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Teemo Build Guide by Sovereign Kitten



Updated on May 24, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sovereign Kitten Build Guide By Sovereign Kitten 12148 592 23,111,136 Views 831 Comments
12148 592 23,111,136 Views 831 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sovereign Kitten Teemo Build Guide By Sovereign Kitten Updated on May 24, 2024
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  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
Kill pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



SUMMON AERY - Most effective for New & Experienced players | RUNE #3
FLEET FOOT - Most Effective against difficult lanes & high rank | RUNE #4
ELECTROCUTE - Most Effective Against Squishy Compositions | RUNE #6

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
I am not asking for much; simply clicking on my MADMONQ SPONSOR is all that I ask. You don't even have to buy anything. If you love Teemo and all I've done for him over the last ten years, please support me by visiting the website for a few minutes; who knows, maybe something will interest you in the future! I'm really into their Caffeine Tablets, it helps me focus (ADHD) and also comes as a vitamin suppliment designed for gamers as a soft chewable tablet. Thank you for your support :3
My GOOGLE POWERPOINT unlike the match-up information provided here on this guide, goes into more detail about each and every champion. Runes, Items, what to look out for with visual reference.

I put a lot of time and effort into these guides. However, I do make some mistakes or forget to update a champion or two when they get changed or introduced to the game. If you do notice anything out of place like this then please let me know so I can make the necessary changes immediately! Thanks!
My ZAR guide was an in-game overlay that would coach you precisely on what to do, when to do it, based on the enemies composition and things that are being done by you throughout the game.

They have given up on making it functional with the API changes and of course Vanguard update making it no longer useable, maybe in the future, but they have been pretty much silent ever since.
Throughout the years, I have honed my way into becoming an ARTICLE REVIEWER. While I enjoy Teemo, I also play other games. Would you like to follow my progress? Helps a lot!

I started out as a STEAM CURATOR, but that is what eventually secured me a position in writing and video production, which I have been enjoying as of lately, since League has become stale.
Follow me on TWITCH. You can catch me every single day.

I mostly just play a game or two of TFT and then go back to other games that I've been wanting to play or games that I was given to evaluate. Even if I'm not playing League, I'll still answer your League-related questions because I honestly enjoy helping people learn thing about Teemo!
The Official DISCORD for Teemo players. Here we host weekly events, movie nights, and monthly giveaways for skins / video games. Discuss everything Teemo and some off-topic things with us!

We pride ourselves on keeping things civilized, friendly and absolutely toxicity free. We care about you, so why not drop by, who knows? You might even make a brand new friend to play League with!
Follow me on TWITTER. I don't really socialize that much being the introvert that I am, but I do occasionally drop some tweets here and there regarding Teemo, Art or whenever I host events.

If you have any business enquiries, you can message me on Twitter or more preferably email me at I'll get back to you as soon as I can, when I am not too busy!
Subscribe to me on YOUTUBE. I will be uploading on occassion helpful videos on improving your overall gameplay with Teemo, as opposed to constantly trying to click bait you for views.

I don't think I will be doing too much here, as it's not a place I like too much.

I've since stopped taking League of Legends seriously. Once you start taking it seriously, it's an extremely depressing and poisonous experience, so please be cautious and take care of yourself. I welcome feedback and suggestions from everyone in order to make this guide easier to follow and understand. Don't be afraid to assist me in assisting you.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm more than an internet personality, I'm a friend. You can always count on me for help! You may know me on reddit as u/SovereignKitten on the sub of r/Teemotalk as a Moderator, for all things related to our lord Teemo.

I've poured my heart and soul into this guide to help you succeed, not to flash my rank.
I created this guide about 4 years ago slowly improving it as new changes arrived, and I am proud to present you with constantly updated daily/weekly information that isn't just clickbait. I hope this improves your success with Teemo.

People seem to always assume that I am a very busy person with no interest in speaking with them. This is untrue. I absolutely love meeting and helping new people and am never truly busy. I do all of the things that I do on Mobafire / Reddit for free! You're not an audience to me, you're fellow Teemo's so honestly, treat me like a close Teemo friend.

However, if the content that I have provided you with has sparked a drive in you in some way shape or form and you would like support me through donations or prime subscriptions? I'd be happy to be supported for what I do for you.

If you ever need help with anything be it Teemo/Life, you can contact me through one of the external links above.

Teemo is all about making your opponents suffer. Both mentally and physically. He is a pestilence to any and all who oppose him, in the hands of a knowledgeable player he's a monster, he's also cute.

He is in general a straightforward and honest champion, without any forms of cheese like shields or massive sustain / invulnerability. He is all about knowledge & strategy, he will help you learn about League.

If you like being annoying or ruining peoples fun, then do I have good news for you my friend. Teemo is the champion for you!
One of the biggest problems with playing Teemo comes with being flamed and put down by almost everyone you come in contact with. It's basically a never ending cycle of hate for picking him anywhere.

Teemo has always been considered a meme to people & troll pick for years. People refuse to understand how useful he actually is, when played properly. His objective control or vision provided by shrooms, to being focused by everyone on the enemy team for allies to have less focus, to finish them off. So if you're someone who struggles under pressure, Teemo might not be the champion for you.

â—Ź I know the in's and outs of playing Teemo properly from multiple perspectives.

â—Ź I have played Teemo and accumulated 6,000,000 Mastery Points theorizing.

â—Ź I have been in your position. Mistakes, bad KDA to simply having horrible CS.

â—Ź I am a person with high patience and dedicated. No tolerance for toxic attitudes.

Coaching works as such. You simply have to tell me what you are looking for in a direct message either on here, Discord or while I am livestreaming. A review of your OP.GG? Perhaps for me to go over some of your games replays to help locate major flaws? So long as you provide a link or replay file, I would love to help when I have time.

I have time every day of the week from the hours of 5 AM - 2 PM (PST). We can go over everything and you just do your best to improve off of that. If I find that you're too toxic to explain things to, I reserve the right to refuse coaching.

I offer free coaching. You do not have to feel obligated to pay me a dime. I offer quality and satisfaction.

Unlike other people in this world especially in the world of League of Legends. I truly love Teemo and the Teemo community and all who look at him with the slightest interest in making him their a part of their life.

Yes, I could ask you to pay me, but I choose not to because I do not care for money. I’m not nor have I ever been a wealthy person. I wouldn’t say no to donations out of respect so I could buy food, if you wanted to. It's free coaching.

If you read through this guide, then you have to be the one to ultimately implement your own type of play-style and charm to your builds. Reading this guide isn't going to suddenly bounce you from Iron to Challenger overnight. There are no shortcuts, or easy ways to do so. You practice, practice and practice. Things will become clear to you, as you naturally try to understand first hand and improve. Focus on yourself not your allies and stay positive.

This guide alone will yes, guide you in the right direction by teaching you the basics of how League is meant to be played, be it with how to counter an enemy champion, or to survive a very hard match-up, however, it isn't foolproof. You, yourself have to learn this champion with your own two hands and mind. So someone you know plays him differently? That doesn't mean you have to mimic them. You can also implement your very own style and strategies in how to play in a comfortable way you built for yourself. Find what works for you, while looking around!

