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[MFN Prime] Comment & Signature Control

Creator: Mowen December 30, 2015 5:47pm

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Nov 7th, 2010
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1. Comment Control
2. Signature Control

You can find all of these settings in your Prime Settings on your Edit Profile page (mouse over your name in the top right of the network menu).

You will find a [-] button at the top-left corner of every guide or blog comment. Clicking this will collapse the comment and hide the contents.

This is what a hidden comment looks like. You can click the [+] button to expand it again. If you're a Prime member, we'll remember your settings the next time you load the page.

Does someone's signature really bother you? With Prime you never have to see that signature again! Just click the little "x" button in the top right of their signature container.

BAM! No more obnoxious signature.

If you want to hide all signatures just go to your Prime Settings and check the "Hide All Signatures" checkbox. No more signatures anywhere!

You can add more signatures to hide from specific users in Prime Settings as well as remove users from your signature "ban list."

If you have any questions concerning these features please check the Support Forums or Prime Forums (only viewable by Prime members).
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