warded! No reason to gank lane that has vision protection...

This technique is most effective if all your wards are on cooldown. And you need at least some protection. Well, fake Stealth Ward may not be as strong as the real one but it is definitely better than nothing. You would be pleasantly surprised how many people fall for it :D

❄️ How to get the most out of every ward?
So you know where to place your Stealth Wards, but do you know exactly where to place them? After all bushes aren't geometrical points. Just like tables they have height and width. So where exactly should you place your ward? there is no definite answer to this question as every bush is different. However, in this spoiler, you should be able to see the very basics.


❄️ Is your lane in a good spot?
So the very first condition for you to roam is to do so only if your lane is in a good state. "What does that mean Flowey?" Basically you only want to roam after you shove the wave. While you are roaming, the enemy turret will slowly kill all your minions and enemy minions begin to hoard. Then when enemy minions clash with your next wave, they will slow-push towards your turret. That is because when enemy minions hoard, the next time they clash their attacks become a lot more coordinated and they begin to naturally push the lane. By the time you return, enemy minions will be right in front of your turret and only very few resources end up lost. If you feel like you don't quite understand how this works, check out this spoiler.


If you are asking why should you shove before you roam, the reason is pretty simple. If you leave your ADC alone, they will have to play extremely safe. Enemy support will try to zone them away from the CS and it's gonna be pretty tough. However the fact that enemy minions will slow-push towards your ADC means, that the wave will eventually get to them. They won't have to risk their lives while desperately trying to last hit. Your ADC can just wait before the minion wave arrives at them. And by that time you will be back. And even if not, your ADC can still just freeze the minion wave under their turret and safely farm.

❄️ Is the midlane in a good spot?
So you shoved the lane and you are ready to head mid. Now you have to ask yourself:
Is the lane even gankable? Naturally, it is easiest to roam to a midlaner that is getting shoved by the enemy midlaner. That means that the enemy midlner is exposed and very far from the safety of their own turret. On the other hand, if your midlaner is shoving the enemy midlaner under their turret then your roam has an extremely low chance of working out. After all enemy midlner is very safe under the turret. To put it simply the more enemy midlaner is exposed the easier the gank will be.


❄️ Is it even safe?
The most important question of them all: Is it safe? That mostly depends on the jungle . Is your jungler nearby clearing monsters on your side of the jungle ? Go ahead and roam. But is your jungler somewhere far away on the other side of the map? Well, now things are getting dangerous. You see, if an enemy jungler ambushes you while you are roaming - if your jungler is nearby to hold your back, it's 2v1 - you can win that. However, if you are totally alone and Kayn jumps at you, chances are you will probably die. Especially if the enemy midlaner helps him out. Of course, this isn't an issue if you know that enemy jungler is also on the top side of the map. But if you don't know where enemy jungler is, or if you know that they are on the bot side of the jungle , then you better not roam at all or walk a safer route.

This roaming condition is way more important than all others. If you roam to mid lane but their lane state is bad, you can just return back to lane. Yeah, you wasted some of your time for no reason, but it's not the end of the world. If you roam mid while your lane is in a terrible state, your ADC might lose some CS but again, no biggie. But if you roam to mid lane and you get killed in the process, then you put yourself, your jungler AND your ADC very behind. Do not underestimate the danger enemy jungler represents. You might be able to protect yourself with Flash Frost + Crystallize for a while, but you are still just a support - behind in levels and items - 1v1 with the enemy jungler isn't a duel in your favor.

❄️ Roaming from base
You can also roam from your base. Since you will travel through your jungle you don't have to be afraid of getting ambushed by enemy jungler so it's a very safe form of roaming. You can just shove the wave, recall, buy Boots, gank mid and then come back to bot. Sure you might lose some minions this way, but your ADC can handle it. With that said you really shouldn't base-roam if enemy bot lane can dive your ADC. You see, base-roaming takes a lot more time and your ADC is likely to last hit minions under turret for some time before you return. But if the enemy bot lane duo is very aggressive (think of Leona + Draven) - and your ADC has no way of surviving the dive, then never base-roam!

❄️ Jungle routes
Now let's talk about what path should you follow while roaming. And this is not an easy question. There are a lot of variables you need to take into account. Like, Do enemies have scuttle ward on bot side river? Then you will be better of walking around it to not get caught. What about Stealth Wards? Did your mid-laner ping "Enemies have vision here." in any of the 3 mid lane entrances? Then avoid it. This graphic should give you a general overview of the most important roaming routes. With that said be ready to take different improvised routes based on the current situation.


❄️ More Variables
Often times the decision of whether you should or should not roam isn't exactly black or white. There are much more variables that may or may not affect your judgment but you should definitely consider them before any gank:
  • Can your midlaner follow up? After all if you gank Malphite things are gonna be a lot easier with Unstoppable Force on your side.
  • Can enemy midlaner dash away? Image trying to gank LeBlanc :D
  • How about ultimate abilities? If your midlaner has their ultimate down while the enemy can still use it, your roam has a higher likelihood of failing.
  • Summoner spells? Does enemy midlaner has their Flash? What about your midlaner? And what about you? Summoner spell can turn the tides of gank on either side.
  • Do you have good ganking tools? In case you are running stuff like Solstice Sleigh, Predator, Waterwalking or Relentless Hunter, roaming becomes much easier.
❄️ What to do when you get there
Simple. Just do your best to hit your Flash Frost. You can wait for your midlaner to root/stun/slow them first to make it easier for yourself. Cut the enemy off with Crystallize and cast empowered Frostbite. Respect enemy midlaner's escape tools ( Flash/ Distortion/ Shunpo/...) and try to predict them or bait them out. Simply try your best to try your best.

❄️ Basics of Trigonometry
Huh, you probably haven't thought that advanced geometry and League of Legends can be combined in one, am I right? :D Don't worry it's not that hard to understand - though it is quite abstract. Imagine a triangle between you, your ADC, and the nearest enemy. And now imagine a second triangle between enemy support , enemy ADC, and your teammate that is closest to them. Are you keeping up so far? Good. Now compare those 2 triangles. The one that is more stretched is usually the less efficient one. Okay so let's look at why.

