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[MFN Prime] Twitch & YouTube Channel...

Creator: Mowen December 30, 2015 5:46pm

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Nov 7th, 2010
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1. In-Guide Stream & Video Display
2. Highlights in Stream Pages
3. Configuration
You can find all of these settings in your Prime Settings on your Edit Profile page (mouse over your name in the top right of the network menu), or in your guide settings in Edit Guide.

With Prime, your guide readers will easily be able to find your streams, content, and channels because they will be prominently displayed at the top of your guide.


  • Your stream will only be displayed if you have set the game you are playing to League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics on Twitch.

  • The stream display will show only up to 10 guides. If you have more than 10 guides you will need to select which guides you wish to use the stream display features on in your Prime Settings.

  • If you have a featured stream, with no YouTube video, when your stream is offline a collapsed bar will show so that your viewers can still easily locate your Twitch channel.

  • If you have both a featured YouTube video and featured stream, your YouTube video will show when your stream is offline. When your stream is online, your stream will show.

  • Featured YouTube videos must respect the following rules:
    1. Video must be LoL related
    2. Video must demonstrate gameplay or be educational
    3. Video should relate to the guide topic (champion specific preferred, but at least it should be somewhat related, like a jungle video for a jungle guide)
    4. Videos must not break any site rules

Your stream will also stand out in our stream listings, as a thank-you for supporting us. :) Catch eyes and turn heads with your shiny stream flair!

If your stream is one of the most popular online you will even make it to our Top Prime Streams list, displayed prominently at the top of our streams page!

The following options are all found in your Profile Settings page on your Profile, in the Details tab.

  • You must enter your Stream Link (remember to hit the Update button at the bottom of the page!)

  • The Twitch Token area is for use with our Twitch Extension and is not necessary to use the stream display features, but is an easy way to share your MOBAFire guides on your Twitch page.

The following options are all found in your Profile Settings page on your Profile, in the Prime Settings tab.

  • Show stream in guides is enabled by default, but may be turned off if you don't want to use the stream display features

  • Show stream flair on streams page is enabled by default, but may be turned off if you don't want to use the stream highlighting features

  • Custom Stream Preview allows you to enter the url of an image to have full control over what your stream thumbnail looks like in stream listings and your stream display. Use this feature if you want to create a custom graphic to show off your stream instead of the auto generated thumbnail!

  • If you have more than 10 guides you can control which guides will use the stream display features by selecting them from the dropdown.

The following options can be found on any edit guide page, and are specific to each individual guide

  • Here is where you enter your YouTube url for the video you want to feature on your guide. Keep in mind that since this is per guide you can show champion-specific videos to best suit each guide!

  • Enable Stream / YouTube Autoplay will automatically play your stream or video when someone opens your guide page.

  • If autoplay options are not enabled and your stream is online, Always Maximize Online Stream Window will show an embed of your stream rather than collapsing the stream section.

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