Teemo is not a champion that you can simply pick up, put on a rune and build any item you want and hard-stomp anyone that gets in your way, he actually requires the knowledge of the game as a whole to dominate.

Knowledge of champion match-ups - as in what their abilities do and how to counter them. What objectives do for you and your teammates. Minion control and how controlling a minion wave can severely cripple the opposing team, with objectives. Knowing all of your strengths and weaknesses, right up to when you simply can do nothing on your own or with your team mates, which simply means move on to the next game instead of holding people hostage.
I truly hope that the information provided in this guide will help you and provide you with all the knowledge that you need to improve yourself steadily & consistently reaching your personal goals. It's laid down plainly.

Even while at the top of your game, you will always run into problems. Problems you might not be effectively able to deal with on your own. It might be ganks, your team or mana. Overall the message I am trying to spread is to keep your head up and keep looking for ways to improve yourself to do better next time.

Your primary spell is going to always be Ignite. It's used everywhere because it's an aggressive spell. It's not worth taking anything other of the other spells, because of the extra kill pressure. So if you do feel like you play more passive in lane, a different spell would most likely compliment your play-style.
Teleport is rarely taken as this spell is for players who want nothing more than split-push and play objectively. You can flank and back door with Noxious Trap's especially if you have them shoved to their open nexus while your team fights around objectives. It's personal preference, however.
Ghost seems to find its way back into many players playstyles, but it's not as great as you may think. If you desire mobility, just play an (E) into (W) max ability build eliminating the necessity for this summoner and allowing other aggressive playstyles to come out with a summoner like Ignite.
Some may enjoy taking Exhaust in some of their games as a form of CC and added utility for when they get ganked and want to escape/kill when they dive you under tower. It will also reduce their damage by 40% allowing you to out-trade them when they extend into you.
Barrier can be used to help prevent you from being dove under tower and executed. It also helps you to enter passive due to the interaction with shields and champion damage. Enemy champions are not hitting you directly, you're never in combat.

First and foremost, if you are playing Teemo in a solo lane then your main goal is to take control lane period, before they hit level 6. This means, being super aggressive when the time calls for it, being mindful of minion aggro and trying to push them out of lane or to get a kill every time they make a minor mistake, like going for that cannon minion and getting hit for 75% of their HP in the process, while also missing because of our well timed Blinding Dart. If you lane passively because you're scared especially into an easy champion, you lose.

Teemo is at his strongest during first few levels (1-3), falling off for a bit before coming back strong at level 11 and onward. Once most champions hit level 6, they normally have everything that they need to take you out even if you've gotten a few kills off on them. This could be any number of things, their gap close, CC, burst, spike items. While all we have is Move Quick & Noxious Trap's which doesn't really do much, since we can't place down many shrooms until later. If they simply dash and hit us, we lose all passive speed and get run down rather easily. Farm & simply stall for level 11 don't make mistakes, because you got a kill, you'll stack up kills into the mid to late game.

You most likely will get the first blood or a few kills off of your laner in the early game, especially if you are a low-elo player, players here are more willing to make mistakes and allow you to freely snowball because of it, but this is where it becomes extremely important for you to remain ahead throughout the entirety of the game through proper roaming, warding, csing and team fighting. You never wanna simply stay in one place. You need to push your lead hard.

You can do this roughly a few ways. You can utilize your lead to punish them further, while also zoning them from gaining CS while freezing your waves, preventing them from gaining EXP / Gold while building up a large enough wave to crash their tower after you kill them setting them back through gold with a huge wave to protect you from ganks and them moving forward. Because if they die to you, they lose so much more EXP continuing your lea to snowball.

These games tend to be very boring. If you are going up against an enemy laner that knows how to deal with you. They understand your threat and respect you by backing off, then there really isn't much you can do in terms of snowballing.

Especially if they play extremely passive during the first few levels, and allow the waves to naturally crash to their tower by giving up a few CS where they can freeze and zone you with threats of ganks and possibly Ghost pressure if you're up against Darius or other hard engage champions. This simply sets them up for an ally to gank and kill you, setting you behind heavily because if you were not able to kill them before, you now have very limited options for what you can do, so don't get into this position. Control your minion waves much more effectively, play smart.

Focus on last hitting, and utilizing your poke and harass for when they step forward. That's pretty much all you have to do, respect them when they act a bit more aggressively and punish them for making a minor or major mistake. A form of mistake would be Darius missing his pull allowing for us to play aggressive for a few moments, it's a small window but you get the idea. You're primarily going to be focusing on CS, warding and harassing when they make the mistakes while, respecting them when their abilities are up and when they become a lot more aggressive after being passive all game. Usually this is an indication of being ganked, sometimes it's because they lose their patience.

So if you have not been capable of taking control of the lane early, then you should be farming and prioritizing other lanes and your allies. Once you hit level 6, you become a huge asset to your teammates and to yourself if you are effectively utilizing your Noxious Trap and granting them vision of top sides jungle, allowing you to play more respectfully into champions who are only now beginning to play more aggressively towards you, since they have their all in damage, and threat from their jungler/support if they are ganking your lane.

The best thing you could do is to not get into this position in the first place. Being behind on Teemo is one of the worst things that can happen to you in a game, unlike other champions, he needs to be even or ahead to impact games.

Once again, Teemo has his biggest chance to get a snowball his lane while he is level (1-3). The higher rank you are the more this becomes true. If he is killed by level 2 or 3, that's it. You've pretty much already lost this lane in general.

Focus on CS, managing waves and simply staying alive while not making the same mistakes over and over again, killing is a part of the game, but you getting a kill after being set behind 2-4 waves isn't going to change things, period.

This is something you need to understand. Teemo is a very easily ganked champion from levels (1-5), because there is no threat of shrooms and in most cases we don't even have our Move Quick or Boots to get away.

Most every champion in the Top lane has 5-30 more movement speed than us from level 1-2 and if we get struck by a tower or champion our speed goes back to 330, which will always be below our opponent, we can't outrun them.

It doesn't help if all you do is shove to tower all game. It's all about not losing to this by simply becoming more wary of these instances and your surroundings. Place vision wards out early around minutes (2:30, 4:20 & 6:10) to be more accurate, these are the most common times most all enemy junglers will be top-side due to their pathing early game.

There are plenty of ways to prevent losing to ganks, plenty of benefits to being the prime focus of ganks especially when it's the enemy jungler. Placing down deep Stealth Ward at the right time and properly utilizing Guerrilla Warfare to waste more time while your allies grab objectives elsewhere and put pressure which is invaluable. In the end you may have died, but you wasted their time which is a huge set back ajnd siphoned their EXP. Take pride in being ganked.

This is understandable, you're not suppose to be a perfect player, nobody is, League isn't an easy game to master.

It takes the ability to multitask consistently to maximize your Macro & Micro management. You need to be focusing on everything, even if it is hard to do so. Get to the point where you can pull it off like it's just second-nature for you.

This can be simply looking at your mini-map while you're waiting to poke the enemy or simply to last hit your CS. Pinging when you see something in the quick glance to alert your allies. You might notice you have 0% vision and decide you should shove the lane to roam a bit to remedy that. The reason you would shove is so your minions die and keep a majority of the enemies minions alive due to their tower killing our minions faster than ours can kill theirs.