On this image you can see that the red triangle between your enemies and their nearest target is a lot more stretched when compared to your blue triangle. This means that when Lux throws her Light Binding > Lucent Singularity onto Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw won't have any influence and won't be able to follow up in time. In other words, less damage for the enemy team because their triangle is more stretched than yours. On the other hand though, if you were to hit Lux with Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA, Miss Fortune will be able to immediately follow up with at least 2 auto attacks and Make it Rain. The less stretched your triangle is, the more coordinated you and your ADC can be and the more damage you can dish out in lane.
❄️ Maintaining Trigonometry
Okay so you understand trigonometry, now let's talk about how to control & maintain it. The easiest way to do so is to copy your ADC's movements. However, you have to keep accounting the position of your nearest target too. By mimicking their movements in direct parallel to your nearest target you are successfully maintaining a nice and clean triangle. If you struggle to comprehend this, imagine a circle around your enemy. I know right, I just keep adding more geometric shapes AAAAAA xdd. If your ADC moves left along the perimeter of the circle, you do the same. If your ADC retracts from the circle, you do the same. And so on and so on.

❄️ Breaking the Trigonometry
Congratulations, you understand trigonometry. Or maybe you don't and you just decided to keep reading despite that? Anyway, trigonometry shouldn't by any means be your go-to, every game, nonstop positioning strategy. Sure it has its advantages, but it also limits your other movements. Sometimes you have to dodge a skillshot. Sometimes you want to go for trade by yourself. Whatever it is you need to break trigonometry every once in a while to do other just as if not more important moves.

Also, keep in mind that trigonometrical positioning should never override the need to play safe. It's not really a positional strategy as much as it is a way to optimize one of them. If the game requires you to def under tower - that's what you should do first and foremost. In other words, it all depends on the matchup.

❄️ Against catchers
When playing against champions like Thresh, Nautilus or Morgana, your primary goal is to make reversed movements relative to your minion wave. Enemy Blitzcrank will try to make all sorts of twists and turns around the lane in order to spot an opportunity for Rocket Grab. Just don't let him. If he turns left, you turn right. If he turns right, you turn left. This way there will always be a minion wave protecting you from getting hooked. If he comes too close to the minion wave to proc his Relic Shield, go for a trade. And if he rotates to the nearby bush, you can always place a Stealth Ward there.

❄️ Zoning
My favorite positioning technique <3 Zoning is all about using your presence to scare enemy ADC away from their farm. Anivia is an extremely dangerous champion in the early game. Your high damage, powerful stun and Crystallize are tools that mean business. To zone your enemy, simply come closer to them and watch them run away in fear. Make sure they don't get near the minion wave to collect gold or experience and give your ADC extra space to last-hit in peace. However, keep in mind that you can't just zone whenever you want to. To zone your enemies you have to be a bigger threat than them. If you try to zone a 6/0/1 Draven you get killed because to him you are no threat. Also, make sure not to waste your Flash Frost on the very first occasion. Once you cast it, your scariest weapon will be down. Without it, enemies won't be afraid of you. Zoning is especially efficient when your ADC freezes the wave or when they setup a slow push. Enemy minions will slowly but surely die to your minion wave/turret, but enemy ADC will be too scared to come and collect them. And if not? Kill them :)

❄️ Play under turret
When you are behind during the landing phase, the safest thing you can possibly do is to just sit under your turret and let your ADC last-hit minions. Chances are you're gonna be a target of a lot of skillshots and it won't be easy for your ADC to collect them all. Try to help them with it. Inspect how much damage does your ADC do with their auto attacks and if you see a minion that may die to your turret, attack it before your ADC does. Now your ADC can safely last hit it. Consider freezing if the enemy bot lane has a bad waveclear.
❄️ Adjust your warding strategy
When you are behind you can't under any circumstances put your Control Ward in the river bush nor the tribush. The enemy duo has the lane under control and they can destroy them at any time. You shouldn't put regular Stealth Wards there neither. After all if you are under your turret, you don't have to be afraid of people ganking you from the river (+ it would get insta-destroyed too). Instead, you should place 1 Control Ward in the bush next to your turret. This one will be very hard for your enemies to reach and it's going to protect you from jungler dives. And after you recall, place 2 Stealth Wards as shown on the image before you get back to lane.

❄️ Stop enemy support from snowballing
Now while you are sitting under turret, not trading with anyone & playing it safe, the enemy support will soon get bored. And by "bored" I mean they are going to start roaming. This is where your 2 Stealth Wards you placed come in handy. If the first ward spots the enemy support , immediately warn your midlaner. And when the second Stealth Ward spots their support you should immediately try to countergank - prevent enemy support from getting other lanes ahead. The reason why we need 2 wards for this is that we need to let our midlaner know in time (that's what the dragon ward is for). But we also need to make sure that enemy support isn't just toying with us. What if he passes through the dragon ward, but then turns around the red buff? You would come right into their trap... The second ward is protecting you from this wicked strategy.

Remember not to mimic enemy support roam at all if you don't have neither of those wards. Enemy support can also just bait you "Bye Anivia I'm gonna roam :)" and when you roam mid to countergank you realize that there's no one there. By the time you were going mid, the enemy support was only faking it. And now they can dive your ADC who is totally alone and unprotected. If you were to place those 2 Stealth Wards you would know that.

❄️ What is your win-con
Think about what is your win condition. How do you plan to turn this around. Maybe your wincondition can be Crystallize > Flash Frost enemy ADC under your turret. Win condition can be your jungler ganking you. Or maybe enemy ADC has no Flash and you just need to land 1 good combo as they won't be able to escape. Try to find a way to turn this all around. Sometimes your win-condition can also be ✨Nothing✨. If your ADC is lategame-oriented, then you don't need to make any flashy plays, eventually, they will carry the game (hopefully). So find your win condition and do whatever you can to achieve it.

❄️ Warn your teammates
If the fed enemy bot duo shoves the lane and then recalls, you gotta immediately warn every other lane, because they are in danger. Enemy support can come from any side and roam to any lane. And there probably isn't any Stealth Ward that could spot them in time.

