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Duplicate Builds

Creator: HeAt November 15, 2010 7:09am
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Simple Logic
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Nov 6th, 2010
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I had someone completely rip my Pro's and Con's list from my Nunu build to put on his "Jungle Build" if you report it, Matt with usually take care of it though. Matt<3 :)

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Feb 15th, 2010
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animorte wrote:

Slay them!

I like the idea.
Matt has your IP's, we can hunt you down, srsly...
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Oct 25th, 2010
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I am not familiar with it, but are there open source software that can search in your database, for plagia ?

In my school, each time I had to submit a paper, I had to send it to a special website, and they would check for plagia.

Here the main pb is the software part, the database thus should be exempt of any plagia in itself for more revelancies
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