Tunnel Vision is simply the act of repressing everything around you while focusing entirely on killing champions and nothing else. Are they low HP? Good! But... take a glance at the mini-map where are their allies? No vision? Probably around the corner so if you chase, you run the risk of dying. You must avoid this by forcing yourself out of that mindset or you'll simply never improve.

I get it. You feel empowered. You're 20/0 and boy you're out for blood and nothing in this world can stop you! However... You'll lose sense of time, your surroundings will disappear among all things until it is too late and you simply get caught out over and over again. Killing is a part of the game, but don't let it consume you.
Because of the removal and closure of the lane on the top side of the wall. There is no longer a requirement for us to lay down three mushrooms in order to cover our back and the river and bush exits. This is of great use to you because it allows you to concentrate more on the lane and or broaden your vision by using mushrooms throughout the river and jungle.

The good thing about these placements is the fact that they are not really anywhere near the minions pathing, so they will never be tripped, unless the minion waves are huge, causing minions to push out to the sides more.
Vice versa of the previous image, is the mirror set up on the opposite side of the lane, when you are starting on the Bot side team.

You will have to get used to the reality that the River is just so enormous now, and there aren't a lot of things you can do other than cultivate vision and mushrooms deeper in order to see things before they happen. This will be the most difficult challenge that you will have to overcome.
The alcove does make certain match-ups annoying to deal with, specifically champions like Shaco, Evelynn and any other champion with lock down or gap close.

If you do not currently have vision or at the very least a shroom placed in the bushes you will fail to notice them until you walk into the gank.

These shrooms offer a way to chase around the alcove as they try to avoid you when you do not have a vision to see them. Your shrooms placed near their tower can catch them, if they escape.
Having such a huge open space here in the Top side, especially after the removal of bushes and the addition of a Pixel Bush, gives the impression of being quite menacing. It has made auto-pathing a little bit more consistent and it is now much simpler to activate mushrooms.

Warding the Pixel bush is pretty much the only spot you would want to ward, unless you are on Top side start, then occassionally you would want to ward the closed off wall which can be exploited by a lot of champions that can jump over them.
It is strange when it comes to auto-pathing, which we have been familiar with for a great number of years, because the jungle has experienced some broadening in many areas, new paths, and old paths that have been blocked off.

If a person wished to travel from the Bot side start to the Top side Red, they would naturally take the road that goes through the river bush on the left side, rather than the jungle.

In this particular configuration, the players are more likely to be attempting to go for a Baron play or rotate through their jungle clear in preparation for a possible gank through the river to the Mid lane.
These shrooms single handedly protect you more than any other placement so long as you are starting on the Top side team. It offers both vision and awareness when someone is pathing top side. Pop the blast cone over wall so they have to go through river or they can surprise you.

If they enter towards the blast cone you will see them, if they enter from the river entrance it will warn you they are near top side, but not that they want to path towards top side every time.

Once again if you want a much more in-depth explanation check out the video below as it goes into a few tips and tricks about finer details.

We don't normally take Teleport unless we feel like we need to play more objectively and know we don't have much kill potential in lane.

You can use Teleport while invisible to escape to safety, so long as they have no displacement skills or while their displacement skills are down.

This interaction was changed sometime back in Season 8, when they made some adjustments.
Don't forget that if you're currently being swept by Oracle Lens you will want to move around as much as possible without clicking enemies, wards or minions while you're avoiding skills.

You can move around while in stealth, most people don't really do anything but waste time trying to kill you. While on this topic I'll inform you that Control Ward's do not reveal Teemo.
Sometimes, it's better to play your luck and enter into stealth in hopes that people will not sweep you and leave, if you noticed that you are about to be focused by a 4 or even a 5 man.

Running away isn't always the best option, nor is trying to fight your way through more than 4 people, unless you are mega fed with burst.

Do try to keep this in mind for your games.
One often ignored strategy with Teemo is his ability to Blinding Dart an enemy champion that is auto attack reliant, this lets you stealth.

This is one of the best strategies often used against, Tryndamere, Jax & Nasus. So long as their main stuns / abilities have been used you can just stand still after blinding them.

You also need to take into account minion aggro, if they are hitting you, it will prevent your stealth.
While it isn't advised. You can bait people with your passive by just... being an annoying "rat".

Popping out of the bushes and out of stealth while laughing. There is a very high chance that someone with a lock down CC or displacement skill will blow it trying to catch you an reveal you.

It just might give you the opening you need.
Often times there are some very funny plays with Teemo and certain champions.

You really should give stealth plays more credit. It can literally save your life, while getting kills.

In this case, Xin Zhao's (R) will push Teemo and if you are pushed out of the bushes you are revealed. But he did it over the wall which had no vision. So we stay visible until we land on the other side, which ultimately is what saved us.

A freeze is used to keep yourself safe or to further dominate the lane if you're winning an being ganked. Keeping 4 more enemy minions alive is useful for champions without killing or zoning pressure against you especially with no wave control. You become safe under the veil of your tower & can harass freely as they try to CS. While making sure to thin out minions/keep them alive long enough for your next wave to freeze them in case your tower messes it all up. So long as they have 4 minions alive more than your minions. It will remain frozen until you shove it back out, otherwise by default it will force your minions to grow in size and keep growing uncontrollably forcing a slow-push. It's a horrible feeling, try not to get in this position like Fiora.
Video Reference

A slow push is used to slowly apply pressure to the enemy, setting up kills, setting up dives and setting up sieges which help prevent yourself from being killed due to your minions being larger in size. You simply make sure you always have 1 more minion than them to build up while last hitting the rest. It's amazing to have them turn and fight to defend you especially while in passive since they can still aggro so long as they are near you and the enemy can use some form of ability to damage you. It's a defensive layer / pressure which causes you to get ganked more often, which is what you want, you want your allies to acquire Drake or towers.
Video Reference

A fast push or shove is simply killing things quickly to push it under their tower. They may have roamed or backed to base due to poke without Teleport or you may simply want to roam. So you'd want to fast push to prevent them from acquiring a vast amount of EXP upon return if you are very close to their tower. The tower can help clear them out, primarily cannon and melee minions since they are the most valuable.

You'd want to roam/return to base after having shoved your wave to retain as many of their minions as possible upon returning to the lane, their minions will turn around into your favor due to their waves being larger and slow-pushing, so long as you keep last hitting. This is great after a slow push has built up.

If the enemy has stuck you in a freeze while permanently zoning you, you can't do anything, the only thing that you can do is ask politely for your jungler to help break free, or don't get in this position in the first place.
Video Reference

Zoning is very simple concept, it's when the enemy is being pressured away significantly from obtaining any CS or gaining EXP from dying minions. If you can get in between them and their minions. If they try to move forward to grab the CS you back off while punishing them from range for making that mistake. This would cause them to go back to base, allowing you to crash the wave further preventing EXP and CS while they walk back if they do not have Teleport. This can cripple any top laner. It's done when you're ahead mostly.
Video Reference

While playing as Teemo, you must understand. You shouldn't be standing still for extended periods of time, move around and utilize bushes so you gain both the ability to use passive while moving and be less of a target for skillshots. If you are not focusing on CS or poking champions you really shouldn't be standing still.