❄️ Botlane is doomed
If you are really really behind and the lane has been totally lost - 0/7/0 Lucian keeps dying over and over and there is no win-con & botlane is doomed, there is only very little you can actually do. One thing I could recommend you however is to recall before your jungler takes Herald and help them out. This way there will be 1 more champion on your side and you will have a better chance of taking the objective down. Once Herald dies, roam together with your jungler top, pop the Herald and dive their toplaner. Ditch your ADC completely, it doesn't matter whether you are or aren't present on bot lane, the ADC keeps dying anyway - they are no longer your win condition. Focus on other lanes now, you can still have an impact on other lanes.

❄️ Mid & Late game
If you are still behind during mid to late game, there really ain't that many strategies you can do anymore. You can place a couple of defensive wards around the lane your squishy ally is farming on. You can roam around - maybe you will find some 1v1 lane that you magically turn into 2v1. Focus on the objectives, dragons, barons, dragon souls, elder drake - doesn't matter - ward anything that can win you the game. Try to avoid fights, especially if your team is behind as a whole. I know I just said how important epic monsters are but if you can't fight for them, just give them to your enemies. Maybe not an elder drake, but you can totally afford to let go of some weaker dragons or maybe even cloud soul as it's the weakest one. Meanwhile, look for lanes to push. They get the dragon - you get 1 turret. Not the best trade in the world, but it's certainly better than fighting a battle you can't win, dying, and losing the objective.

Keep in mind that even if you die numerous times and are extremely behind - as Anivia you will never be entirely useless. You will always have your insane CC in your kit - allowing you to impact the game despite having no damage. Never lose hope!

❄️ Play from afar
You are Anivia a ranged control mage. Your fate is to dominate teamfights. But your fate won't be fulfilled unless you play it safe. Keep your distance, dance around the battlefield on the very verge of Glacial Storm max range. Stay even further away from enemies with long-distance dashes like Camille or Katarina.

❄️ Be cautious of flanks
Enemy assassins may attempt to flank you from behind. You can't let that happen because you as Anivia will likely be their main focus. The best way to prevent this is by simply warding the entire area before teamfight starts. This will give you enough vision to see their flank coming and run away while you can.

❄️ Utilize your surroundings
Anivia is very strong if she gets into a bush. This allows her to cast easier Flash Frosts (enemy players won't see your casting animation), and also you get to channel your Glacial Storm while being untargettable which is great. You can also use nearby walls and terrain and combine it with your Crystallize/ Glacial Storm. In the river you can also get an extra advantage with Waterwalking. Also Flash Frost is easier to hit while not fighting on an open field. In thinner corridors, it's a lot more dangerous ability. The environment is your biggest friend.

Teamfights are wild, random, and chaotic. Or are they? If you make a basic overlay on how the teamfight can go, you might be able to foretell enemy moves and prepare your own.

❄️ Crystallize
What do you think is the most optimal way to use Crystallize in an upcoming teamfight? Is there a channeling ability you will need to quickly interrupt like Death Lotus or Bone Skewer? Is there a bruiser who you will need to cut away from your ADC? Is there a dash that your wall can interrupt like Justice Punch or Disdain? Do you have a Poppy or Vayne in your team that you could combo your wall with? How do you plan to get the most value out of Crystallize?

Crystallize is one of the most versatile abilities in the game, but it has a high cooldown. Meaning you gotta be very selective about how you plan to use it. This is something you should establish before the teamfight. Think ahead - not last minute!

❄️ Who should you target?
Naturally, your ideal target should be a combination of squishy, powerful, and immobile. However, things are not always black and white and sometimes it is hard to tell. With that said as long as you don't focus tanks, it doesn't really matter. You have strong AOE damage so instead of looking for that "1 ideal target", you might as well hit multiple less ideal targets at the same time. That's just as good! If possible, don't waste your time trying to hit enemies with tons of mobility. Your Flash Frost is slow, predictable, and very easy to dash away from. Flash Frost that hits a meh target is better then Flash Frost that hits no one.
❄️ Glacial Storm?
Your strongest teamfighting tool. Glacial Storm teamfight placements are what separates good Anivias from the dead ones. Glacial Storm does tons of damage, but it is also very easy to escape out of. Try to place it in an important area of the teamfight. Especially if your teamfight is taking place in the jungle , you gotta find those sweet corridors and cast it there. Keep in mind that the ability doesn't just cause damage, but also protection. Enemies inside are going to have their movement severely impaired and won't get to you as easily. If you get in trouble, try to use the Glacial Storm > Zhonya's Hourglass combo and stall for time. Make sure you select your Glacial Storm destinations with great care. Canceling this ability will put it on a short cooldown and using it again will take some time before the storm fully forms again.

❄️ Zoning
Anivia is a queen of zoning. Glacial Storm, Crystallize, and Flash Frost are abilities that can allow you to control the teamfight. Where some champions are allowed to go and where not depends entirely on you. Imagine a scenario when you and your team are doing drake. But suddenly enemies pop from the red side jungle and from the river. Most champions would be doomed - but Anivia isn't. All you need to do is put 1 Crystallize to block the entire river. And then Glacial Storm into Flash Frost onto enemies on the red side jungle . And voila - you just blocked the entire enemy team from engaging on yours. Remember that you decide where are which champions meant to be. You can block paths, create areas of heavy slow, and fire dangerous high CC projectiles your enemies will instinctively want to dodge.

❄️ Protect your backline
You have itsy bitsy walls and stuns for days. In teamfight you can enter an offensive damage mode. But if you feel like the protection of your carries is more important in a given moment, focus on that task instead. If the enemy assassin attempts to assassinate your ADC, stun them, root them, push them away with your Crystallize. As long as you respect their movement abilities, you should be able to negate any flanking-attempt enemy assassin attempts.

❄️ Play it safe
You remember what I told you about playing from afar and keeping things nice and safe right? Well now, in the late game, this is twice as important. At this point of the game, dying means being out of the game for 50-60 seconds. If you somehow mess up, miss-position, get caught - and die, it may just cost you the game. To put it simply this is no time for mistakes. Your gameplay needs to be flawless if you want to win. So avoid unwarded areas, always check bushes with your abilities (especially if you have Arcane Comet), and stay even further away during teamfights.

