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By Joining MFN Prime you are directly supporting the development of the MOBAFire Network along with these great perks.

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Ad Free Experience

We know you hate ads, who doesn’t? Join MFN Prime and never see an ad on the network again!* Prime members enjoy a sick ad free experience that removes all 3rd party advertising while streamlining the interface. What’s not to like?!

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Commendations are a great way for authors to get rewarded by their readers! Readers can give content creators commendations which gift them free months of Prime and highlight their content! The more commendations you get the more your work stands out!

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Extreme Stream Exposure

Prime member’s streams get exposure to broaden your audience. While your stream is online it will display prominently at the top of your guides. Prime streams also get special highlights on all of our stream listings, and the most popular Prime member streams are featured at the top of our stream directory.

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Signature & Comment Control

Hate Signatures? Turn them off! Couple of trolls annoying you? Hide them! Prime members can turn signatures off for specific users, or remove signatures from their browsing entirely. When you collapse or expand a comment we’ll remember, and keep your settings next time you load the page. Gain control of your MFN Experience.

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Avatar Flair and Profile Customization

Show off your support with Prime Avatar Flair and your own custom Profile page! Spruce up your MFN presence and shout "I Love MOBAFire" to the interwebs. All Prime members enjoy an enhanced social experience.

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* At this time ad-free browsing is only available on MOBAFire, but will soon be available on all sites.