You can clearly see the difference in utilization of Teemo's passive and his mobility being used while being protected by bushes and zigzagging. If an enemy were to gank, you would have nothing to fear as you are able to flee through bushes or wait them out in stealth if it is possible to do so. Please utilize this well.
Video Reference

Guerrilla Warfare is an underappreciated skill. It can be used both defensively and offensively depending on the situations. There are a lot of unique interactions with enemy champions and allies alike. Let's talk about these interactions so that you can fully understand the scope of it's versatility.

If you stand still for 1.5 seconds you will enter stealth. Enemy champions can not see you, hear you nor damage you, unless they have specific skill-shots like Lux here. If you take damage you will glow white for a moment to enemies, giving away your location. The only thing that can reveal us is a hard CC displacement, in this case Darius. Control Ward's will also not reveal you but Oracle Lens will highlight you allowing for a champion to land skill shots.

Often times you can pull off some amazingly lucky plays with your passive alone. In this case the Zed's going to kill us, so we abuse his (R)'s weakness of not being able to damage us while it is channeling so that we can enter stealth to plan our escape after having blinded his auto.

There are plenty of other plays you can make defensively with this playstyle. So if you know you're going to die, what do you have to lose?

Utilizing this ability in the laning phase early game can be extremely effective, the attack speed can help with CSing or trading.

Another often ignored thing is using the passive to set up ambushes when you pretend to leave the lane or roam when enemies are low HP.

This allows you to wait for them to extend past you or into a shroom before assassinating them.

Teemo's passive is not limited to just Teemo.

Both Shen & Yuumi can benefit from it.
They will not break Teemo's stealth when Shen uses his (R) nor Yuumi when she uses her (W), what's more is they will both remain invisible.

This can really turn a losing battle into your favor if you managed to get behind their frontline.
Blinding Dart is our primary burst, while running a build like Electrocute or Dark Harvest coupled with Stormsurge. This ability deals a tremendous amount of damage if built properly. It's used as a natural ADC counter. unless they have purchased Quicksilver Sash.

Blinding Dart with it's duration of 2 to 3 seconds can also prevent anyone who is a basic attacking champion to miss entirely. However, you would never want to just spam this ability as it will drastically drain your mana, something which Teemo really can not spare much of. It's a great offense, but also an amazing defense against champions that try to all in you level 1-2 like Tryndamere, Wukong & Riven. We'll normally start (Q) against them over (E).

While enemy champions are under the effect of Blinding Dart, their abilities that empower their basic auto attacks will fail to connect or deal damage. This can be an absolute lifesaver in the late game against certain late game scalers like Jax, Master Yi & Tryndamere if you ended up in a position where you were going to be killed. You can blind them and go stealth by standing still and not reacting while they try to kill you when their main skills are down.

Blinding Dart as stated will prevent enemy champions from dealing empowered damage to us. This also prevents champions from using status effects like stuns, silences & slows.

Garen, Udyr, Jax, Renekton & Leona or Blitzcrank's empowered knock up after his hook. There are plenty of other champions. Blinding the correct champion at the right time, can save you or your allies.
Move Quick is considered one of his weaker skills. It doesn't really do too well in the game these days because of mobility creep. It's hard to avoid being hit by the basic abilities compared to previous seasons, however, it's often ignored as a first or second max. It's pretty huge into bruisers and tanks.

Teemo's Move Quick only needs +3 due to the diminishing returns of softcap and hardcap.

Once you take damage from any source (aside from minions) you will lose all bonus movement speed. So the idea is to never get caught in the first place. This synergizes well with mobility runes like Press the Attack with (W) max 2nd.

You can activate the ability to gain a bonus in movement speed double of what the passive is. This is countered if we've been slowed recently.
Toxic Shot will normally be maxed every game. It's our primary source of damage. The more points it has, the better we CS and deal damage to enemy champions on-hit and over time. Play practice tool game without putting a single point in (E) and try to CS after putting one into it. You'll understand.

Teemo has good synergy with many of his core runes. The reason for this is due to the way his poison interacts, extending each rune in a way.

Auto attack an enemy with an activation rune like for example in this case Summon Aery and you can double activate her for free poke.

So long as you have poisoned them run to pick her up, it's damage that won't provoke minions. So instead of having to constantly attack to activate it, all you have to do is make sure you poke once, pick her up and repeat the process.

You can poison multiple targets so long as you keep switching between them. Toxic Shot is considered an "on-hit" applied effect.

Acquiring Runaan's Hurricane will spread your poison which is amazing for split pushing as it's better clear than wasting Noxious Trap's which could have been utilized as defense. It does not apply effects like Press the Attack. It will spread Nashor's Tooth & Wit's End.

Toxic Shot can be a double edged sword. It's important for you to understand that if you hit an champion and try to poke them again while under tower, you wait 4 seconds to poke if you have to enter tower range, otherwise you have a high chance of being struck by the tower. This is unnecessary damage you are taking, which will also deactivate Move Quick's passive.

Noxious Trap's primary use is for map control. It lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes which is a massive amount of vision & time when used properly and placed in ideal locations, especially if the enemies are not clearing them out effectively around objectives like Baron Nashor and Drake.

During the laning phase what you're looking for is places that will slow the enemies advances towards you, while avoiding minions.

Unexpectedly placed shrooms are usually the best, allowing you to lure your opponents towards them, positioning yourself so that they run in the direction that you want them to go.
It's used as a defense as well as offense so long as you know how to manipulate their pathing.

One of the most powerful assets to Teemo is his ability to infinitely bounce his shrooms.

This can be huge late game if you have a section to bounce off of to make some objective plays which could even net you Baron Nashor or push the the enemy team off long enough for your teammates to make a play or to get them to back off preventing it or even stealing it.

Our go-to smite is Gustwalker Smite. You'll be able to cover a lot of ground rapidly if you max (E) into (W) while weaving in and out of bushes. The Cloud Drake and Celerity bonuses, as well as many other factors, can boost your movement speed to 800+ especially with Dead Man's Plate.
Scorchclaw Smite is ideal for dealing damage to champions with shrooms especially with the item Malignance. If you're battling champions who are squishy and not difficult to deal damage to, the other smite is a better fit, but will make traversing the map more tedious due to mobility.
It's important to understand that Teemo can have a difficult time in the jungle compared to his normal roles. Keep track of your opponents and where they are likely to appear. Once you understand their clear speed and basic rotation timers, things become much more easy to the point where you just naturally understand where most players will be even if not playing JNG. If you spend too much time ganking and not enough time farming, you quickly find yourself 2-3 levels behind and unable to catch up and soon the target for flame from your allies so be mindful.

Before you can begin with your clear, you must first comprehend a few principles. They are relatively simple to grasp.
A Vertical jungle is when someone starts their Red or Blue side, then instead of going to their second buff (Horizontally) they instead go (Vertically) through the river to take the enemies jungle if they have the capacity to do so normally with champions like Kayn or Shaco and Ivern. This allows them to focus one side of the map, repeatedly putting pressure on lanes in that vicinity. It's often used into champions like Teemo and Kayle to put them behind hard.
The rationale for always starting Red on the top side of the map, even if it isn't your side of the map, is that the enemy is very likely to invade your bot side jungle while also being a powerful move to gain control over their overall movement.