❄️ Reorganize your inventory
Really deep into late game, certain items you might have bought can become less efficient. As you accumulate gold you might also want to spend it. Elixir of Sorcery is a sure thing but what else? You can perhaps sell Banshee's Veil and instead buy Rabadon's Deathcap. Or maybe you used Zhonya's Hourglass last teamfight and now there is another but your Zhonya is on cooldown. Perhaps you can sell it and buy something else which can actually help you win. Make sure you put all that excess gold to a good use.



❄️ Keep your distance. Alistar's all in is very dangerous but it also has a very short range. Just don't get too close to him & pay attention around bushes and you should be fine.

❄️ Take a look whether or not he plays Hextech Flashtraption. I have seen WAY too many players thinking to themselves "haha cow no flash", and then dying 20 seconds later to hexflash from the bush.

❄️ He is relatively tanky so don't focus on him during team fights. When he engages on your carry, use Crystallize to deny enemy ADC from following up on his combo - and then throw all your other spells at the ADC not the cow! His Unbreakable Will can cleanse your Flash Frost stun so don't get too surprised by it. Other than that just try not to do anything stupid and you'll be fine :D



❄️ If both of you have Electrocute (which is not an unlikely scenario at all), make sure YOU are the one who comes on top of all trades. Go in, proc Electrocute sooner then he does and then retire immediately before he can proc it too. That is easier then done, but given your increased auto attack range and stun duration from Flash Frost, it is absolutely do-able. For this reason, Flash Frost > Crystallize > Frostbite is a perfect combo against Bard. Always think about this matchup as a battle of "who Electrocutes the other sooner"!

❄️ Bard's playstyle is centered around roaming to other lanes. Ward deeply, watch the minimap, communicate with your midlaner, and abuse enemy ADC when they are alone in lane.

❄️ If possible avoid walls and ally minions during trades or else the Cosmic Binding will stun you which can be fatal for your further presence in lane.

❄️ When Bard uses Magical Journey offensively against you, try to use Crystallize to pin him into a wall and all-in him with your deadly combos. On the other hand, if he uses it to escape, don't chase him too hard. Bard is almost an uncatchable champion due to his Cosmic Binding. Unless you have Flash or 200 IQ plan, there isn't much you can do to stalk him down.



❄️ Blitzcrank's main and only strength comes from his Rocket Grab. Dodge it, Flash it, or block it using minions - it doesn't matter - just don't ever get hooked, or else you die. Even Rebirth won't save you, so don't count on it!

❄️ Avoid him during teamfights. Especially if attacking him would leave you in a vulnerable spot. He is very tanky and you have other champions to focus your damage on.

❄️ Countdown his cooldowns. His Rocket Grab has +/- 17 seconds cooldown so engage on his ADC if it's down. Also, don't get baited into Mana Barrier, remember that it has 90 seconds cooldown.

❄️ In case he hooks your ADC, immediately use all your spells to deny the enemy ADC from attacking yours. Crystallize can push them out of AA range and Flash Frost can stun them for a while. You can then either back off with your ADC or continue fighting. In the case of the latter, focus primarily on enemy ADC not Blitzcrank.



❄️ Fighting Brand is all about positioning. You gotta be always ready to dodge/block his Sear stun. You should also sidestep as many of his Pillar of Flames as you possibly can. And try not to hug your allies/minions or else you can get hit by Conflagration/ Pyroclasm.

❄️ Your build should mirror your skill in this matchup. Bad players might need a lot of sustain items/runes as well as Mercury's Treads, good players just need early Boots, and great players shouldn't need any special tools to handle him. It all depends on how good you are at positioning & side-stepping.

❄️ Brand is very squishy, lacks mobility and defense. Crystallize > Glacial Augment should help you constantly set-up fast engages that he won't be able to prevent. Especially if his Sear is down.

❄️ Cool thing you can do if Brand is harassing you under your turret, is to Crystallize > Glacial Augment > Flash Frost him when he enters the edge of your turret to cast Pillar of Flame on you. The slow and stun as well as the slight knock into your turret range, combined with his lingering Blaze damage can turn your turret against him immediately!



❄️ Braum is a very easy matchup as long as you play it smart. Remember that he can use Stand Behind Me on his own minions to engage, so keep your distance from them.

❄️ As long as you don't get hit by Winter's Bite, Braum will find it very hard to stack Concussive Blows on you, so either dodge it or minion block it and you'll be fine.

❄️ Unbreakable can mess your damage up quite a bit. Make sure you always ping it with an auto-attack first before going for all-in combos, because the first damage instance will get completely nullified no matter how big or small it is. If Unbreakable is down, Braum will have a hard time protecting his ADC.

❄️ When he reaches level 6, Braum gets a lot more deadly, however Glacial Fissure is relatively slow and easy to Flash away from. So don't worry too much about it, but try to be a bit more vigilant than pre-6.



❄️ The trick against Galio lies in how well and how quickly will you be able to respond to his abilities with Crystallize. Use it to immediately trigger his Shield of Durand before he gets to charge it. Another great use is by creating a wall in front of his Justice Punch to block his engagement and cancel the ability. Last but not least, you can use Crystallize to cancel Hero's Entrance. But remember that you have only a 1.5-second window to do it before the ability makes him immune to CC for the remaining of the ability cast.

❄️ His Shield of Durand passive will be annoying as it can negate a lot of your damage, so you are better off by not poking him with your abilities. Focus on his ADC instead.

❄️ Winds of War deals a lot of damage but can be predicted. Watch closely the angle and try to quickly foretell where the tornado zone lands.



❄️ Janna can be very tricky to deal with due to her powerful protective tools that can negate a lot of your damage. Try to all in on her with your jungler and ADC. Crystallize >> Glacial Augment is enough to cut out her escape route or force a [flash

❄️ If jungler isn't available you can still pray that Janna will play aggressively. Aggressive Janna players often misposition when playing offensively. That gives you opportunities to burst her down.

❄️ You can instantly cancel her Monsoon using Crystallize - the sooner you react to it - the less healing she gets out of it.



