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Who are some of the most fun champions for you...

Creator: ImmortalGazelle December 16, 2023 5:06pm
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Dec 16th, 2023
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There are tooons of champions in this game, and for a while I've been trying new ones, looking for some that are fun to play, or just offer something new. I've compiled my own list here, but I'm curious which ones are fun for you and what makes them fun. What do you look for in a character?
Shark of Void
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May 28th, 2022
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I like to devote all my time to one champion, so he should be versatile (with % damage against tanks and with burst damage against squishies, unpopular and also be able to play in almost any matchup), I also adore the diver class, that is, the fighter champions with Assassin elements, it was for these two factors that I found my own the first main Rek'Sai (but I quit her because of the large number of nerfs), and now I'm OTP Wukong, it's just PERFECT for me, I can learn him endlessly, so I'm not bored playing and mastering only Wukong.
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