It's critical to comprehend the significance of the first clears. You don't want to gank anyone in the early game unless it is on your way to your next clear. You'll get 3 attempts to help allies on your first full clear, whether it be invading or a normal clear, which will net you 1800 gold by 6 minutes. If you can acquire access to their rotation timers, you will be able to predict where and when the enemy jungler will emerge because they will become desperate for gold and CS.
Invasion Jungle Clear (Blue Side Start)
Normal Jungle Clear (Red Side Start)
Invade Example:
The enemy will be on their raptor pit by 2:30, which is when your ward will comes in handy while you're taking it. If you haven't seen them by 2:40 while you're finishing Krugs, it's because they've rotated your side or are attempting to gank Bot / Mid. This provides you enough time to gank via the top lane, putting them behind and you or your ally ahead.
Red buff provides passive HP regeneration and damage, allowing for speedier clears while staying healthy for potential invades. If you are invaded and unable to defend yourself, flee and try to invade with your allies on the enemy's red. Starting bot side red is a lot more weaker than invading for the enemies red. If an invasion occurs, have your allies defend it, making it less likely that it will be stolen.

Blue side on the bot side of the map is always invaded, and mana really isn't something that Teemo needs at all in the jungle, due to the high mana sustain and low use of mana since we won't be maxing (Q) for quite some time.
After Red buff head towards the Ancient Krug and kill them while kiting. Krugs were one of the only camps not really affected by the camp reset range changes.

It's also now a lot faster to clear than previously before, just make sure you utilize your Blinding Dart to blind and run past the large one to mitigate damage.

If you're invading, you will kill Raptors and ward the bush before killing Krugs.
Once you've killed Krugs, now it's time to move onto the Crimson Raptor camp.
You will still have Red buff to assist you, and you will also need your Smite, under no circumstances should you have to use it on the previous camps.

Start by attacking each individual mini-raptor once while kiting around slightly. AA > AA > Q > Smite the large raptor and finish off the little ones before moving on.
Once you have killed the Raptors you would want to head right over to your Wolves, unless you feel you can apply pressure mid-lane if they are pushed in.

Check your surroundings, because the enemy jungler depending on who they are playing could have invaded your Blue and be right around the corner. You'll need your ward for the next section. So it's better to face check and smite it if it's low.
Blue Buff is often times the final camp you take. Unless you had a very hard leash and have some time to spare before the Rift Scuttler spawns. Then you would want to take out Gromp but due to the need to rush over to the opposite scuttle crab to potentially contest it and steal it. It's best to hold off on it until later.

You'll want to kite it while blinding it as you go through to the other side to avoid resetting the camp from pulling it too far. Once it's died, proceed to the scuttle.
Rift Scuttler is a very crucial objective for you and your team, not only does it offer a lot of vision of the river, it also offers a lot of EXP and gold and movement speed through the ring it spawns, which can really save you later in a fight or if you get caught out. If you let the enemy take both, you'll be set back a lot.

Gank mid and then go for the opposite Scuttle. Generally this works 40% of the time due to skipping Gromp giving a bit more time to get there to contest.
Even if you can't manage to get the second Scuttle, make a rotation to gank Top if they are shoved near or under their tower. A kill or an assist will be perfect.

Regardless of how it ends, you'll be back to your first rotation. Start over and go in order of what you started with minus the Red and Blue. Back to base at 6 minutes.
What do I do now?
Because every game is different, it's difficult to say what you should do following your first clear. You may have been invaded, all of your allies may have been pushed into the enemy towers, and there may be nothing you can do for the early game other than farm till you can assist teammates when it is in your best advantage, not when everyone is behind. As the games vary, adjust and adapt your strategies and playstyles. Your priority should be to take control.

So, with this in mind, you should just think about your current circumstance and adjust to it. Get some ganks in if allies are shoved under tower, especially if you've been following the junglers pathing and know he'll be somewhere else. If they're all shoved under the enemy towers, attempt to invade for a while and farm / contest dragon. Teemo is not that hard to play in the jungle. All you have to do is farm, rotate, and track. It's simple once you get the hang of it.

In my case, I love rotating and controlling the enemies JNG because of knowing exactly where they are at 2:30 usually at 50% HP while Teemo has the ability to maintain 80-100% HP due to his kiting and sustainability with his (Q) mitigation.

Pathing is extremely beneficial because it lets you be places without wasting time. It helps to prevent the enemy from trying to get kills while also helping allies to snowball or go even. It's not for everyone; there's a lot of responsibility to supporting allies and tracking while also keeping yourself safe from invaders and understanding your limits.
Who do I gank?
Primarily TOP and BOT lane are the easiest lanes to assist, as mid lane is often a coin flip and filled with assassins or burst mages with a lot of hard lockdown CC, once if fed are nearly impossible to help with. So depending on how well your mid is doing be they feeding, winning or going even. You can often make the decision to help or ignore their lane completely. You should never help a losing lane, help winning lanes or even lanes.

Playing in the jungle can be stressful. You actively need to be looking for ways to help your team. This could be to get them fed or ahead or to get a kill for yourself, but you also must understand that if your ally is 3 levels behind and losing, no amount of you helping them will do anything for them but reset their gold.

They can not help you help them, so look elsewhere. If you don't have a bot lane or mid lane but a front line fighter or tank who is doing well then help them get out of the laning phase and help transition them to helping allies. Make it to the mid or late game while doing everything you can to help them help your team. This could be as an engage or simply catching someone out. It's difficult to take on fed assassins & mages.

When you are going in, make sure they are ready for the gank. If they aren't ready then there is no reason to go in. Respond to them with pings and go in when they are ready or back off if they ping you that they are not. If they are about to die, there really isn't any point for them to go into someone with 50%+ HP unless they have the sustain / combo to pull it off, because quite frankly Teemo ganks are a team effort. He's screwed if he ends up going in alone.

There isn't any "better" or "best" runes to choose from. Generally it's all based on personal preference. Some people really like playing one form, as opposed to others who prefer another. Electrocute and Grasp of the Undying are good examples because one is for bursting & the other is to survive burst. Both can still build straight into damage, but Electrocute is more beneficial with that, going the extra mile with Dark Harvest being even better.

Regardless of what your friends or "coaches" tell you, Teemo is extremely versatile and can play pretty much anything, and isn't restricted to sticking with one single rune or build. There are plenty of Diamond, Master, and Challenger Teemo players who run more than one rune page all with relatively good success, it's not the runes or items. It's their ability to play well under any circumstance, this goes the exact same for you.

Certain Teemo players can stomp anyone regardless of which runes they choose, but others, especially new players, may have a very hard time with someone like Darius, Irelia, or even a Tryndamere. Switching their runes around can become extremely resourceful. Teemo is not restricted to playing one specific way. He isn't a Veigar.