❄️ Karma is one of the harder matchups. Inspire is extremely flexible as she can use it to engage, negate your damage or disengage. Her Inner Flame deals a lot of damage, especially when enhanced with Mantra. There is not much you can do here, at least not alone.

❄️ Do your best to set up jungle ganks. Save your hard CC abilities to lock Karma in place and then burst her down. Dodge her abilities and wait until she mispositions or makes a mistake.

❄️ Don't get fooled by Karma's low health. An empowered Focused Resolve can heal her for really absurd numbers, especially if she is very wounded - so don't get baited by her deceiving vulnerability.

❄️ If you find yourself just absolutely unable to do anything against her, simply roam around the map and look for plays elsewhere.



❄️ Leona has 2 main notable power spikes. First is at level 2, that's when she unlocks her deadly Zenith Blade + Shield of Daybreak engage combo. At level 1 she is very weak however, so try to poke her down with your auto attacks and Flash Frost. Reach level 2 before her (by pushing the wave) and look for a quick engage!

❄️ In case your engage went well, Leona should be sitting at like 60% HP. That is great because as long as she remains wounded, she won't be able to proactively engage on you. Keep her health low and you will be safe (mostly). In case your offensive move didn't deliver the necessary damage and her health is high, then you gotta pay attention. She can engage on you at any moment. Play it safe and try to poke her down from afar until she becomes vulnerable enough to not willingly engage herself.

❄️ Keep in mind however that just because Leona won't proactively engage on you - doesn't mean you are totally safe all of a sudden. Nope, she can still be pretty deadly if the right situation arrives. If you are under the enemy turret, enemy jungler ganks you or you stray too far away from your ADC, good neighbor Leona can immediately snap back to offensive game mode, engaging at the nearest target. So don't get too comfortable with her. Stay vigilant!

❄️ If Leona engages on your ADC then try to immediately stop enemy ADC from attacking yours. Ignore the super tanky warrior of the sun, focus on that squishy little sniper over there.

❄️ If Leona engages on YOU, Flash away ASAP. Don't hold your Flash until the most needed moment, just Flash immediately and save yourself some health - you will need it.

❄️ At level 6, Leona unlocks the strongest card in her deck, the almighty Solar Flare! With this ability Leona can catch any target near or far and setup huge kills. There is not much you can do against that. But if you feel too threatened by this ability, remember that Banshee's Veil exists ;)

❄️ I know what I said about keeping her healthbar low during the laning phase, but please dump that mindset as soon as she starts building all those magic resists and HP items. She is still a tank and we don't want to waste our precious damage on her.



❄️ Lulu is just another shield-based champion with the ability to nullify most of your damage. Use Crystallize + Glacial Augment to create unexpected engages or just Predator around the map and look for plays elsewhere. Yes I just used Predator as a verb - deal with it :D

❄️ Help, Pix! has a very short range. In teamfights use Crystallize and your crowd control abilities to separate Lulu from her main shielding target (usually an ADC but can also be Master Yi/ Tryndamere or whatever champion carries their game). That way she will be forced to use Help, Pix! on weaker allies.

❄️ Wild Growth should not really affect you as you only rarely enter the melee range of your enemies. However, when paired with a good enough engage tool like Unstoppable Force or Alpha Strike, the knockup from this ability can be really nasty, keep this in mind!



❄️ Lux is a pretty skill based matchup and thus it entirely depends on how good you are at ability dodging.

❄️ At level 1, Lux will start poking you down with Lucent Singularity. Simply dodge it and remember that most Lux players re either aiming that ability either right at you or behind you. So ironically sometimes the best thing you can do in order to dodge it, is to walk closer to Lux. That can also allow you to retaliate with level 1 ability of yours ( Flash Frost).

❄️ At level 2 Lux puts a point into Light Binding, remember that it can hit only the first 2 targets so hiding under minion wave can work just fine, but usually you are better of by simply dodging it because if you stay too close to your minions, Lux will be able to hit both you and the minion wave with Lucent Singularity (aka something that gives her more agency over lane control). Light Binding is a lot easier to dodge compared to Lucent Singularity.

❄️ At level 3 many Lux players tend to skip Prismatic Barrier and instead they put more points into their already existing abilities. That may work against certain champions but definitely not against Anivia, so feel free to engage on her. Worst case scenario, she just uses Prismatic Barrier and soaks a tiny bit of your damage. Best case scenario, you made her regret her level 3 life decision :D

❄️ Post level 6 Lux will try to hit her Light Binding and usually supports that ability with Lucent Singularity and Final Spark to burst you down. For this reason, it is good to have Zhonya's Hourglass to negate all that damage. However, you gotta time it right. If you use it too soon, Lux will simply wait for the stasis to go off and then burst you down right after. It's best to get hit by Light Binding first, then wait for that Lucent Singularity + Final Spark to start casting and then BOOOM you deny both! So try to be patient, please. Banshee's Veil works even better here.

❄️ When Lux throws in Light Binding (and you successfully dodge it), you have a 12-8 second long opportunity to attack back. Light Binding is her only real CC ability and without it she has no real tool to protect herself. So a cool yet very aggressive trick you can do against her is to Flash-dodge that Light Binding but instead of flashing "away" you flash "towards" her (as shown on the image), this should put you into a very aggressive position where you can follow up with your max damage combos and take her down!



❄️ Milio has an exceptional ability to deny bursts of damage due to Warm Hugs having 2 charges - try to bait his shields down using auto attacks and go for a combo once it's down. Maxing Frostbite first might prove useless in this matchup, depending on how he manages his protective tools.

❄️ Milio can use Ultra Mega Fire Kick on minions to poke you down if you stand behind them.

❄️ Breath of Life can be quite a major gamechanger during 2v2 fights, especially if Milio cleanses your Flash Frost with it. However, considering that Ignite can reduce the healing and Glacial Storm cannot be cleansed this easily - you don't have that much to worry about here.

❄️ I really don't recommend Electrocute in this matchup. Not only do Warm Hugs totally negate your trading damage, but Fired Up! extra damage will make him win the trade every time. Try to instead look for bigger engages to catch him off-guard - Glacial Augment works great for this.



❄️ Morgana can deny a lot of your crowd control potential using Black Shield. Sadly there is not much you can do about it. Your Flash Frost is very easy for Morgana to react to. With that said this ability has a cooldown of 24-16 seconds, and most Morgana players max it last so after she blocks your Flash Frost and its cooldown refreshes you should have like 10 seconds to Flash Frost someone again before Black Shield recharges.

❄️ Also Morgana's Dark Binding is a good ability to countdown. It has a flat cooldown of 10 seconds so once she casts it, you have a little bit of extra advantage-time to strike back without being punished. Especially since without Dark Binding pre-6 Morgana is 0 threat.

❄️ It is essential that you don't get hit by Dark Binding, the ability is relatively easy to dodge and can be minion-blocked too but if you mess up, you are in serious trouble my dear. Since you won't be able to Flash away while inside, your only real chance is to use your CC spells and Crystallize to prevent enemies from engaging on you.

❄️ Post-6 Morgana becomes a lot more lethal in close range fights. However, even if she casts her Soul Shackles you should have an easy time escaping due to Crystallize. In teamfights later on she will also combine this ability with Zhonya's Hourglass which is a real strong combo - so don't get too close to everyone else to minimize the risk.

❄️ Once her stasis effect wears off, you should have an easy time bursting her down with a well-timed Flash Frost.

❄️ The Lux flash trick works against Morgana too!



❄️ Early game Nami is a walking sea-snack. Her health bar is super short, she lacks any real defensive ability and the best thing about this tasty fish biscuit? She walks right at you :D Most Nami players will try to use Ebb and Flow to poke you down while healing back any damage they take along the trade. If she walks in and does that, just straight up burst her down. One Flash Frost > Frostbite > Ignite > Electrocute combo and with at least a minimal help of your ADC, the fish should be dead by now.

❄️ Of course, of course, yes she will try to land her Aqua Prison on you, and yes if she hits you with it you are in serious trouble, however, the ability hitbox is easy to dodge so as long as you won't be an absolute monkey and you should be fine :D

❄️ Nami also has a very short mana pool and probably uses runes like Manaflow Band and Biscuit Delivery to cover it up a bit. What you can do is run Biscuit Delivery too and try to outlast her in lane. Eventually, she will be forced to make a bad recall leaving their ADC alone in lane, which should then allow you to easily burst said ADC down with ease.

❄️ In the mid to late game, Nami becomes a lot stronger. Her ultimate Tidal Wave can be used to start a teamfight or turn it around, however it is very slow and can be dodged easily. In teamfights try to separate her from the rest of her team and take her down. Set up some ambush if necessary, as a support she will probably venture into jungle eventually to place a few wards...



❄️ In the early game playing against Nautilus is all about staying behind minions in order to not get hit by Dredge Line. The cooldown of this ability is 14-10 seconds, so if he misses it, you should immediately go for a free trade.

❄️ Titan's Wrath can really mess up your burst damage against him. For this reason instead of going for big chonky Electrocute combos, you will be much better off by constantly poking him down with auto attacks and saving your big combos for his ADC. Later on in the game, however, just leave him alone completely, he is too tanky to deserve your attention.

❄️ Post-6 Nautilus becomes a lot more dangerous. Depth Charge has a huge catch potential and once it lands, Nautilus will most likely want to press on and follow up with an unmissable Dredge Line. However, since we are plying support Anivia we have a pretty damn good counter-tool called ✨ Crystallize✨. Simply place the wall between Nautilus and his current target to block his incoming Dredge Line.

❄️ This trick can of course be used in other situations too, however keep in mind that Dredge Line is an extremely quick ability and to be honest I don't even know if it is possible to use Crystallize reactively to prevent the hook. What I do know however is that you can predict WHEN will Nautilus cast his hook and use Crystallize before that happens. So another cool way to use it is when he is charging his Hextech Flashtraption (as shown in the video).

❄️ However if you find it hard to actually predict his hooks, remember that you can still use Crystallize in other ways. For example you can cast this spell right in front of Nautilus when you walk in for a trade. This gives you extra 5 seconds of safety if his Dredge Line is up. You can also use it after you & your ADC engage on the enemy ADC, to prevent Nautilus from peeling you away and interrupting.



❄️ Bone Skewer is Pyke's number 1 engage tool. If he hits you with it, chances are that he will quickly follow up with Phantom Undertow into a bunch of Hail of Blades auto attacks and a grand execute using Death from Below. Luckily for you, you should be able to prevent most of that using Crystallize. The small knockback can immediately cancel Bone Skewer and deny Pyke's catch potential. You can use Flash Frost for this too but due to its cast time, it is far less reliable so don't count on it.

❄️ Death from Below can very much counter your passive. If Pyke successfully executes you with it, he will then receive a reset. Even if Rebirth will give you another chance, Pyke's ult will be up again allowing him to execute you again with it, getting another reset. So Pyke will find it very easy to tear you down through your passive. Keep this in mind in case you want to set up a Rebirth bait on him.

❄️ When Pyke charges at you with Phantom Undertow, don't Flash away immediately. It is a bit more strategic to wait and then Flash at the very last moment. That's because in case you Flash too early, Pyke will get an opportunity to Flash/ Prowler's Claw right at you, causing the stun from Phantom Undertow to still land. If you wait a while, Pyke won't have enough time to do this.



❄️ You can use Crystallize to cancel his Grand Entrance knock up. Remember however that you need to be quick, the time window of interruption lasts only until the yellow circle appears, then you can't cancel it anymore.

❄️ Fey Feathers can be quite annoying. Try to go for big and chunky trades rather than small ones. If you don't pierce through his passive entirely, all it takes for him is to go out of combat and the shield fully refreshes itself - not ideal.

❄️ In this matchup you can either take Electrocute for offensive Fey Feathers penetrations. Or you can take Glacial Augment and use the slow to keep Rakan at distance. Rakan is really reliant on his movement speed. Both The Quickness and Battle Dance get significantly weaker when Rakan is slowed.