There is nothing in his kit forcing or restricting him from going straight AD or TANK. It's not as effective as AP in the long run, since he does scale massively with AP, but it is still an option for those specific types of players. Though I would highly advise you to stick with the general AP builds until you find something that works well in your current ranking.
IN-DEPTH Arcane Comet
Sorcery row one explanations
Sorcery row two explanations
Sorcery row three explanations
what about the greyed out runes?
what about the greyed out runes?
what about the greyed out runes?
what about the greyed out runes?
what about the greyed out runes?
Health Potion vs Refillable Potion is a frequently argued debate. Some prefer Refillable healing throughout the game saving you gold for two uses. Some prefer the slightly greater healing from normal potions without needing it later. Usually if you take a Dark Seal start you're better off taking the Refillable, where as Doran's Ring will be much better with the (3) basic potions.

Ultimately for the price you're going to get more HP from 3 Health Potion's than you are in comparison to Refillable. However, with Refillable Potion you're going to get an constant supply of sustain every time you go back to base to refill it. You can also just pick refillable up after laning.
Doran's Ring is one of the best starter items for Teemo period, in pretty much every single situation. You gain a large amount of damage increase throughout all of your abilities especially Toxic Shot while also gaining mana sustain and more on-hit damage to minions, you also will get a nice solid chunk of HP. Deal more damage and CS more effortlessly.
Dark Seal is basically the exact same item as Doran's Ring the biggest difference, however, is the lack of HP, On-hit & mana sustain. Despite this, if you manage to stack it fully. Mejai's Soulstealer becomes one of the strongest AP scaling items in the game for you to snowball with. It's ultimately a risky item to take as dying losing your stacks which you need 25 to fully scale.
Doran's Shield doesn't really have much use to us now that there are better items, runes and builds that help us mitigate incoming damage deal with heavy poke champions. Second Wind is the rune we take often to mitigate damage, which is similar to what this item used to be used for. If you do take this item, Doran's Ring will be locked, though you can still pick up Dark Seal.
Zaz'Zak's Realmspike is the item in the support series of upgrades from World Atlas to the secondary form of Runic Compass that provides Teemo with a significant advantage regardless of whether he is playing the Burn or Burst playstyle. The other support items really don't synergize with him well or even at all. This item goes along way for his late game shroom damage.
Sorcerer's Shoes will increase your overall damage drastically in everything you do because of the flat 18 magic pen. It will not protect you, in any way shape or form compared to the other defensive option. It's seen on pretty much every build and stacks very well with full AP. However, with the changes to Nashor's Tooth, Berserker's Greaves is a better choice offering more.
Berserker's Greaves is an amazing option while playing Press the Attack as it makes stacking and raising your attack speed a breeze, along with kiting / properly CSing more effectively very early on. If you're playing any of the other runes, you just do more with Sorcerer's Shoes so it wouldn't be as beneficial for the main use which is split-pushing and dueling bruisers / tanks.
To answer your question, absolutely. Zephyr is very useful if you're playing a more On-Hit kite and fight playstyle into the late game with the upgrade from Berserker's Greaves. The bonus on-hit movement speed is substantially increased especially for those playing him in the jungle with Celerity and Waterwalking with Gustwalker Smite with Move Quick passive activated.
Mercury's Treads will help you in those tough games where you are going up against a lot of AP with a lot of hard CC like Morgana, Lux or Swain, otherwise another MR item would be much preferred. It's not a good choice if it's just one champion that has heavy AP or CC. The extra tenacity these offer will help to reduce their effects slightly while raising our already low MR greatly.
Plated Steelcaps will protect you against a lot of champions who are adept in dealing BASIC auto attacks while also not dealing much on-hit from items like Blade of the Ruined King or Wit's End, On-Hit is completely ignored so don't buy it into Irelia. Champions like Draven, Udyr, and even Riven. It's not exclusive to only them, if you find yourself against more empowered attackers.
Boots of Swiftness is taken into champions that have a lot of mobility or a lot of skill shots slows that we need to avoid, often times with Fleet Footwork as our primary rune. Generally it's a safe choice, rather than an aggressive one like the others. You really don't need these into the large roster of champions. It's simply a crutch to help "You" be mobile, just put more into your (W) early.