❄️ Unlike other engage support s like Leona or Nautilus, Rakan is not that tanky - especially when Fey Feathers is down. His main way to survive teamfights is using Battle Dance to return back to safety after every engage. This ability can however be interrupted using well-timed Crystallize and can then be followed up on with Flash Frost and empowered Frostbite for easy kills. Or you can play it similarly to other engage support matchups, by simply ignoring Rakan once he jumps in and taking down enemy ADC instead. Both methods work just fine in this case.



❄️ Just read the Leona chapter. These 2 champions are basically the same picture.
"It was pointed out to me by Blue
that this is actually very untrue
though I know that Rell would do
anything in order to make it true."
Rell + Leona <3

❄️ Rell has a very strong level 1 due to having what basically is 2 abilities. Play it super safe as your level 1 is worse than hers. You can attempt to cancel it with Flash Frost but don't bet on it. If you miss, chances are you die - so I recommend you to instead play it safe.

❄️ Rell is the best champion in the game. She is great and funny and awesome and totally not like Leona. They are in fact totally different champions. Rell is a strong armored female engage support champion while Leona is strong armored female... actually, it doesn't matter. You see. My point is. Rell is totally different from Leona. 0 similarities. Can I please go home now, Blue? It's scawwy in your basement, I pwomise I will tweat Rell with wespect from now on :d

❄️ Don't get too close to her, unless you want to get stunned & killed by Shattering Strike, and do not underestimate her engage potency.



❄️ Renata Glasc is a very easy matchup. She is mediocre at basically everything she does. Her poke is low, her protective capabilities are low too and her CC is predictable.

❄️ Make sure you don't get hit by Handshake. That ability may have low range and long cast time but if she hits you with it, it ain't pretty. Feel free to possibly minion block it.

❄️ While trading, Renata Glasc will ideally try to soak your trade with Loyalty Program shield while damaging you with it. Counter this trading pattern by either dodging the ability or waiting for the shield to decay.

❄️ A lot of support players are super scared of long-range Hostile Takeovers, but keep in mind that this ability is extremely easy to dodge. Smart Renata Glasc players know this and won't ever use it as an engage ability. They will instead wait for the fight to unleash, get close to you and THEN they use this ability to turn the fight around. But as long as you position yourself properly and keep in mind that Renata still has her ultimate up, you should be able to minimize casualties.



❄️ Senna is a pretty chill matchup. She doesn't really bring too much healing to the table, her CC is bad, self defense too. Wait for her to apply Absolution mist on you or when mist wraith appears on the ground near you. Senna has very low attack speed and Senna players are always ***** for the mist stacks, so when she comes to collect it, throw Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA at her - her auto attack will take so long that she will find it difficult to dodge your combos.

❄️ When you notice a circle of mysterious dark green mist coming at you from the jungle, RUN! There can totally be half of the enemy team hiding inside it, not just Senna, so try to always be prepared for the worst.

❄️ Try to play for the early game. Senna is very strong in the late game so you can't play the waiting game against her unless you would have even stronger/more late game carries in your team.



❄️ Seraphine is one of the better enchanters you can face due to her high cooldown Surround Sound. However the shield is still pretty strong nonetheless. Try not to trade with her while the shield is up.

❄️ Watch out for Stage Presence stacks under her health bar. Epecially if she has 3 out of 4 notes. That means that in her next Beat Drop > High Note combo, the High Note will cast twice, and since it's the ability Seraphine max's first, it will hurt a lot.

❄️ In lane, please don't be one of those players who actually think "base E slow - empowered E stun". Seraphine's Beat Drop can root you after any instance of slow effect. This means that you should be especially careful around ADCs with minor but easy-to-hit CC abilities like Ashe's Volley or Kog'Maw's Void Ooze. Respect those abilities if you don't want to end up stunned!

❄️ In teamfights, try not to get too close to your teammates. Encore combined with Beat Drop and High Note can absolutely turn the fight around. However, as long as your team is scattered all around the battlefield, there is very little Seraphine can do.



❄️ A simple champion with a simple play pattern, yet a really bad matchup nonetheless. Her Hymn of Valor is really easy for her to hit and has long range. If you get lucky Sona will be hungry for Power Chord stacks and will venture deep just to poke you with it. You can potentially punish her greed with Crystallize > Glacial Augment. That may force her Flash or potentially lead to some sweet kills.

❄️ However if she plays it safe, then there really isn't much you can do. Try to roam and help other lanes snowball faster. You can also look for aggressive engages, jungle ganks, and coordinated all-ins. But if your jungler is camping top and your ADC is too scared to look into enemy Sona's eyes, there is only so much you can actually do.

❄️ If possible try to end the game early. In the late game, Sona is a monster of a champion. Consider aggressive early game-oriented runes and hope for the best. With some luck you can beat her but man it's gonna be tough.



❄️ Potentially your worst matchup. Soraka has a kit full of sustain, healing, and damage negation. She can instantly cancel your Glacial Storm using Equinox. She can easily outheal your damage no matter if you hit her or her ADC. Try to dodge her Starcalls, not only does this ability heal Soraka, but it also massively buffs her next Astral Infusion causing it to heal for more, cost less of her HP and give her ADC a burst of movement speed.

❄️ Take Ignite and early Oblivion Orb. Buy your shoes soon and roam somewhere else, there isn't much you can do against Soraka. If you ever get into 2v2 against her, always focus her first. Her ability to protect others is strong, but her ability to protect herself is weaker - especially if she has Moonstone Renewer.

❄️ You can't overpower her. Soraka is stronger then you in ever stage of the game. To win you need to be smarter then her. I dunno setup a 5 second stun with Crystallize. Use Crystallize > Flash Frost and stun that goat under your turret. The way you outsmart her is totally up to you, but you gotta do something. Sitting in the lane and mindlessly poking her just doesn't work in this case.



❄️ Pretty skill based matchup. Try not to get hit by Nevermove as it is his main engage tool. Remember that the root is actually not single target - but AOE so don't be too close to minions.

❄️ Trade pattern is easy. Just keep in mind 2 things: 1) Don't get into his Death's Hand range and 2) Dodge Nevermove. His Vision of Empire is super easy to dodge, but if you manage to avoid getting hit by his other 2 basic abilities, you should win every trade. Electrocute is good here.

❄️ If he ever casts Demonic Ascension what you can do is deny that ability entirely by using Crystallize to cut him off. Swain has no movement ability, meaning that he can either Flash over your wall, all walk painfully around it while likely losing Demonic Ascension in the meantime. If you combine it with another CC tool in your disposal like Flash Frost, or Glacial Augment, you have the potential to instantly negate every R this man casts.



❄️ An annoying yet manageable matchup. His Thick Skin can negate the majority of damage he takes, and it gives him good protection against your turret- Crystallizes. Simply try to focus on his ADC instead if possible, or burn this frog alive with anti-tank items.

❄️ Save your Crystallize! This ability is essential for this matchup. You can either instantly cancel the cast of Abyssal Dive to prevent Tahm Kench from jumping on your carry or from escaping. But you can also use it to peel him away if Tahm Kench ever decides to chase you. You can also use it to create a distance between him and his ADC, making him unable to save his ADC with Devour.

❄️ Many players for some reason forget this but if you have 3 stacks of An Acquired Taste, Tahm Kench can actually Devour you from afar using Tongue Lash. Be extra cautious when the fish icon turns red if you don't wanna become his meal!



❄️ Okay I'm gonna be real with you guys - don't think I ever actually encountered him in any of my games :D so take my advice with a grain of salt here. But in theory this should be a very easy matchup.

❄️ It should potentially be possible for you to cut him off of his carries by using Crystallize while he casts Cosmic Radiance.

❄️ Taric is both a healing-enchanter, a chonky-tank and an engager. However he isn't actually good in any of those. His Dazzle has low range and long cast time making it easy to dodge (especially if you stun him during the cast time). Starlight's Touch costs a looot of mana and heals for very little so don't be ever afraid of him outhealing you like other enchanters do. And his defensive ability Bastion grants him only armor, no magic resist - making Taric much easier to deal with than other tanky support s.

❄️ After he grants his entire team invulnerability using Cosmic Radiance, you can totally just use your AOE CC to keep most of their team away from yours until the buff wears off. Glacial Storm works really well.



❄️ Thresh is a pretty skill based matchup. As long as you don't get hit by Death Sentence, keep an eye on bushes if he has Hextech Flashtraption and don't get too close to him to get Flayed - you should have a pretty easy time.

❄️ Don't be afraid to throw your combos at him. Sure damaging enemy ADC is still a bit more efficient but Thresh isn't as tanky as other tank-supports, and his only real damage-mitigating ability is Dark Passage which only grants a really small shield and has a long cooldown.

❄️ Speaking of cooldowns, countdown them. Especially Dark Passage and Death Sentence. If Dark Passage is down, 2v2s become a lot more predictable and fair. And while Death Sentence is down, you can harass him and his ADC with only very little fear.

❄️ Watch out for unexpected Dark Passage jungle ganks. If you see Thresh casting it far into the fog of war, run!


- - - - AND - - - -



❄️ Both champions are pretty annoying supports to play against. Very much depends on your skill. As long as you keep dodging their Plasma Fission/ Arcanopulse you should be alright, but if things get nasty, you better buy yourself some sustain tools or early Boots of Swiftness.

❄️ Use Crystallize to instantly cancel their ultimate abilities. If Crystallize is down, use Flash Frost instead.

❄️ Both Vel'Koz and Xerath are very vulnerable champions, if you manage to surprise them with a well-placed offensive Crystallize into Flash Frost there is a very high likelihood that you can turn the situation into ez kill.

❄️ In Vel'Koz's case, keep an eye on the number of Organic Deconstruction stacks he applied on you. If you have 2 stacks applied, run away and come back when they wear off. His passive does a lot of damage.

❄️ In Xerath's case, try not to allow him to auto-attack you, his Mana Surge can give him tons of mana if he does. You might be tempted to throw some additional auto attacks after a successful Flash Frost > Frostbite > AA combo, but keep in mind that any extra AA that you cast, will only increase Xerath's opportunity to fight back and regain his mana in the process. If you won't be careful enough, he can totally outlast you in lane and force you into early recall. So don't get auto-attacked by him.



❄️ Okay so yeah Yuumi is an enchanter, the worst possible class you can play against, however Yuumi is similarly to Nami extremely easy to catch. Her only defensive ability is You and Me! and that ability is put on 4 second cooldown every time Yuumi gets heavy-CCed. Her max health, movement speed and magic resist are among the weakest in the entire game. Also Yuumi players don't take Flash making them even more squishy! So just wait for her to jump off of her ADC in search of Feline Friendship AA, and stun her down! This will put her W on cooldown making her an easy prey for your ADC to collect!

❄️ If you can't for whatever reason set up a kill on her while she is searching for a Feline Friendship target, just avoid her. You don't want an enchanter to gain 1/4th of her mana bar only to heal her ADC even more. So if you can't fight, at least don't get hit.

❄️ Anivia can use her model to dodge Prowling Projectile easier. The wings are making you look wider then your hitbox actually is. And while Prowling Projectile in itself is aimed by Yuumi, its max turning angle is reaally weak. That means that sometimes you can walk towards the projectile (but slightly to the side) to make your wings paralel to the projectile itself. If Yuumi overestimates the size of your hitbox and aims on your wings, she will inevitably miss. This will make the projectile travel behind you and since its turning angle is so weak, Yuumi won't be able to turn it 180° in time.

❄️ Crystallize counts as heavy CC in terms of You and Me! cooldown reset. Use it as an instant, easy-to-hit and reliable tool for preventing cat from escaping.

❄️ Mind your CC abilities. If you don't kill her in 4 sec. window after stunning her down, You and Me! comes back up and she escapes. Try to save yourself some CC and use it to get yourself more time. A well-distributed combination of Crystallize and Flash Frost can deny Yuumi's You and Me! by up to 8 seconds, a badly-distributed CC used all at once can deny You and Me! for only 4 seconds.



❄️ There isn't much for me to say about Zyra actually. It's just a normal skill based matchup that doesn't require any special strategy and that doesn't have any unique interaction with your kit :d So just play well, dodge her spells, don't waste your time killing her plants - 3 gold isn't worth your time. Keep an eye on her ultimate. When it comes to her seeds either avoid or step over them - both works fine. Aaaand just do your best :p