Nashor's Tooth's main purpose is granting a good solid amount of Attack Speed along with consistent CSing to transition into poking the enemy champions while laning. It's great for dealing poke damage, extended fights and burst while complimenting Toxic Shot and Lich Bane's on-hit. It's one of the best items that power spike him into the early-mid game, though it falls off late.
Noxious Trap an Blinding Dart get a nice damage increase to champions in general. It's always built into into the late game even if you decided to go for a different build as shrooms are extremely resourceful for your late game control and defense even if they all have Oracle Lens. Combined with Malignance proves to be some of the biggest damage spikes we have seen in a while.
Blackfire Torch works by increasing the amount of damage you deal based on how many targets you are currently damaging with abilities. In principle, if correctly set up, you could preemptively stack a ton of lanes, camps, and opposing champions with (R) at the same time, increasing your overall AP by 100-200 for a short period which is absolutely insane since the burn stacks with other DoT effects.
MUSHROOMS ONLY Malignance has a powerful and dominant effect. It is not recommended for early game or first pick because you need an early game to transition into shrooms. It can cast numerous AoE fields and proc Dark Harvest, something Liandry's Torment has never been able to do. This makes it seem extremely broken dealing upwards to 3000 damage on a single shroom.
Shadowflame is pretty bonkers. It is one of the best cost efficient items in the game! 120 AP, 35% HP Crits and 10 flat magic penetration is absolutely absurd. You can combine this item with Liandry's Torment with certain rune builds to really punish people in the early stages of the game where Teemo is at his strongest. Once you get into the late game people will drop like flies.
Morellonomicon has been changed a lot over the years to both combat sustain creep and also to just help overall in dealing more damage, but these days sustain really isn't much of a problem unless you're dealing with compositions like Soraka and or Vladimir since it doesn't do much else for your damage since Ignite has it's own build in anti-sustain though on a long cooldown.
Lich Bane is a very powerful item for Teemo when fed early game after purchasing Nashor's Tooth. Teemo can abuse it with W-E, Q-E, or R-E if given enough time to reset the (1.5) cooldown. Since Teemo's basic auto damage is On-Hit and scales with AP, it's going to melt anyone on one combo when combined with, Toxic Shot, Nashor's Tooth & Rabadon's Deathcap.
Cosmic Drive offers a solid amount of movement speed boost when striking an enemy with your basic attack. It has some high synergy with Fleet Footwork with a focus on maxing your (W) and other items like Lich Bane to get in and out quickly with high amounts of mobility. It also has some use in shroom builds, but it is more useful as a mobility item for us these days.
Rabadon's Deathcap coupled together with all of his other core items like Liandry's Torment, Morellonomicon as well as items like Lich Bane will see tremendous amounts of damage increase. It is, however, not an item you would build first rather, until you have other items to compliment it. So with this in mind it's normally a 3rd-4th purchase on many builds or a final purchase on others.
A lot of players seem to sleep on the idea of an item like Cryptbloom, which is effectively the same thing as Void Staff but plays a significant role in assisting your team as getting kills or assists blast the area with a healing radius that scales with AP, meaning if you managed to get 800-1000 AP with a specific build, you'd heal allies nearby for 400-500+ while granting other useful stats.
Void Staff is often only meant for champions who have a lot of magic resistance. If you are up against a composition of squishy champions with no bruisers or tanks, this item will only add 15 Magic Penetration which obviously isn't a lot, so in that case you would be better off building other items instead for more damage. Item's it's great against are Spirit Visage & Maw of Malmortius.
Wit's End is a great item to acquire if you are going up against a few AP champions who have little to no CC. This item works extremely well with Runaan's Hurricane & Nashor's Tooth as it provides scaling on-hit and huge resist / tenacity making late game split-pushing and team fights more impactful. Ideally played with Press the Attack as other builds have poor/no synergy.
Guinsoo's Rageblade has been a up and down slope over the years. Use to be one of our core items for Seasons 4-6, but fell off hard with nerfs and better items coming and going. It's still not perfect, nor is it terribly awful, but it's main use is to switch from the normal build of Nashor's Tooth when you see your dealing with mostly MR stacking champs go more AD-Shred.
Contiuing from above, Terminus needs multiple autos to fully stack up, which is why it works so well together with Guinsoo. This helps you shred bruisers and tanks quickly removing their AR and MR, so long as they don't have Thornmail which can reflect a lot of damage back if you're not stacking some MR items like Wit's End and Force of Nature which can help alevite that reflect.
Runaan's Hurricane is all about split-pushing. It benefits from on-hit items and attack speed builds by allowing you to target three targets at once rather than one. Teemo is an on-hit champion. Toxic Shot will apply on-hit, before it applies DoT which synergizes well while building into AP scaling. Though this is literally an Item more geared towards very low rank play.
Rapid Firecannon is an item used to help against Cassiopeia or Ryze difficult mages to poke and CS with Toxic Shot. It will raise your auto attack range just outside of their skill-shot, allowing you to safety poke and burst them down. You won't lose anything in comparison to Nashor's Tooth, besides (Q) and (E) scaling AP.
Mejai's Soulstealer is devastating if you find yourself in a situation where you are dominating, and have need for even more AP scaling than defensiveness. Rabadon's Deathcap's 35% scaling makes this much greater. It will also offer 100 extra HP and 10% movement speed which is great since it's always been the gamble item that was meant to give damage at the cost of everythelse.
Banshee's Veil is a one time spell-shield which will prevent CC from an ability or ability damage of any kind from hitting us, before going on a 40s cooldown. Please note that due to the current META of Lich Bane mages, it WILL NOT prevent the basic auto attack enhancement. So you would be better off with something else that provides you with more resistance + health.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a stasis item allowing for us to become invulnerable for a duration of 2.5s to prevent all damage about to or currently afflicting us. It will often times end up getting you killed if you don't have a team to back you up. Seeker's Armguard is very helpful in heavy AD poke and engage match-ups, so if you're struggling, getting it and a Ruby Crystal goes along way.
Warmog's Armor may sound like a weird item to build on Teemo, but hear what I have to say about it. It's an amazing item in-between fights, and really good if you don't run sustain runes/builds. It's only ever thought about being purchased into the very late game with Grasp of the Undying. Forget about this item if they have Blade of the Ruined King champs like Master Yi, Irelia etc.
Quicksilver Sash isn't at all a good item in terms of synergy with Teemo. It's only used for countering one specific champion, Malzahar. The item was nerfed to no longer work on champions like Mordekaiser and thus it has no place in our builds, not that we ever really needed to use it against him unless he was fed. So keep that in mind next time you fight him.

Take Oracle Lens mid-late game, to deny vision. Playing as Teemo comes with the perk of not having to keep your Stealth Ward's outside of the laning phase since Noxious Trap's naturally act as vision themselves every 11-4 seconds. There really is no need to hold onto shrooms outside of 1.
You would be taking Farsight Alteration in games where you have demolished them and want to take full control over the entire map, permanently. Another reason would be to never face check, to grant vision over walls where they might all be stacked around objectives like Baron Nashor.
There is no when or why. You will always be purchasing extra Control Ward's while you have enough gold to do so. It's important to know where the enemy currently is, or even to grant permanent vision for you and your team for up to 20 minutes specifically in the two locations listed below.

Buying a Control Ward really early in the game can be massive for your vision and ability to track enemy jungler for your whole team. While chasing someone into bushes & while your Stealth Ward's on cooldown, don't face check. Grant yourself vision with control wards.

Replace the current Control Ward if someone is taking it down, it's free EXP and GOLD for them, deny them it.
The two placements on the map are also the most ignored placements in the early game. You can all benefit from this information.

They have the potential to last for up to 20 minutes before being taken down granting large vision score for a single ward placement.

It is a gamble and doesn't always work out the way you hope for it to. It's especially very useful in low elo, due to the fact that people play a lot more poorly without seeking to clear vision.

You can purchase one control ward if you figure you won't need potions.

The following map will give you a rough idea as to where you should be placing your Noxious Trap's all throughout the game, these are heavily travelled locations.

Please remember that Shrooms should be placed 3-4 (R) shroom radius's away. You can place the (R) skill AoE as a reference to get yourself in the mindset of Teemo.

The video linked below goes into much better detail.

This is an amazing example of how utilizing Noxious Trap's poorly effects you an your allies.

You are not doing anything while doing this. It offers no vision, no real support for your allies or to catch enemy champions out anywhere.

Shroom's do not stack, they are refreshing the Slow/DoT, but this only benefits you if they reset it at the end of the current slow/dot.

Learn to save some shrooms for when you have the potential to roam the enemy jungle or even the river to get some deep shrooms down.

It's good knowledge to know and to utilize.

If you place Noxious Trap's deep into the jungle, it has a higher chance of staying the entire duration or close to it's entire duration using it to it's fullest potential.

This can quite possibly catch someone out that is trying to flee, or warn an ally or even yourself of incoming danger. Don't be a dumb, take control.

If you take a look and compare the two maps, you can clearly see why people fear Teemo and purchase Oracle Lens to hold us back.

I would like to start by saying, If you are going to play support. You support your ADC, don't run off and AFK Mid. You stay with your ADC and support other lanes when you can. Nothing good comes from trolling an entire playerbase.

The benefit of playing support is the mind games you can apply. Even if you are not in the lane anymore. People will be scared which allows you to roam across the map and apply pressure to other lanes when you can't impact bot lane.

However, if you just so happen to be paired up with an incompetent ADC one who refuses to do anything but farm under tower. Leave them. It may sound weird to go against what I previously said, but you have to understand. If they are not working together with you to win that lane. You will lose it and die over and over again, so leave and go help out other lanes while roaming around. There's nothing worse than a bad ADC who is giving up in champ select.

While we play Teemo support, we're in a role where we are free to do whatever we want. We are not bound by the laws of CS, with this we can roam freely, stand still wherever we want & attempt to ambush people.

Bushes are our best friends in the bot lane, a little trick not many people use is the "Where is Teemo" game. You show yourself visible in a certain location, and run through the fog of war. This makes one assume you're still in bushes, when they come forward to CS they will hug the wall in between their support on top of you.

Once they have fallen for it, you would simply fight with your ally to get them or yourself the kill. It's as easy as that. It's a pretty basic trick, but the amount of times people fall for it is nothing short from astounding.
Video reference
Jhin is hands down, one of the best ADC champions to support as Teemo period. Jhin has everything he needs to to compliment us and our poke playstyle well. He has fantastic damage, along with traps that synergize well with Noxious Trap's basically making your bot lane a minefield.

Landing Toxic Shot is normally enough for him to properly land his Deadly Flourish, which is when you would both begin your engage. Again, he is one of the best champions that synergizes well.
Caitlyn is an extremely aggressive champion with a very long reach with her auto attacks (650), this helps in keeping herself out of reach from most champions making it difficult to poke her in return.

What's more is she has her 90 Caliber Net dash, helping her slow and flee or dash and chase enemies. The biggest synergy is her Yordle Snap Trap's used defensively to help us put pressure through bush harass. She is a very solid high damage champion that can support our bush harass.
Lucian is an amazing quick trade champion, there are very few champions who can out trade him.

We are more about quick trades and returning to our bush harass once our Blinding Dart is on cooldown. Even in extended fights he does extremely well with his high mobility and damage while we protect him the best we can, be this by blinding the ADC as he goes in or negating a stun.

He's a great and solid ADC to support due to his high trading play-style and mobility.
Samira is a very strong champion from mid game, once she hits 6 and has Immortal Shieldbow.

So long as she is utilizing her Blade Whirl properly to negate an important projectile like a Caitlyn ultimate or even a Blitzcrank hook, you shouldn't have much of a problem supporting her.

Once she hit's level 6, she normally has everything she needs to go in for an extended fight in which she blasts anyone with her (R) combo so long as they don't have hard CC to stop her mid channel.
Tristana is a wonderful yordle with a solid lane pressure, mostly keeping waves shoved up to their tower or at the very least in the center of the lane throughout the early game. Which benefits us.

We never want to be pushed up under our own tower, just due to the nature of our own playstyle. We need bushes to properly abuse and so, we need a champion who is adept in pressuring. Tristana has her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot as her escape and CC/finisher. A very solid ADC to support.
Veigar is not an ADC you say? It's true, but it is something that Teemo can support extremely well.

Veigar has the ability to lock down enemy champions with his cage. This prevents them from running away or even trying to turn into you allowing us to deal massive damage together as duo bot AP.

I've have never personally lost a bot game with Veigar as my APC, once his cage is down you basically both back off and play it safely while you poke from range until it's back up again for another engage.
It's no surprise. Shaco has been an absolute powerhouse as Support or ADC the past few seasons, mostly due to his disruption because of his invisibility along with his Jack In The Box's shenanigans.

Laning against him in any regard is an absolute nightmare. Couple that with Teemo's Blinding Dart and bush harass with Shaco and his boxes make entering bushes impossible leading to some very oppressive gameplay, which becomes more annoying when Teemo acquires Noxious Trap's. He's not often seen as an ADC, but if you managed to find yourself one, it's very solid duo to play with.
Swain is a powerful APC or SUP when played together with something like Pyke or Brand, so the synergy isn't as strong when we support him with Teemo because we lack CC. Despite this, his ability to lockdown and pull a target towards himself and to us is great similar to that of Veigar.

What's more is his ability to sustain through the lane with his innate passive when he does land his stun and strike the target. What makes him a good champion to support is his all in potential at level 6, massive sustain and a large amount of AoE burst.
Ezreal has always been the most useless ADC to support in the laning phase period.
Farming under tower while missing every single (Q) he throws out while feeding into CC matchups.

I have never had more than 1% of Ezreal players playing well, even when double stacking tear was a thing. He is a late game champion, with an absolutely poor "safe" early game playstyle. No synergy.

He is a very powerful champion in high elo / pro play, but the average playerbase is not great.
Ashe is a very difficult champion to support most of the time, she has great poke from her Volley but she doesn't have much of anything until level 6 to support herself outside of her AA slow.

The reason she is listed as a poor ADC to support is her lack of disengage early on with her (14) sec cooldown on Volley, which becomes 4 secs late game but does little for your early game offense.
Vayne is a very strong late game ADC, however, like Ezreal is primarily a champion that needs a support with lock down and engage so she that she can properly position and land her condemn stun.

She has very little for herself early on until she hits level 6. The early game tends to be a tower farm simulator, unless the enemy champions in Bot/Sup are not respecting the both of you.

Whether you are playing a game or going into an all out war, the fundamentals are always going to be the same.

If you have the knowledge of the enemy and also have knowledge of yourself, you will succeed in the vast majority of your games. If you have knowledge of yourself, but not of the enemy, then you'll bounce back and forth from victory and defeat. If you have knowledge of neither yourself nor of the enemy then you will succumb with each and every attempt you try to make. Read up on enemy champions, play them to grasp what they do before facing them fully.

Try to understand your flaws, your weaknesses and work on fixing them. Vice versa when facing an enemy, look for their weakness, what have they done wrong? No matter how big/small, capitalize on it and punish them.

A high level and well thought out plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited, especially when it comes to competitively playing against disadvantages. Items, runes, positioning, warding, shrooming, utilizing everything while keeping multiple goals to fall back on. It's perfectly fine if one strategy doesn't work out, adapt & overcome them.

Being prepared for anything that could happen, even if it doesn't happen when you expected it to happen. You were prepared for it allowing you to be ready to react accordingly. Warding and setting up a minefield for your allies to retreat into or for the enemy to be flanked by. There is also building correctly instead of building due the greedy mindset of "If I have more damage, they will die faster!". Prepare for what you know you need before you need it.

There are a multitude of different ways to manipulate opponents into doing the things that you want them to do for your own benefit. Some of these forms may be more targeted towards mental manipulation "EZ" after every kill to cause someone to become angry enough to lose their cool and do everything to try and kill you and nothing else.

While others are more about actually controlling their movement allowing for you to lure them at specific angles where you want them to be guided. Enemy positioning and sudden changes in their behavior are big red flags that you're being manipulated to come closer to them or to run in a specific direction, so their allies can assist properly.

Math behind how Magic Penetration Works
Certain skins animations are extremely smooth whereas some skins are clunky and have a sense of delay if you play multiple skins for a long time you would have eventually noticed this. Despite what some people may say, it's true. The animations are clunky and it can make a huge difference in your ability to play.
Out of all the skins that I have and others have played, this is by far one of the clunkiest skins you can possibly play with on Teemo, requiring a lot of time to get used to in our opinions. However, if you're exclusively playing this skin an nothing else, you will not notice this issue since you're familiar.

We began to notice due to our On-hit play-styles becoming less viable over the seasons making this skin very attack speed reliant, to counter the wind up. It is often argued that the skin is fine and there is nothing wrong with it, but this is a biased opinion from people who only play this skin.
In comparison to Omega Squad Teemo and other skins, this is by far the best Teemo skin, not because of the skin itself but rather due to the animation and how smooth it is.

It's so smooth to the point where you never really cancel autos, again this is all down to preference you can play any Teemo skin and be great at it, but if you're having trouble with canceling auto attacks it normally comes down to skins and your experience with it, in this case how often you play it.